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"Prolonged usage of the drug, "Drive" may be lethal"- Gabriel Thames

First injection-Conflict

Drive his1

Leilana's elevator stopped and Ielht stepped in. He looked completely flustered. A soft whistling was spiraling from his upper nose. "The promenade," he said to the computer and it beeped in compliance. He glanced over at Leilana, noticing she looked a bit out of it.

Leilani didn't know which floor to get off at, she didn't know much about ships to begin with, and when Ielht joined her she was a bit unsure. The last group that she'd 'met' had drugged and interogated her, the idea of dealing with another stranger was a bit unsettling at the moment, she didn't know what to say and instead offered a faint smile before glancing away.

Needing to vent, Ielht looked back at Leilana. "Enjoying the station?" he asked in a tight voice.

"Its nice, I haven't been here very long, though." Leilani replied, "You seem like you'd rather be elsewhere?" She said it questioningly, he definitely didn't look happy.

Iehlt forced a laugh that was accompanied with a melody of clicks. "I own this station. Well, not own. The humans own it. I was just assigned to run it. I know this station like... what do those druggies say? My hand's back?" He waved his hand as if shooing the words away.

"I'm sure its not easy keeping such a big place running..." Leilani said, a bit unnerved at the thought of being in an elevator with such an official, "I don't really know how to get anywhere at this point, I'll probably figure my way around about the time I leave here." She said with a dry laugh.

"I'm afraid I don't quite have the time to give a tour, but I was going to visit the promenade to grab some sort of sedative. If you like, I'd enjoy the company," Ielht offered, though he didn't need company as much as he needed someone to vent at.

"Oh no, I wouldn't expect a tour from such a prominent figure as yourself." Leilani said quickly, "I wouldn't mind offering my company for a short while, I don't have anything better to do just now as it is."

"Wonderful!" Ielht said as the elevator beeped and the doors slid open. "Follow me! I'm Ielht, by the way. Though, that is a gross oversimplification of my true name. And you are?"

"Oh, my name is Leilani." She replied as the elevator slid open, "Its a pleasure to meet you."

Eebi exhaled roughly out of her nostrils and stormed out the door, closing it behind her. She made her way down the hallway with her head held high, not allowing herself to feel guilty for abandoning those assholes. Eebi pulled out her room sheet and glanced it over as she walked, wondering if a room switch would be allowed. Either way, some alone time may be good for now....but where?

Huras spun around. "Did she just leave?!" he snarled, shoving all of the food items onto the small table.

"For the love of Ka!" Sojana growled. Her frills were on point, her aggravation obvious. "Who, who does that?!" She asked Huras. "She... she frelling left!"


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2012-02-13 [Ravenclaw]: Um, everyone on our side was under the impression that their room was about to get searched...

2012-02-13 [Ravenclaw]: And wtf?

Leilani didn't know which floor to get off at, she didn't know much about ships to begin with, and when Ielht joined her she was a bit unsure. The last group that she'd 'met' had drugged and interogated her, the idea of dealing with another stranger was a bit unsettling at the moment, she didn't know what to say and instead offered a faint smile before glancing away.

You don't establish what a drug is going to do to someone then totally discount it happening. That's poor role playing. Especially considering her bio in no way says she has any special imperiousness to drugs of any kind.

2012-02-13 [Dezmond]: well yeah i wasn't thinking move along THAT far ahead, only like err ten minutes or so just like a new scene still along the same premises as before they can continue preparing, or i could throw something out there to move things along I was kinda thinking like a lone rider thing, freaked by the announcement goes off and bombs a docking port or something set the whole thing into motion

2012-02-13 [Chel.]: My character is a doctor and knows her shit. She would BE FULLY AWARE that Leilani's species has high metabolism and would counteract it with the appropriate amount of sedative. Your character WAS drugged. You can't just walk out of it and say she was faking it. No offense, but that is total BS.

2012-02-13 [Dezmond]: oh sweet sonufa >.> chill guys I'm addressing the issue no need for this to turn into a huge blow out

2012-02-13 [NOOOPE]: The rebels haven't even had a chance to plan... I feel like this room search thing does a solid job of making things interesting. None of these three would flip out and blow something up. They're professionals.

2012-02-13 [Dezmond]: okay that's why i wanted input before I did anything ^^ if the rest of ya agree we can just keep along.

2012-02-13 [Ravendust]: Let me just say this- I'm NOT discounting the drug or whatever. It happened, I already discussed the high metabolism rate in the comments. I didn't continue that argument because I was irritated and didn't want a huge blowout over it. So yeah, I pretty much showed AFTER the incident, somewhere in the middle of all of you guys' posts, that she had pretty much faked being drugged towards the end.

