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Warning!!!! Lots of swearing does go on in this Wiki for those who care, but those who got clown love dont.

For all those juggalos and juggalettes who got clown love!!!!!!

Throw your signs in the air!! I'm down with the clown!!! Much clown love is in the air!!!!!

ICP Fans Banners The banners!!

ICP Fans ML 1 All those down with the clown!!! (1-70)

ICP Fans ML 2Who would have thought when this started it would have gotten this big!!! (71-?.)

icp lovers united & juggalo family other ICP Wikis MMFCL!!!

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2005-01-12 [:Alkor:]: *sigh* im so damn confussed* which homie you talking to?

2005-01-12 [Jamie Madrox6]: Monoxboogie

2005-01-12 [Monoxide Child]: *snicker* what scrub said. :P I <3 Gwen Stefani

2005-01-12 [Jamie Madrox6]: lol yea shes pretty hot

2005-01-12 [:Alkor:]: my 53 yr old dad loves her for crying out loud..its scary to..he like dances to her

2005-01-12 [Jamie Madrox6]: haha

2005-01-12 [:Alkor:]: she may be hot but look at Alyssa Milano for crying out loud..if you seen the show Charmed, then you'll know wht im talking aobut..she makes a good witch

2005-01-12 [Jamie Madrox6]: fuck she would look better on my bed

2005-01-12 [:Alkor:]: who? gwen or Alyssa?

2005-01-12 [Jamie Madrox6]: BOTH hahahaha

2005-01-12 [:Alkor:]: hell yea man..both going at it..omfg..gonna be hot as hell

2005-01-12 [Jamie Madrox6]: hahaha

2005-01-12 [:Alkor:]: no shit..LOL 15 days tell this jugglo turns fuycken 17 homie

2005-01-12 [Jamie Madrox6]: i turn 16 on sunday i cant wait mua fakus

2005-01-12 [Monoxide Child]: Allysa mean Piper? Yeah, she's beautiful. So is Shannon Doherty. I can't remember the other girl's name though..

2005-01-12 [Jamie Madrox6]: yea rose mcgown or someshit

2005-01-12 [:Alkor:]: Alyssa Milano is Feebe LOL..Piper is the worried chick or w/e.. i used to hate that show tell i seen her like half naked and fell in love with her..i watch that more often know..i know theres Piper, Feebe, and Page but i cannte remember wht Page's real name is

2005-01-12 [Monoxide Child]: Nah Rose Mcgowan is from the old episodes. Its some other chick. But yeah, then Piper is Shannon Doherty. She's probly my favorite of the three.

2005-01-12 [:Alkor:]: NO prue(however you spell it) was in the old episode dude..she died from a gun shot or sacrificed herslef to save her sister..Rose McGowan came in the next episode..the 2 sisters didnt know they had another sister..

2005-01-12 [Monoxide Child]: what? your confusin the fuck outta me, man. I don't watch that show often enough to know all this..

2005-01-12 [:Alkor:]: i know..same here

2005-01-12 [Jamie Madrox6]: lol yall know alot bout that mua fakin show

2005-01-13 [:Alkor:]: no shit..i hate it but i love that Alyssa Milano chick so thats why i watch magic and shit like that were reall, she would be a true, hot sexy motha fuckin witch man..

2005-01-13 [Jamie Madrox6]: and i would cast a spell on her and in the words of shaggs HIT IT LIKE A CAVEMAN

2005-01-13 [:Alkor:]: Lol..yes you would man

2005-01-13 [livingdeadgurl]: hmm....ello pplz...

2005-01-14 [me matas]: ello ello!!!

2005-01-15 [livingdeadgurl]: hola

2005-01-15 [:Alkor:]: Hey there

2005-01-15 [me matas]: ello ello!

2005-01-15 [livingdeadgurl]: llallla...

2005-01-15 [:Alkor:]: *hugs* XD

2005-01-15 [livingdeadgurl]: *hugs backin*

2005-01-16 [me matas]: hee hee meow1

2005-01-16 [livingdeadgurl]: grrrr...

