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~Welcome to InuYasha appreciation for the girls!~





Inuyasha appreciation for the girls group images

Inuyasha appreciation for the couples

InuYasha Appreciation For The Boys!


We are worshiping all of the InuYasha girls here! Let's just pray that each of them are appreciated!

Rin's innocent childhood

Kanna's evil mirror room

Ayame's Female Wolf Den

Kagome's Wishing Well

Sango's Demon Hunter Hideaway

Kagura's Fans of Doom

Kikyo's Archery

Kocho and Asuka's Spirt Shrine

Yuka,Eri,and Ayumi's School house

Midoriko's Shire

Tsubaki's Shrine of Evil

Kirara's Catnip

Please let me know if I've missed any, Thank You!

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2009-02-20 [yamisango]: ur welcome

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