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Inside Cave - Right Side - Trying to find the others

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Shiva stared at the beautifull waterfalls and lake like area inside the right side of the cave. She had clearly taken the darker side of the cave earlier. This side looks allot better and not that spookey at all. Walking towards the water she couldnt help but bend down and let her fingers run thought the water.
"Where do you think the others are then? I cannot see them...." She said looking around.

Apearing from the cavern they wher in Jennive walked slowly towards Shiva. "Shiva!" She became exstatick and ran towards her friend then huged her "I have missed you so how was the other side of the cave?"

Geranothe stepped out onto the grassy path after Jennive and bowed politely to the party that waited there. "Greetings."

Jennive:"Geranthe you are ok thank heavens, where is every on?? we have lost so meny do not tell me we are the only one left on this voyage?"

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2007-08-01 [Wednesday]: everyone with me?

2007-08-02 [Lord of Nightmares]: sure

2007-08-13 [Maeve104]: one has posted anything in a WHILE. O.o Should the Right Side people start posting here, then? We're very close by...

2007-12-30 [Maeve104]: *looks around* Oh dear. We can't have a journey with only two people participating! :$ Is anyone else still posting here?

2010-03-20 [Ace118]: I am hear may be you should advertise this lots of people like rping

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