2005-01-17 [:Alkor:]: *hugs* XD

2005-01-18 [vampire_chic]: hello *looks around* hehe i know u and u and u ...hehehe ^_^

2005-01-18 [:Alkor:]: *hugs and kisses all ovver* i know YOU 2

2005-01-18 [lostinspace]: hello

2005-01-21 [livingdeadgurl]: i dont think i know any of u...

2005-01-21 [:Alkor:]: *cries in his dark corner* You don't know ME?

2005-01-22 [Kitten Leath Feral]: *huggles Anthony comfortingly* ....its alright....

2005-01-22 [:Alkor:]: *hugs back*

2005-01-22 [Kitten Leath Feral]: *sighs softly*

2005-01-22 [:Alkor:]: I HAD A BLAST. you the best

2005-01-22 [Kitten Leath Feral]: Um, thanks I think.

2005-01-22 [:Alkor:]: *hugs kat* hehehe

2005-01-23 [ninjalette warrior]: whoop whoop

2005-01-23 [ninjalette warrior]: morning family

2005-01-23 [:Alkor:]: SUp Ninjalette?

2005-01-23 [Jamie Madrox6]: wad up ninjalette hows u durrin

2005-01-25 [livingdeadgurl]: i do know u mr bear bear... no crying in your dark corner....

2005-01-25 [:Alkor:]: *comes out and hugs* TOMOROW MY LUCKY DAY. XD

2005-01-25 [livingdeadgurl]: i know!! yayz for u!!! happy early bday!1

2005-01-25 [:Alkor:]: awww *blushes*

2005-01-25 [livingdeadgurl]: hehe

2005-01-25 [:Alkor:]: I heard that ICP changed there name to Insane Christian Posse. Is that F-en true?

2005-01-25 [livingdeadgurl]: it better not fuckin be

2005-01-25 [:Alkor:]: I know. I will go insane if that is true.

2005-01-25 [livingdeadgurl]: no kidding

2005-01-25 [:Alkor:]: Damn them.

2005-01-25 [livingdeadgurl]: psht dammn them all back to hell haha

2005-01-25 [:Alkor:]: HA. Yea.

2005-01-25 [livingdeadgurl]: lol

2005-01-25 [:Alkor:]: Mhmm. How was your day BTW?

2005-01-26 [livingdeadgurl]: meh..

2005-01-27 [me matas]: ello ello

2005-01-27 [Nicolai Antredias]: wassssssssssssuuuuuuupppppppppppppp

2005-01-27 [me matas]: nothig.. havent been on E.T. for a while got grounded .. lol and didnt pay the bill.. lol ..

2005-01-27 [livingdeadgurl]: the ceiling i hope..

2005-01-27 [me matas]: hee hee..or the ceiling fan!!!

2005-01-27 [livingdeadgurl]: that to!

2005-01-28 [g-string420]: wut up juggalo homies

2005-01-28 [livingdeadgurl]: notta lotta..

2005-01-29 [me matas]: not much chillaxing

2005-01-29 [livingdeadgurl]: yupyup

2005-01-31 [faygo_cvrd_lette]: i am so fucking glad icp aint going solo,that shit was tearing me apart them 7 fucking days

2005-01-31 [The Right]: twas fucked up, wasn't it?

2005-01-31 [:Alkor:]: Yes it was

2005-01-31 [livingdeadgurl]: yep..

2005-01-31 [me matas]: yeah my friend almost cried

2005-02-03 [Monoxide Child]: Prepare for THE CALM    tis the calm before...the storm

2005-02-07 [elven_prince_123]: Back to reality your sons on crack, and your daughters got nut stains on her back, and they both fuckin smell like shit, and live in da gutter n sell crack to each udder

2005-03-07 [lostinspace]: hiya

2005-03-07 [me matas]: was up?

