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2005-09-23 12:40:40
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Warning!!!! Lots of swearing does go on in this Wiki for those who care, but those who got clown love dont.

For all those juggalos and juggalettes who got clown love!!!!!!

Throw your signs in the air!! I'm down with the clown!!! Much clown love is in the air!!!!!

ICP Fans Banners The banners!!

ICP Fans ML 1 All those down with the clown!!! (1-70)

ICP Fans ML 2Who would have thought when this started it would have gotten this big!!! (71-?.)

icp lovers united & juggalo family other ICP Wikis MMFCL!!!

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2007-04-29 [fjdka]: they were conditioned to believe in the system.
you were conditioned. however you can think, choose what you like and want. don't follow the path they fucking carve for you. dig your own path.

2007-05-01 [SlightlySpiked]: and that iz what im doing. and i think sum real shit iz about 2 go down at my house. they will prolly disown me after this.
oh well. lol

2007-05-02 [fjdka]: haha.
they don't own you in the first place. maybe your identity, but not your mind.

2007-06-09 [Crossno]: sup fams? any one going to the gathering '07?

2007-06-10 [unbeliever]: yo I just saw them an twiztid a few days ago on their tempest tour it was the fucking shit

2007-06-12 [Kitten Leath Feral]: MEEEEOOOOWWWW!

2007-06-13 [Crossno]: damn i wish they would come to where i live, theres juggalos and juggalettes here but every one said the state has outlawed ICP and if thats true then I am gonna loose my mind

2007-06-14 [unbeliever]: yeah, to be honest though I think they said that about m state too, but theres also a rumor goin round that this was their first and final time here so whatever

2007-06-16 [Crossno]: dang man that's harsh

2007-06-20 [SlightlySpiked]: lucky asses. im tha only person in my town that gots clown love. i wish they would come here. that would b tha shit!!

2007-06-21 [Crossno]: damn homes thats harsh I feel for you, maybe some fams will move in next door to you

2007-06-21 [SlightlySpiked]: i live out in tha middle of nowhere. 22 miles from town. my closest neighbor iz a mile away.

2007-06-22 [Crossno]: damn ok so maybe not but who knows something goods gotta happen somtime soon

2007-06-25 [SlightlySpiked]: yeah, when i hit 18 (which iz in about 3 months) im gonna move out 2 tha city. so yeah, itll work out. iz all good.

2007-07-04 [Crossno]: glad to here it fams, yo fams i need some advice.... my mom and my family is trying to keep me from my fams back in naples and my homeboys and my lil' sisters and it tearing me up inside not knowing how they are doing, but i'm gonna be on proba here soon and i aint allowed outside my county once i'm on probation so what should i do???

2007-07-05 [~Bunny~]: k get this i had some chick tell me the other day there is no such thing as a juggalette and that she was a's funny

2007-07-12 [SlightlySpiked]: hey crossno, jus ring them up and tell them wuts goin on, if theyre true fams theyll understand instead of blowing you off.

2007-07-19 [Crossno]: true, i just wish i could see them soon

2007-07-19 [SlightlySpiked]: maybe you will. hopefully. i know how it feels to not get 2 see ur fams.

2007-07-22 [Crossno]: thanks dude i hope i get to see em soon, and hopefully i'll see some of ya'll at the gathering if i get a ride

2007-07-24 [SlightlySpiked]: welcome. yeah, that would b kewl.
havnt heard theres a gathering. (ive bin real busy) when and where?

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