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User Name: [The Black Goat]

Character name: Isabelle Black (Izzy for short, but never Belle)

Mutant Name: Remedy/Necrosis

Classification: Student

Abilities/powers: Has the ability to instigate cellular regeneration at a rapid state in organic lifeforms. By touching an injury she can cause tissue, muscles, skin, and bone to mend itself and re-grow stronger and thicker than before. She lacks the ability to cure diseases and uses alot of her own energy to heal other people. It works on humans, animals, and plant life so long as it is freshly damaged (scar tissue will not respond to her power).

While she can not self heal, she does have the ability to reverse her power and drain the energy from anything living to heal herself. This will cause any wounds that a person or animal has to worsen, the cells surrounding it will quickly die and rot. Maintaining contact can result in death for whoever she is draining and over using this ability can result in a kind of euphoric high.

Sex: Female

Age/Date of Birth: 18, born the 25th of January

General appearance: Isabelle stands at five-eight and weighs a hundred and twenty pounds. She is slender and lanky, almost awkwardly so, with fair skin that burns easily. Her hair is long, platinum blonde and her eyes are a rich, dark brown, set on an oval shaped face. Though attractive, she is more likely to be referred to as a hansom woman, rather than pretty.

Update: following the events prior to her return to the mansion she has noticeably lost weight and now sports a almost gaunt appearance. However she also displays well defines muscles suggesting rigorous training.

Additional Appearance: A tribal sun tattoo over her belly button along with regular lobe piercings and a small tongue piercing. Her style varies from a day to day basis, depending on her mood. Some days she enjoy wearing short skirts and blouses, other days she'd rather slip on a comfortable pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

Personality: Mischievous, petty, and more often than not, lazy. She can be fun and playful, a bit too loud on occasion, and is known for pulling pranks. She's an aspiring hacker, loves action movies and industrial music, and can't stand sports of any kind, but does enjoy running. Among her most negative traits is her tendency to be disrespectful towards those she deems as authority figures and her lack of motivation when it comes to actual work. On the plus side, she's the kind of person you'd want to come to your party and once she's decided you're "good people", she makes a great friend.

Update: Isabelle has returned to the mansion far more aggressive and very secretive. She seems to have lost interest in most things that she had previously enjoyed. Though she seems to be reaching out to some people, she is dangerously hostile to others.

Special Skills: "L33T" speak and is knowledgeable about computers.

Place of birth: Washington DC

Weapon(s) of choice: N/A

Medical information: N/A

Brief History: Born to a middle class family in one of the nicer DC suburbs, Isabelle was raised an only child in a comfortable setting. She'd attended a private school from preschool on until permanently suspended her sophomore year for her attitude and also for frequently skipping classes. After that she attended a public school for less than a year before her parents pulled her out. Isabelle's parents had known about her ability since she was five and had always tried to push her towards the medical field in hopes she'd utilize her power as a doctor. This was something Izzy strongly rebelled against as she got older and it eventually led to a falling out between them. In the end, they gave Izzy a choice: stay and be enrolled in a new private school along with summer classes to get her grades back up and hopefully go to collage the following year, or be sent to Xavier's school for gifted children, where they hoped that at the very least she'd be forced to learn more about her power and how to use it. Needless to say Izzy relished the thought of getting away from her overbearing parents and choose the second option.

Shortly after arriving she received a call from her grandmother who informed her that her parents had been in a horrific car crash and that her mother didn't make it. She returned home to DC for a little less than a month for the funeral. Following this she found herself caught up in a very dangerous situation and four months later has returned to the mansion, now quite a bit different than before.

Relatives: Her father with whom she barely has contact as he grieves over his recently deceased wife.

How long your character has been in the mansion: Just came back early this month

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2013-08-17 [The Black Goat]: of course she does ;)

2013-08-18 [twitchboy]: Justin, lillium, and mark all game so there might be somewhere to go with that...

2013-08-18 [Flisky]: ...Addy does too.

Not that anyone would know. Because she isn't the most social creature.

2013-08-18 [The Black Goat]: once i bring her back in maybe ^^

2013-08-18 [twitchboy]: i had forgotten she wasnt in the mansion

2013-08-18 [The Black Goat]: yeah her mom died in a car accident

2013-08-18 [Figgy]: Shana games too when she has time, but yaknow, nobody wants to be her friend >_>

2013-08-18 [twitchboy]: hmm this might need to be addressed in plottage lol

2013-08-18 [The Black Goat]: lol we get it

2013-08-18 [The Black Goat]: Nadine will be shana's friend lol

2013-08-18 [Flisky]: Oh, and Rook. Rook games. Don't forget him. :)

2013-11-20 [The Black Goat]: I wonder when a good time would be to bring her back in

2014-05-13 [GarnetLullabies]: Ooh Kaia will be glad to meet someone who is a healer plus she sounds fun but they might but heads over the lack of motivation.

2014-05-13 [The Black Goat]: Yeah, no joke Izzy is a bitch, shell find any excuse she can to be an aweful person now that she's back

2014-05-15 [The Black Goat]: I need to update Izzy now that I'm rereading her profile, her personality and history will change a bit to reflect her new circumstances

2014-05-18 [Ms. Steel]: Eleanor and old Izzy coulda been good friends. Oh, well.

2014-05-18 [The Black Goat]: They could still me, Izzy will need some friends and she's not a complete monster to everyone

2014-05-18 [Figgy]: I think... eventually Nora might be interested in Izzy :>

2014-05-18 [Ms. Steel]: They could start a gang.

2014-05-18 [Figgy]: Izzie and the Blacks?

2014-05-18 [The Black Goat]: Ha ha lol that's cool, Izzy just needs some drinks first ha ha

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