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Untitled. Pencil on paper, 2006

My fascination with machines began with these drawings: I found the image of a diesel engine in the encyclopaedia and drew it, and ever since I've kept an eye out for this particular design of engine graph. It's a little mysterious actually: I had no real reason to draw a diesel engine graph. I had the paper - the lush, delicate old paper! - lying around at home and I have a set of old illustrated encyclopaedias from the 80s that have a lot of random images in them which I like to browse for things to draw (a slightly related interesting fact about those encyclopaedias: they used to belong to my mother's brother, who left them in their mother's, my grandmother's house, where I once as a kid played a bit too roughly and ended up collapsing the bookshelf on myself and getting hit by all these encyclopaedias - so I was hit by these books when I was a child, and since then they've hit me with interesting facts and inspiration a couple of othertimes too... I'm getting superstitious here). So I found the image of a diesel engine in the encyclopaedia and drew it. I liked how the drawing turned out except for one thing... If you looked carefully and knew anything about engines, you would notice that that engine would not work. Chance or possibly bad hand-eye coordination resulted in the image being not an exact replica of the source: things are askew, some bits didn't fit in so I left them out, some things I had to force into place and thus altered the design... Yet it looks fine to a viewer who doesn't know a lot about engines. And that is interesting, for it is much like that with people: the mess has to be pretty extensive or we have to know the subject intimately before we notice that anything is the matter. Now with machines that could prove dangerous: a machine that isn't exactly right might end up doing a lot of damage; the interesting part is that the same could be said of people. We are all parts of a social system, and if the parts don't function, will the system?

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