They'd drugged her, she didn't feel she could trust them especially after that. So she did what she had to to get away. Everyone really needs to start reading the other parts, they do all matter, regardless of where characters are, etc. This shouldn't be being addressed this long after I'd done my initial posting.

It wasn't until she got to the elevator that Leilani stopped walking like a fool. She hadn't expected to be drugged... But towards the end, somehow, she'd come out of it.

She could make no sense of the situation at first, however, and for the time being had just continued to pretend she was under the influence of the drug. She wouldn't go back to that room, would go out of her way to avoid those strange aliens. They had their own agenda and she had hers.

She was back to her earlier issue, however, of not having a place to stay. Leilani would have to be careful, she didn't want to wind up in the same situation she'd just been in. "What was I even thinking?" She muttered to herself, it had definitely been a stupid decision to do what she'd done, she had to be more careful...

I realize I hadn't added the metabolism rate to her profile after Jeff pointed it out to me so yes, I got it added. Either way, there's no way that Eebi had a needle with the perfect amount of a drug sitting in her suitcase for any particular species. I don't want to fight, I just don't see the problem with my character getting over the drug quicker rather than have her roam the ship in a drugged state susceptable to the interogation of anyone else aboard.

In all honesty I thought it would be wiser, and better for her in general if she could overcome it quicker. I'm sure Eebi knows about the high metabolism rate of the becillians, but there's no way she knows that Leilani can regenerate, especially as it isn't really an active gene among them. And I feel that it can play a part in attacking the drug and getting it out of her system quicker.

Hopefully this covers it? I don't know what else to say at this point.

2012-02-13 [Ravenclaw]: I think due to the serious lack of planning and general outline, not to mention the level of "let me pull this out of my butt"-ery, you've lost yourself one kick ass player.

See ya.

2012-02-13 [Chel.]: Make that two~

2012-02-13 [Ravendust]: He's put a lot of work into this RP, is it really that bad that he asks his RPers how they feel we should proceed with some things? :-/

2012-02-13 [Ravenclaw]: It's not bad that he asks for input, but a good mod should at least have enough planned out for the beginning that he can direct his players into some sort of visual understanding of what's going on. I feel like I've no guidance other than my own expectation of what I think should and shouldn't happen. I run enough of my own games to not wanna have to guide myself when I join another persons game.

2012-02-13 [Chel.]: As good moderator ettiqute, one should know generally what is going to play out in their RP. Key events, structure, how characters meet, etc...that sort of deal. Instead, the players in this game were forced to think of their own plot devices to help things progress. (Example: How the rebels were each assigned to "seek out" another. M!, Ravenclaw and myself had to come up with that on our own...which should be the mod's job) That is not how it should work.
I don't mean to start anything, but Dez probably should have prepared a little more before starting up an RP and opening it to others. He had a great starting point but more work should have been put into it.

2012-02-13 [Chel.]: A mod should carry it's players...not the other way around.

2012-02-13 [Dezmond]: well, erm, I'm sorry guys. I really hadn't expected things to go this haywire. I guess I'm just not quite up to par with you're expectations of how an rp should be run. I hadn't meant for it to be so much trouble for you guys, but I understand.

2012-02-13 [Ravenclaw]: It's nothing personal. The endangering of our team based on: *POOF* "Nope, I wasn't as drugged as you thought I was! Lol!" bit that gets my goat. I can deal with your inexperience as a mod. Everyone has their first or second and games are going to die before you get it right. I can't count the number of times small ones like this have fizzled out for me. My advice is to maybe read a few more novels, watch some shows that deal with similar situations as to what you're going for maybe. Personally I find that audio books help my creativity a great deal. If you're too busy to sit and read, popping in a good novel while you're driving is a good way to absorb what's happening in the story. It helps me build scenarios I think will be engaging for my players. Again, nothing personal Dez, this game just isn't really what I'm looking for. Thanks though, I didn't know M before, playing here has helped acquaint me with her playing style and I appreciate that.

