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Steadily, Constantly, Always. Photography and Flash, 2008.

The piece is a three-screen video triptych, and it is an exploration in the murky grey area between the moving image and the still image. This pensive - almost meditative - piece documents an event that wouldn't exist without the documentation. The event depicted in the work is of enormous scale and importance: as grand as the war of the ants, as epic as the chariot race of the Sun across the sky; and, at the same time, as trivial, miniscule and common.

The role of this work is to act as a pointer for us: firstly it brings to our attention the event, and secondly it is pointing out our need to have things pointed out for us. And what could be more appropriate for the task than an artwork created with a camera, a tool for seeing?

'Steadily, Constantly, Always' is in a way based around the notions of moment and boredom, best defined in the shape of a mathematical equation:

- time + event = moment
- time - event = boredom

So a moment is defined by something happening over time, and boredom is defined by a lack of something happening while there is time.

The event in 'SCA' is a scanning process, which normally lasts for 10 seconds or so, lasts for a moment. But through photography that process is extended. In mathematics, if you extend one side of the equation, the other side must grow too. So if the event is extended, the moment will be extended also.

But here one must consider entropy (or negative energy): if something is stretched or dispersed (evenly) to cover a very wide area, it actually disappears. So the question is, how far can an event be extended before it becomes so thin that it disappears, and transforms the extended moment into boredom? That is a personal decision for the audience to make.

This is my MA major project for the MA in Media Art. It started during the Experimental Practice -module and carried through to the "Moment" -exhibition in the Lanchester Gallery.

Sound made with the wonderful Steve Carson (so that bit has his copyright on it).

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2011-06-15 [iippo]: "Moments are the molecules that make up eternity." -Neal A. Maxwell
(doctrinal contextualisation)

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