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Inspectors explore all areas of Elftown to find bugs and flaws so that they can be reported and fixed.


Great Masters of Inspection, The Illustrious Magisters

[Athene Noctua]
Great Grand Masters of Inspection, The Illustrious Magister Navigatios

[True, plain and simple]
Great Grandest Masters of Inspection, The Illustrious   Honoris Magister Navigatios

Greatest Grandest Masters of Inspection, The Illustrious Honoris Magno Magister Navigatios


Honorary Bug Buggers

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2004-04-20 [Nita]: You can always change your data here, you know...

2004-04-22 [zanthe]: How do you change your details 'cos my eyes seem to have gone green and they aren't blue anymore *eek!* Per - lease tell me!

2004-04-22 [Nita]: Go to your house. In the upper right corner, there's a nice green button...

2004-04-23 [Neon Never]: Do we get a coat of arms in our house?

2004-05-06 [herherh]: hey how do i become an inspector?

2004-05-07 [Nita]: Report bugs :)

2004-05-10 [Vampirian]: wELL Im still lookin but there does not seem to be any. only that some times the screens blend and mix when there not supposed to. but i think that may be the computer.

2004-05-15 [Hyto]: I have heard questions going around.That most new members of elftown do not know what to do with there house. Do they Buy things to decorate it or what.

2004-05-15 [Nita]: Why do you want to decorate it? It's just a place for general information about you, as a person :)

2004-05-15 [Hyto]: Ok I'll tell those who were wandering. Thanks, Hyto

2004-08-14 [staceyxp]: traveling bards link could not be found. same for you guys?

2004-10-04 [INVICTUS]: the only thing i found to be tweakish so far was that the elf town status bar gets over lapped in the [ONLINE MEMBERS] section

2004-10-04 [True, plain and simple]: Uhh what browser are you using? O_o

2004-11-09 [Karkaf]: we need a bar

2004-11-11 [Aidan Ryuko]: ehhh, is that page supposed to be that way?? the grey background and all

2004-11-11 [Sunrose]: where did you find it? is an older issue of the herald

2004-11-14 [Nita]: Well, what did you expect? It's just a standard directory listing :)

2005-01-19 [Charybdis]: Fixed a typo (don't was missing an apostrophe.)

2005-01-21 [Jeep]: It's so cool your site

2005-03-25 [Caila]: hey how do i become a inspecter

2005-03-31 [Lioness123]: read above

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