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2006-07-15 09:02:33
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Jazz Mini-Encyclopedia

This wiki supports the Take Elftown Back movement.

This mini-encyclopedia is a branch of Music of the Century. The articles are very short and are meant to foster appreciation for jazz and link to better information. It will encompass showtunes as well as jazz and blues.
If you'd like to write an article, please name it [Lastname, Firstname@wiki] (unless not applicable, like Cowboy Bebop), and list it in alphabetical order.
Also, [Blaithin] is always looking for more help in Music of the Century, if you're interested in a different genre.

Astaire, Fred
Bowskill, Jimmy
Sinatra, Frank

Pending Articles:
Armstrong, Louis
Bublé, Michael
Cowboy Bebop
Deary, Blossom
Ellington, Edward K. "Duke"
Fitsgerald, Ella
Holiday, Billie
Jazz Slang
Middleton, Velma
Simone, Nina

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2006-07-14 [iippo]: Does "pending articles" mean that someone is doing them already or that they should/can be done? Becaue I'd like to do one about Sinatra...

2006-07-15 [Kiddalee]: That they can be done. Thanks for your interest.

2006-07-15 [Kiddalee]: Whee!

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