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These Machines Are Alarmed. Pencil on paper and Macromedia Flash, 2006

The piece started as an exploration of paper and composition. It was a stretch for me, to get away from the rectangle that dominates our world (sheet of paper, computer screen, book, desk, door, window, room, buildings... everything has four corners!) The original direction was the antithesis of the four corners, the no-corners of a sphere, but since the circle is a very difficult thing to work with composition-wise, I ended up dividing it with hexagons . I found myself allocating each cell for an abstract idea/concept (love, self, faith etc...) albeit the connections in the image don't necessarily make sense.

The interactive aspect of the work is about connections, combinations and associations. What does suicide have in common with narcism? How can you get from hypocricy to self-loathing? What do you get when you combine death with sanity? The parts of the machine are read as abstract concepts such as "hate", "doubt", "irrelevance" etc... As the user combines these elements, a spoken reply discusses the combination of the two selected elements. And each choice leads onto the next one, like a string of pearls.

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