2012-02-13 [Ravendust]: You know, let me just say this bit... There was no *poof* *haha* bit. She was entirely drugged until towards the end. Leilani knows nothing about them, probably wouldn't repeat anything anyway because a-she doesn't want to seem suspicious herself b-she's pretty much a rebel in the making. I'd already said in comments when the scene was actually happening that I'd wanted her to start coming out of it, and suggested that yes, her naturally high metabolism pretty much kicked the drug from her system. If this is how things were going to turn out I may as well not have given Chel the go ahead to drug her in the first place. I'd wanted to have fun with this and get things going. My character is new to the scene entirely, yes she's against the drivers, but when rebels drug and interrogate her... yes, that's going to leave a lasting impression too, probably leave her uncertain of where to turn. I honestly thought it'd be an interesting situation, especially since the three of them just shoved her off on her own again after doing that. :-/ would have endangered them more if she'd still been drugged, especially when she met Ielht... Whether she consciously remembered them or not, her state probably would have been very suspicious and led to their discovery anyway... :-/

2012-02-13 [NOOOPE]: Geez. All the fun stuff happens after I go to bed.

Because this is rather tense... here's my view on the situation. I hope I come across as objective and fair.

Dez, it seems like you get it. With rps, the GM is offering to take people on an adventure, they're not offering people to make one themselves. In the past, I have accidentally hijacked rps by going overboard with brainstorming. I didn't want to do that with this rp, but eventually I felt like I had no choice. I don't like GMing because I want to be taken through a story that I can't predict and control. I didn't want control. I wanted to be taken on a ride. Eventually I and some of the rpers took over the plot, due to a lack of one, and that as a result, other rpers and lost track of what was going on. There could have been more communication, but despite some of us offering so many ideas, I really didn't see anything coming back. It was really one sided and that's rather frustrating. That's where I think annoyance is coming from.

Dust, I think I see why Chel and RC are upset. Eebi is set up to be a expert doctor. You waited until after the scene in the room to say that your character had actually been faking. Chances were Eebi would have noticed. Her bio sets her up to be an expert. Revealing it was an act after it could be dealt with wasn't entirely fair. It took credit away from Eebi and kinda verges on power playing. I know that wasn't the intent. I'm not angry or anything. Imagine Eebi's medical knowledge to be similar to Sojana's expertise with sniper rifles. Had this been a battle scene and you wrote Sojana shot had missed, you can see where that would be power playing and ignoring the fact that Sojana is a great shot. It diminished the other character. That's why I think Chel was so offended you made the drug not work. It was kinda insulting to her character. It was saying Eebi doesn't know what she's doing.

Another issue, which wasn't your fault, was the initial lack of plot. Without a plot, any character could have fit as long as they were in the right setting. As soon as a plot was constructed, there was no logical role for a princess. Besides regeneration, she had no skills to offer the resistance. Regeneration is also sort of a self serving thing anyway. It could not have been used for the rebellion. Leilani isn't a bad character, that's not what I'm saying. There just doesn't seem to be a place for her in rebellion setting. Huras is an anti-insurgency expert and soldier, Sojana is combat specialist and Eebi is a field doctor and an expert in alien biology. They all had something to offer. I know Chel and RC expressed that they were uncomfortable during the drugging Leilani scene because they had to break character a little to try their hardest and find a use for Leilani in the rebellion. In the end, there was no reason to keep a princess around. It would not have been sensible. RC and Chel really honestly and desperately tried to get your character into the story and like Dez, I feel they gave you tons of ideas, but you didn't give anything back. I'm sort of curious what you imagined Leilani would be doing in the story, and I'm not saying that in an demeaning way. Even without a plot, this rp was set up as a battle between tyrants and rebels and I don't see how she contributes. She can't fight, her bio doesn't indicate an expertise in anything. I know she's a recycled character, but perhaps she was simply a wrong fit? I have no doubt you could have very successfully made a badass character if you made a new one. I believe people became upset as they bent backwards to get your character involved and you weren't willing to make adjustments.

2012-02-13 [Ravenclaw]: M: Her bio sets her up to be an expert.

Not to mention the knowledge of centuries of evolution and experiences from her forbears because Prethians posses a "shared memory". Any encounter Chel's people had with Lil's in the past would translate into Eebi's basic knowledge of her people.

2012-02-13 [NOOOPE]: Yeah, I know it does, that's what I was saying. Making the drug not work is discounting that Eebi is an expert.

2012-02-13 [Ravendust]: I wasn't saying the drug didn't work, it definitely did. It just wore off sooner, as I said, I wouldn't think that Eebi would have a syringe with the perfect amount of a drug to keep anyone under for quite that long, or any set amount of time. I wasn't discrediting her at all, but I thought that with her high metabolism and the regenerative ability, that the two combined would run the drug through her system faster. As I said, the regenerative ability isn't really known to others, its indefinitely a recessive gene amongst the becillians, if the people had it at all...

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