2005-03-07 [lostinspace]: nuttin u? Homey Dogg G sorry another one of those sane moments I'm not used to

2005-03-27 [DeadHead]: i made a new banner, check it out

2005-03-28 [me matas]: all right nice

2005-03-29 [Nicolai Antredias]: WICKED [DeadHead]

2005-03-29 [DeadHead]: thanks

2005-04-04 [Mansons Left Testicle]: Stick it plz tx walk threw the doors into the halls of a illuson truely yours and see what could of and should of it would of been real but you had to fuck up the whole deal lets talk a walk to dow the hall way its a long way takes all day and when you get to the end youll find a chair with straps and chains we slap you with there. One of my fav songs from them

2005-04-04 [me matas]: nice

2005-04-04 [Jamie Madrox6]: WHUD UP ERRYONE?

2005-04-04 [The Right]: although, some of the words are a little off...

2005-04-05 [me matas]: nothing breating

2005-04-06 [Hatchet Queen]: Whats up lo's and lettes?

2005-04-06 [Nicolai Antredias]: whassssuuuppp

2005-04-06 [Hatchet Queen]: just chillin listening to some tech n9ne

2005-04-06 [Nicolai Antredias]: cool

2005-04-06 [Hatchet Queen]: yup

2005-04-07 [The Right]: so, where did everything go?

2005-04-07 [Nicolai Antredias]: Some little BITCH named [?none?] Fucked the site up. Ya see him show em how we juggalos and juggalettes roll.

2005-04-07 [Nicolai Antredias]: yall got to put the banners back up in the banner room. couldnt recover them

2005-04-07 [The Right]: dammit... okay, I'll take the one off mine and put it back up

2005-04-07 [The Right]: There, the one is back up

2005-04-15 [~dark~clowno5]: sup juggalo's and juggalett's

2005-04-24 [tragedy of life]: sup

2005-04-25 [Hatchet Queen]: whats up family?? MCL

2005-05-24 [Wicked Juggalette6]: wut up all? how do i join?

2005-05-29 [jello5238]: WHO WANTS FAYGO!

2005-05-29 [Hatchet Queen]: i do i do!!!

2005-05-31 [me matas]: **raises her arms high**

2005-06-12 [unbeliever]: yo hook me up wit some

2005-07-01 [juggalette kisses]: juggalo family and icp lovers united DAMN HOMIES HELP ME OUT WIT MEMBERS WERE ALL FUCKIN DOWN TILL WERE DEAD IN THE GROUND ASK PPL THAT KNOW ME IM AS CRAZY AS HELL N A LETTE FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

2005-07-15 [me matas]: all right hell yeah ill recruit

2005-07-16 [unbeliever]: yeah sweet

2005-07-21 [me matas]: hee hee!

2005-09-11 [HoneyNutJuggalo]: wat the fucks up all ya insane clown posse fans!!!

2005-09-11 [HoneyNutJuggalo]: wat the fucks up jaggalos!!!

2005-09-11 [unbeliever]: nuttin really just chilln

2005-09-14 [HoneyNutJuggalo]: Kool sounds pretty tite

2005-09-16 [unbeliever]: hell fuckin right it is lol

2005-11-02 [The Right]: you know, it's been slow as fuck around here....

2005-11-03 [unbeliever]: yeah it pisses me off

2005-11-03 [Hatchet Queen]: What up Family??? Haven't been around lately shit has been crazy with the family around here......but ne who...MMFCL

2005-11-04 [unbeliever]: hell yeah what up?

2005-11-04 [The Right]: drinkin a few... been sick... and the baby's sick all at the same damn time

2005-11-04 [unbeliever]: damn thats not cool

2005-11-04 [The Right]: it sucks.... but shit happens. we'll get over it. we always do.

