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Gallery of adoptable pets with their name starting by J down to R



[Jessika Maria.] - I’m a kitty...Also knows as*drum roll* Miss. Kitty Fantastico
Adopted by: [Coffee is my weed]


[Khover] - Weirk!! I'm mostly human, with rabbit ears, bat wings and a demon tail. Strangely I also have some kind of super powers, but no one knows what they are.... Oh well, we'll be sure to find out soon enough, I hope.
Adopted by: [Raventhorn

[Kisa_sama] - Hi. I am a tiger. And I have a random problem of licking people.. Anyway I'm very protective of my master, and love to sleep at your feet. Please Adopt me!
Adopted by: [Just another heartache on my lips.], [Kyo-kun], and [Shishiru]

[Raiya] - I'm a silver grey wolf dog with golden eyes. I'm more a wolf than a dog.
Adopted by: [Malidar]

[Morrigon] - I guess I'm lovable, but shy.
Adopted by: [Lady of Lore]


[Lady Chaos] - Statue!! The statue-lady from Silver Surfer, currently seeking a good owner without any pigeons as pets (pigeons and statues don't mix!!). Actually I'm a 16 year old Elf with an affinity for Orcs. Just adopt me!
Adopted by: [Lady of Lore]

[Lady of Lore] - I'm a grycanthrope which means I'm sort of like a werewolf only instead of becoming a wolf I become a griffon with blazing orange eyes when I become angry or when there is a full moon. Otherwise I'm an elf who loves to sing and write poetry, goes by the name of Willowharp.
Adopted by: [Fashionably Restrained]

[Little Insane Cat] - I'm a sleek black female cat. My eyes are gold with a tint of blood red. I'm immuned to fire and love to play with the flames. I'm mischievious and will get into trouble if you leave me alone for too long. you have to earn my trust but when you do I'll always follow you around like a shadow when I'm not too lazy to. I love to cuddle but I'll scratch or bite when teased or provoked. I'm very protective of my master. I also have a taste for blood ;)
please adopt me!
Adopted by: [Rennaisance Tiger King]

[longgonefaith] - Panther!! I'm an elegant, cozy black panther with a good sense of humor! I'd love to be adopted by someone who can take me for long walks and lead intelligent conversations. I'm pretty easy going for a panther, but also extremely sly... and watch out.. I DO BITE!!! :P
Adopted by: [Raventhorn]

[Eriseith] - Im a 1 1/2 year old albino leopard, with extremely sharp claws. I love attention, and I love pain. I have emerald green eyes. I was raised to hunt, but I am very loving and truly just want love.
Adopted by: [The real life Bella Swan]

[lunarsun] - Shape shifter!! Shape shifter, but prefers to stay as a baby black dragon with golden Egyptian markings all over his body. Knows a little bit of magic, loves cookies and watermelon, loves to curl up with someone and talk, read, or sleep in front of a roaring fire. Is happy to shape shift into anything asked for and loves to entertain. Hates to be poked hard, or yelled at. :D Wants a loving owner.
Adopted by: [Blaze the Nameless]

[lonelywolf]- A shape shifting werevampire that spends her time in the form of a wolf, cat, or a penguin. Also loves to cuddle very much and bite.


[moonscale] - The dragon: I am a small, not baby, but small silvery dragon with large golden-brown eyes. I love chocolate and wiggling my eyebrows. If I like you I am fiercely protective and will shower you with burnt chocolate.
Adopted by: [Lady of Lore]


[..Nightmare..] - I'm a cat/man. I have a long flowing tale. I'm pure black, I have sharp claws, and my eyes are dark red. I have a fishnet muscle shirt, long baggy black pants, I wear shoes. I can speak.
Adopted by: [Death's Die-Ary]

[unavailable] - A red/black dragon that likes to be tickled.
Adopted by: [Cher's Bitch!!!!]

