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In a Dragon's Eye

~ Eyes are windows to the soul ~

Five Hundred thousand years ago, I lived and died. I would ask you to pause your busy little lives for but a moment.
Hear my tale.

Millennias past, I fought an immortal war for the freedom of our world. Lorken, the God of the Night, my nemesis, had plotted and schemed for hundreds of thousands of years in the shadowed depths of the Darkthorn Mountains. There he took on the name Aenúndinalë and there he gained his first followers.

The Shades came to him after their fall during the War of Souls, and he made them a bargain. To them he gave the human race as prey, and in return he took their immortality and their souls. Aenúndinalë, Lorken, Draconic God of the Night, left them as they are now; Vampires, soulless, lifeless predators of the night.

Soon his reach spread beyond that. The power of the Shades, though immense, was no longer enough to sate him. He called to his godly peers the Goddess of Wisdom and the Goddess of Nature. Just as he had ensnared the Shades with the promise of mortal blood, he corrupted the Goddesses who joined with him.

Yet, inevitably, Lorken craved more, so he called a meeting with his fellow Gods, planning to overthrow us with his newly gained powers. His attempts failed and he was imprisoned, banished to unconsciousness in the heart of an orb of our creation; The Eye of the Dragon. But this banishment was not without a price. Our powers failed and my life was forfeit. I, as his elemental polar, would guard Lorken's dark soul and ensure that he should never again awake to finish what he had begun. In return I was promised rebirth, but rebirth such as this, I could not have foreseen.
I fear what may become of Lorken should I be fully reborn...

       Signed by the immortal hand of
                                   Sylvaine, Revered Goddess of the Moon

A day now dawns in the east that sends its whispering winds to preach to the deaf ears of mortals. It moans of power awakening in the Eye of the Dragon. It cries for those whom may harness it, and for all those who dare to taste immortality.

"Come..." it whispers into your hearts. A promise of power all encompassing that draws you forth to a weathered town nestled in the first rise of the Tyris Mountains. This town, of Viann, lies under the shadow of the foreboding mountain range of Tyris; these mountains whose summits are lost to human sight and their number stretching for thousands of miles to the north and south.

You have just entered one of the most dangerous and mysterious reaches of our realm. I say to thou Welcome. Dare thou accept it?

I accept

I do not accept <---- *dares you to click it*

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2005-03-15 [Crimson Mistress]: Oh the riddles...

2005-12-16 [Lady_Elowyn]: This is great. t helps me understand exactly what the whole thing is about...

2005-12-16 [Mira Ravenheart]: *smiles* I had hoped that this would clear things up.

2005-12-18 [Giovanni de Vallaincourt]: It does, quite significantly.

2005-12-25 [Angelous_Draven]: So when are we starting up the rp again.

2005-12-26 [Mira Ravenheart]: As soon as everyone has magic words and all the new characters are sorted out.

2006-01-10 [Mira Ravenheart]: *arches an eyebrow at [Emporer Sensi]* I wrote that, btw.

2006-01-10 [Emporer Sensi]: Oh my......It is not YOUR wiki Crimson Mistress? My apologies.

2006-01-10 [Mira Ravenheart]: Nope, but it might as well be ^_^ She helps me out a lot.

2006-01-10 [Emporer Sensi]: I see.....

2006-01-10 [Mira Ravenheart]: She tends to be better at reinforcing rules than I am.

2006-01-10 [Emporer Sensi]: Hmmmm. I see.

2006-01-27 [Mira Ravenheart]: That is good. Being blind is really not all it's cracked up to be. I can't imagine being unable to see... that would be horrible.

2006-12-28 [Lord of Nightmares]: what would happin if i click do not accept??

2006-12-28 [Mira Ravenheart]: You'll spontaneously combust. *grins playfully*

2006-12-28 [Emporer Sensi]: Hey, life crossed over the desolate land!

2006-12-29 [Lord of Nightmares]: ..I alwas wanted to spontaneously combust....and wtf are you talking about?!?!?!?!

2006-12-29 [Emporer Sensi]: Nice language buddy. What I meant was, I haven't seen a change or comment in months.

2006-12-29 [Mira Ravenheart]: Yes, this place is pretty much dead. Though you haven't been watching the right parts of it, [Emporer Sensi]. It's started moving again (albeit very, very slowly) in the RPs.

2006-12-29 [Emporer Sensi]: AH! A friendly face. Hello Faith. I assume you are right, that I have not been watching the correct place. But still, No comments have been placed here as of late. I would very much like to attend such Play, although I request only this in return. I am givin the respect and title I earned in my three years of service to Elftown. So, it's up to you and the other players. Please let me know via A private message. Thank you.

2007-02-24 [Mira Ravenheart]: *is... friendly?* Yay ^_^

2007-02-26 [Emporer Sensi]: I have once again forgotten why I am watching this place

2007-02-27 [Mira Ravenheart]: Then just join and get it over with? =P

2007-02-27 [Emporer Sensi]: Um, NO!

2007-02-27 [Mira Ravenheart]: Um... WHY NOT?

2007-02-28 [Emporer Sensi]: LOL! I do not have the time. I will not join unless I can play consistantly

2007-02-28 [Mira Ravenheart]: Ah well.. perhaps later then. *smiles* Just keep watching, in case you happen to stumble upon some free time.

2007-07-07 [Emporer Sensi]: *steps back inside* Well I'm here.

2007-07-07 [Mira Ravenheart]: *welcomes him with a smile* Greetings. ^_^

2007-07-12 [Evolution X]: Hello. ^_^

2007-07-13 [Mira Ravenheart]: Bonjour!

2007-07-13 [Lord of Nightmares]: ........ummmm hi..i guess..and did I join this??

2007-07-13 [Mira Ravenheart]: No you didn't, but you're free to.

2007-07-13 [Tristin Blade]: one i gave you my character. now what?

2007-07-13 [Lord of Nightmares]: wait what??

2007-07-13 [Evolution X]: hmmmmmm... time differences... I hate time differences.

2007-07-13 [Mira Ravenheart]: [Lord of Nightmares], follow the links on the bottom of the page until you get to The Eye of the Dragon, then click to Audition for EotD. That's how you join.

[Evolution X], I hate time differences too. >< Some of my old RP friends *cough[Paladin]cough* tended to come on at close to 2am my time xP (Though I think we were in the same time zone, he's just nocturnal ... <.<)

2007-07-13 [Evolution X]: Im turning... not realy nocturmal because I am awake in the day... Im just awake. I always seem to be awake...

2007-07-14 [Project Elysium]: heh, sounds like me.. Anywho just felt like saying hello to everyone *waves to everyone*

2007-07-14 [Evolution X]: *waves back* Hello. ^_^

2007-07-14 [Lord of Nightmares]: hi??I guess....Dont judge me!!

2007-07-14 [Evolution X]: Who are you? Why would I judge you again?

2007-07-15 [Project Elysium]: Ummm, I have to agree why would we judge you? I'm here to have and RP

2007-07-16 [Lord of Nightmares]: dont ask

2007-07-16 [Evolution X]: Alright. ^_^ *hums gently*

2007-07-16 [Project Elysium]: Well I won't by the way tis a pleasure to meet you

2007-07-20 [Lord of Nightmares]: the pleasure is mine

2008-02-02 [Thallion]: are u guys accepting any new characters?

2008-02-02 [Mira Ravenheart]: Course! ^_^

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