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Banished to the deepest depths of the Severn Sea's Atlantis has remained undisturbed by the Modern World. Unknown to many a race has thrived and developed amongst the ruins of the great cities of their past...

...Now is your chance to enter...

Dr Julius Hammingburg has discovered the secret and until now, unknown passage way to what is now Atlantis. No longer had the great continent that once linked our ancient civilizations together; it is now a small and lonely collection of islands in an underground cave. The ruins of a great palace dominate the sky line and the darkness is lit by an unknown energy source.

After announcing to the modern world that he had discovered Atlantis he became an over night millionaire. Some of his more dedicated assistant's are still down their working among the ruins and with the people.

Dr Julius Hammingburg is giving you the chance to visit Atlantis. Fair is $200 and returns are extra. Do you want to go on a unique holiday or are you looking for a second home. Send your applications here AtlantisApplications (*you do not actually have to pay, it’s a bit of fun), you could be visiting tomorrow.

You must obtain a Visa to Visit Atlantis, you can here AtlantisApplications


Find your way around the City of Atlantis using our map’s…




Why not go explore the inhabitants of Atlantis, or find a travel buddy!

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Obtain a visa at AtlantisApplications

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