2005-11-04 [Hatchet Queen]: yea we all do move on...its just when u lose one of ur juggalos to death it sucks ass

2005-11-04 [The Right]: this is true. I've been in that situation a few times... actually, even though it's kinda weird, three of my ex boyfreinds are dead.... so yeah... I really know the feeling. lol. all of em were guys I stayed freinds with.... which was even worse... one of them was gonna be my date to prom... and died two weeks before prom.... but, hell, they're all probably partying and laughing at our retarted asses for worryin about em. lol

2005-11-06 [unbeliever]: yup

2005-11-09 [Hatchet Queen]: true true [The Right] but it just sucks...

2005-11-10 [unbeliever]: yeah i bet

2005-12-01 [me matas]: meow?

2005-12-03 [unbeliever]: eh

2005-12-03 [Mean]: wat up los and lettes?

2005-12-04 [unbeliever]: not too much, how about u

2005-12-23 [INFIDEL OF FEAR]: can i join the wiki

2006-02-18 [Kitten Leath Feral]: Meow?

2006-02-20 [unbeliever]: meow!?

2006-02-20 [Kitten Leath Feral]: *purrs softly* How are you doing, 'lo?

2006-02-20 [unbeliever]: lol alright i guess how about you, lette?

2006-02-20 [Kitten Leath Feral]: Meh, I'm not doing too bad. A bit stressed, but life is decent. ^_^

2006-02-20 [unbeliever]: yeah tell me about it a few weeks ago i was busted for smokin weed so im probly gonna have court soon its not too cool but ive learned my lesson

2006-02-20 [Kitten Leath Feral]: Yeah, I've never gotten in trouble for smoking weed. Then again I don't smoke it very often. I'm trying to find a new job right now, so I should probably stop smoking it all together until I get it.

2006-02-20 [unbeliever]: yeah see ive learned from this experience so im gonna tone down my weed smokin quite a bit but not drop it entirely

2006-02-20 [Kitten Leath Feral]: That is good that you learned from it. I do my best to learn from every experience, no matter if it is good or bad. 

2006-02-20 [unbeliever]: yeah i agree totally, lol but i gotta admit bein a lo' made the whole process fun

2006-02-21 [Kitten Leath Feral]: *grins* Yeah, I sure bet that it did. ^_^ We're so different from everyone else. I love being a 'lette.

2006-02-21 [unbeliever]: hells yeah i wouldnt want it any other way this is like the great life lol

2006-02-21 [Kitten Leath Feral]: It sure is. Plus hey, who else can say that a group of people this big have their back? All you have to mention is that you're a 'lo or 'lette and people will back the fuck off you!

2006-02-21 [unbeliever]: and/or just mentioning it to someone and you'll automatically become friends even tho u dont know each other

2006-02-21 [Kitten Leath Feral]: Yeah, that is just as amazing. Kind of like us! We're friends already because we're family.

2006-02-21 [unbeliever]: exactly, very good state of mind to have being a lo' or lette'

2006-03-12 [EmeraldGrizzly]: Hey! What up Juggalos? *drinks Faygo(moon mist), and swings hatchet* Still need to learn vodoo! And need to find a fat bitch named bridget! Much clownluv' 4 you all! How can I join this carnival-wiki shit?

2006-03-13 [Kitten Leath Feral]: Possum nipples and racoon tounges...that is how you learn Vodoo. ^_^

2006-03-19 [unbeliever]: honestly i dont gie a fuck if you join and if u do how so long as u got that wicked shit down in ya thats all that matters ninja lol

2006-06-17 [fjdka]: i would like to ask for some help, i stab people...... who's in charge of this bitchin place?

2006-06-25 [Nicolai Antredias]: I am

2006-06-26 [fjdka]: you should add me. i have nothing better to do.

2006-06-26 [Nicolai Antredias]: lol ok I will

2006-07-13 [fjdka]: thanks

2006-09-16 [someone elses nightmare]: clown love, juggalos and lettes

2006-12-06 [wicked klown]: WHAT THE FUCK IS UP JUGGALOOS!!!! (and juggalettes)!!!!!!!1

2006-12-06 [wicked klown]: i stab people, 4 ,5 people every day , i tried to see a shrink to stop that shit but there aint no Fuckin way

2006-12-08 [unbeliever]: did ya now, just like the song huh, so who did you stab?