[Nite_Owl] - I'm a very rare (and lonely), completely black owl that can almost disappear in the dark, if not for my bright golden eyes. I'm generally friendly with most people, but I'll peck your eyes out if you're rude (especially to protect my master). Almost always obedient, unless I think the order is pointless ^_^. Simply looking for a good owner; I have no preference on whom.
Adopted by: [Raventhorn]

[NuclearHobbit] - Thylacine!! Well, I'm a little thylacine who wants a home.
Adopted by: [Fashionably Restrained]




[pelv13] – I'm a small, unassuming little pet that likes to scribble on little pieces of paper.
Adopted by: [Distilled~Angel], [hannes], [Close The Damn Door] and [Steel Mal'ak]

[Phoenix Ashes] - I'm a huggable pet, that loves playing games and is really docile. I can give presents if required lol
Adopted by: [Raventhorn]

[Pillowthief] - Small crimson phoenix that likes crackers and hot and spicy cheese-its, will molt if not cared for.
Adopted by: [Raventhorn]

[Poindextra] - Chinchilla!! I'm a chinchilla. Small, chubby, and cute! I run around, up walls, and around the house. I can't think of anything else to say. Thank you for your time.
Adopted by: [Lady of Lore] and [dreds4hair]




[Raziel Ahnara] - I don't know if I'm the only one here, but here I am, the psychopathic, but irresistibly cute Ducky! And now, here I am with insane randomness! Guaranteed to either make you laugh or annoy you. ^_~
Adopted by: [Coffee is my weed]


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2006-02-18 [Case Open]: I love that one too, you're very tallented

2006-02-21 [Lady of Lore]: thanks, I'd like to take classes though, ^^

2006-02-22 [Case Open]: Nah, you don't need the classes... you could be the teacehr

2006-02-22 [Lady of Lore]: well, I'd love to learn how to paint and I need help with some one my proportions and it would be really cool to ba able to do awesome backgrounds with my drawings,^^ but my honey shows me a lot and I'm improving fast, its kinda crazy and thrilling at the same time. lol ^^

2006-03-04 [Shishiru]: Id like to adopt [Kisa_sama] please!

2006-03-05 [Fashionably Restrained]: done!

2006-04-17 [Lady of Lore]: If there are any pets out there who are looking for an owner I woudl ove to adopt you! Please let me know in a message, I'm afraid I've misplaced my glasses or one of my pets are currently using it so it makes it hard to read these pages. ^^ I also illustrate my pets when I can ^^

2006-05-09 [Nonchalant]: oooo i wanna be adopted!!

2006-05-09 [The real life Bella Swan]: Well, you gotta put up for adoption first, silly!

2006-05-12 [Lady of Lore]: I'd like to adopt [Ljtigerlily] and [Lady Chaos] please

2006-05-13 [The real life Bella Swan]: Done!

2006-05-14 [Nymph_Goddess]: WHY ISN'T MY NAME ON HERE IT USED TO BE!

2006-05-14 [Sunrose]: No need to shout. Perhaps your name used to be different, perhaps you were not active on Elftown for a long time. No need to panich though, you can just tell me your description and it will be back up.

2006-07-21 [Lady of Lore]: [Fire-n-Ash] and [mystic_elf86] to be adopted by me please

2006-07-22 [Sunrose]: Fixed :)

2006-08-10 [moonscale]: I'll be happy to adopt and be adopted by anyone whose nice!

2006-08-11 [Lady of Lore]: I'd love to adopt you only I'm allergic to chocolate so try to keep the raining of burnt chocolate incheck, lol ^_^ add your pet profile to Paulas pets (let me mak sure i typed that right first....)

2006-08-11 [Lady of Lore]: ok it's good, I'd like to adopt moonscale please ^_^

2006-08-11 [Sunrose]: ^_^

2006-08-11 [Lady of Lore]: lol under her pet profile it says she adopted herself, XD

2006-08-11 [Sunrose]: Whoops :P

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