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2005-02-28 08:31:28
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JTHM Fanatics!

This is still in progress. I am just starting this page, but if you have any ideas feel free to let me know.
Also does anyone know how to contact Jhonen C. V. so I can ask to use images here?

This page just (or will when it's better) shows how much Nny rocks... along with all of his other comic star companions!

JTHM Fanatics! Members! - Sign up here!

JTHM Fanatics! Banners! - Members want a banner? Want to make one?

Reserved for images!

Miscellaneous Site links... to Nny and companions! click the link to find out about characters plus see a few photos from the comics!

Username (or number or email):


[Eriseith]: Hello & Welcome, JTHM Fanatics are all welcome here!

[Vague]: I MUST JOIN.. I can help you make this wiki if you like, I'm realy good at stuff like this

[Vague]: yay

[Eriseith]: Okay, Members! It's been up for a while, but I've been having trouble with my computer lately, but I would like help for banners, and anything else, stated on the pages...

[Mind Demon]: i will domybest!

[Eriseith]: Yeah, I'd like all of the members to try to do something for banners Please?!

[Eriseith]: I've made one banner! I'll try to make some more, but members involvement is accepted!

[Mind Demon]: i have a banner! how do i give it to you.

[Eriseith]: put it in your pictures then link it to me in a message.... there's more info about sending pics in the help area... i don't remember much about how to send pictures on here  lol

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