2006-12-21 [Nicolai Antredias]: I shot Insurgents. That counts right?

2006-12-21 [fjdka]: i stabbed someone in the thigh. i laughed.

2006-12-22 [Nicolai Antredias]: cool

2007-04-10 [SlightlySpiked]: that sounds like

2007-04-21 [unbeliever]: now why is that?

2007-04-22 [fjdka]: i don't know. it's also fun to choke people.

2007-04-24 [SlightlySpiked]: or beat their faces into a pool table.

2007-04-24 [fjdka]: damn right.
especially cigarettes... it's burnin a hole in my fucking pocket along with gas.
fuck the system.

2007-04-25 [unbeliever]: damn right

2007-04-26 [SlightlySpiked]: fuck yeah. and gas iz jus gettin more expensive.

2007-04-26 [fjdka]:
cut yourself off from the system.
educate yourself.

2007-04-27 [SlightlySpiked]: anarchy!!!!!my family thinks im wierd cause i believe in it.

2007-04-29 [fjdka]: they were conditioned to believe in the system.
you were conditioned. however you can think, choose what you like and want. don't follow the path they fucking carve for you. dig your own path.

2007-05-01 [SlightlySpiked]: and that iz what im doing. and i think sum real shit iz about 2 go down at my house. they will prolly disown me after this.
oh well. lol

2007-05-02 [fjdka]: haha.
they don't own you in the first place. maybe your identity, but not your mind.

2007-06-09 [Crossno]: sup fams? any one going to the gathering '07?

2007-06-10 [unbeliever]: yo I just saw them an twiztid a few days ago on their tempest tour it was the fucking shit

2007-06-12 [Kitten Leath Feral]: MEEEEOOOOWWWW!

2007-06-13 [Crossno]: damn i wish they would come to where i live, theres juggalos and juggalettes here but every one said the state has outlawed ICP and if thats true then I am gonna loose my mind

2007-06-14 [unbeliever]: yeah, to be honest though I think they said that about m state too, but theres also a rumor goin round that this was their first and final time here so whatever

2007-06-16 [Crossno]: dang man that's harsh

2007-06-20 [SlightlySpiked]: lucky asses. im tha only person in my town that gots clown love. i wish they would come here. that would b tha shit!!

2007-06-21 [Crossno]: damn homes thats harsh I feel for you, maybe some fams will move in next door to you

2007-06-21 [SlightlySpiked]: i live out in tha middle of nowhere. 22 miles from town. my closest neighbor iz a mile away.

2007-06-22 [Crossno]: damn ok so maybe not but who knows something goods gotta happen somtime soon

2007-06-25 [SlightlySpiked]: yeah, when i hit 18 (which iz in about 3 months) im gonna move out 2 tha city. so yeah, itll work out. iz all good.

2007-07-04 [Crossno]: glad to here it fams, yo fams i need some advice.... my mom and my family is trying to keep me from my fams back in naples and my homeboys and my lil' sisters and it tearing me up inside not knowing how they are doing, but i'm gonna be on proba here soon and i aint allowed outside my county once i'm on probation so what should i do???

2007-07-05 [~Bunny~]: k get this i had some chick tell me the other day there is no such thing as a juggalette and that she was a's funny

2007-07-12 [SlightlySpiked]: hey crossno, jus ring them up and tell them wuts goin on, if theyre true fams theyll understand instead of blowing you off.

2007-07-19 [Crossno]: true, i just wish i could see them soon

2007-07-19 [SlightlySpiked]: maybe you will. hopefully. i know how it feels to not get 2 see ur fams.

2007-07-22 [Crossno]: thanks dude i hope i get to see em soon, and hopefully i'll see some of ya'll at the gathering if i get a ride

2007-07-24 [SlightlySpiked]: welcome. yeah, that would b kewl.
havnt heard theres a gathering. (ive bin real busy) when and where?

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