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Player – [Blood Raven]
Name – Jerekhal Thadar
Race – Ignan / Tiger Halfbreed (Corrupted)
Class – Warrior
Allegiance – None
Appearance – Jerekhal is fearsome to behold. A towering 7 feet tall, very muscled, with broad shoulders and chest. His face is strong, and rough, his grim muzzle often revealing his big teeth, either in a devilish grin or a mean growl. Long and unkempt black hair falls down to halfway his back. His fur is not in much better shape. It shows signs of a rough life, with frequent scars scattered across his body, and the colour of his fur seems dull when compared to other Tigers and is generally longer and rougher of texture. His Ignan heritage mainly shows from the two great golden horns which extend from the top of his head backwards, beginning just above his eyes, though the colour has dulled like his fur's. His eyes are amber, but seem to burn with an inner fire, and seem to be full of rage, bordering perhaps on madness. Black rings surround his eyes, and his tiger stripes all over his body seem jagged and crooked, more like bolts of lightning than smooth flowing lines.
Jerekhal cares little for clothing, or looks in general. His pants, usually the pride of any tiger, are little more than dark brown tattered rags. He doesn't have a shirt, or any other piece of clothing, save for two leather shoulder pads, which he decorated with two large skulls, and a belt to keep his raggy pants up, decorated with several smaller skulls as well.
Age – 23
Personality – Jerekhal is just slightly insane. Although he will not attack without warning, he needs little provocation to do so. And when he enters combat, he rages in a frenzy of bloodlust and anger until all his opponents lie in a bleeding heap on the floor.
Combat is Jerekhal only mental outlet. It is the only way he can loose all of his frustratios, shame, and anger. In some way, he feels he can redeem himself through proving himself in combat. In a way he believes that through fighting physical enemies, he can in some way fight his personal demons. Of course, this is not the case, but it does explain why he loses himself in a berserker frenzy when he enters combat.
Outside of combat, Jerekhal is often short on words, and will seem foul-tempered to most. It's obvious to anybody who deals with him more than a few days that he knows a lot more rage than happiness. As a matter of fact, he knows few happy days. Even so, Jerekhal still knows honour. He is inclined to protect other humanoids, often seeking their companionship, although he leaves a group of travellers as soon as he thinks he might endanger them, or if he feels he has outlived their hospitality.
History – Jerekhal was the offspring of a short-lived Tiger-Ignan relation, which, though very passionate, wasn't ment to last. Jerekhal's mother, a Tigress hunter, raised him for a few years. However, the other Tiger children often teased him about his horns, sometimes even picking on him because of them. And even though Tigers are usually slow to anger, his Ignan blood infused him with passion such as only few Tiger knew, and his anger was aroused quickly. The other Catfolk children rarily played with him because of this, and his mother, too, frequently grew tired of him, as he reminded her of the equally restless Ignan father, whom he'd never seen. Perhaps he would have been better off being raised by Planetarii, but then again, maybe his Catfolk nature would have gotten in his way there.
Even so, jerekhal grew up to become one of the clan's most promising warriors, and eventually, together with his bad relation with the rest of the youth, this led to a face-down between Jerekhal and Juri, a Tiger of equal age and skill, to determine who was the best Warrior. They decided to prove themselves in a hunt. Jerekhal and Juri decided that the most dangerous prey was to be found in the Fell Woods, and together they travelled there, constantly competing with each other on the way. On the border of the Fell Woods, they separated, deciding that the one to bring in the greatest prey within one week would be the winner.
However, the corruption of the Fell Woods quickly got a hold of their up to then friendly competition, and transformed it into something more monstrous. A cat and mouse game began between the two warriors, and for three weeks the clanbrothers tried to kill eachother. Eventually, on the third week, Jerekhal managed to ambush Juri, and slayed him. Almost instantly realising what he had done, his murderous feelings switched into shame and despair. Again, feelings which were nurtered and fed by the corruption of the woods to grow ever stronger. Jerekhal corrupted into his current form, driven to the bring of insanity, too ashamed to return to his clan.
In fact, the skull on his left shoulder is the skull of Juri, and Jerekhal dedicates many a kill to his name, in hopes of honouring the spirit of his clanbrother. Eventually, he hopes he shall find peace, and when he does, he shall return to his clan, and prove his true worth as a warrior.


Level - 4

Experience/To next level - 1300/2050

Equipment -
Bardiche (10 Atk, -3 Def, -2 Spd, 2 Rng, 10 Wgt)
8 x Throwing Axe (1 Atk, 5 Rng, 1 Wgt)
Black Cloak (3 Cha, 3 Wgt)
Tribal Necklace (2 Atk, 2 Dex, 1 Cha, 3 Wgt)
13 GP

HP - 22/22
MP - 10/10
Str - 8
Con - 6
Mag – 5
Int - 5
Dex - 6
Cha - 3

CC - 24/42

Skills – Handle Axes, Marksmanship, Rage, Air Strike, Wild Attack, Camouflage
Skill Points - 0

Level 1 - Flame

Special Abilities -
Frenzy - Every 5 levels, the Warrior can drop his defense to 1, and add whatever points his drops to attack and speed for 1 round.

Racial Abilities -
- Can see in the dark
- Starts with one Lv 1 Red Magic Spell
- +2 to Listen, Spot, Jump, and Climb
- Doubled damage from Blue Magic, halved damage from Red Magic.

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2007-11-20 [Silverbullet]: Weapon freaking mastery?! O.o!

2007-11-20 [Blood Raven]: And Air Strike. What can I say? He's slightly mental? :P

2007-11-20 [Blood Raven]: I switched it for Wild Attack, which fitted better, RP wise

2008-01-03 [Blood Raven]: I slightly changed him into something altogether more playable, and more friendly to the party :-)

2008-01-03 [Silverbullet]: Less food-obsessed, I see :P

2008-01-04 [Blood Raven]: Less likely to rip things apart on sight, mostly :P

2008-01-04 [Silverbullet]: Hmm, could come in handy :P

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