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Name: Jerome Lysine

Race: Were-wolf

Abilities: preception and water manipulation.

Age: 800, but appears to be 21.

Appearance: 6’5, well muscled, with olive brown skin. Straight black hair that extends past his shoulders. Feiry, piercing sea blue eyes. A scar extending across his back, that has turned now to a purplish red.

History: Orphaned at a young age, Jerome was forced to learn every lesson the hard way, and has known life in no other fasion than as cruel and uncompromising. Eventually he found his way into College, where his determination and hard efforts earned him his degree in teaching.

Personality: He is a loner, when he isn't teaching and prefers to remain a lone wolf unless sought out in which he is some what out going and even eccentric. He tends to keep an open mind, but when what little he has to call his own is intruded upon then he can get testy. When in human form he always carries a gun and a knife with him.

Weapons: preferably his fists, but when stealth is need then a long rifle works just as well, or if in hand to hand, two short single edged swords.

Appearance as a wolf: Even as a wolf he is quite tall, at his shoulder he stands nearly six feet, and his earthy brown fur is nearly unblemished by scars. His paws are white sock tipped, and his ears are both black on the ends.

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2009-12-04 [Gypsy Mystik]: Pretty cool... and in one of my RPGs it would give me some room to have "fun" some happen ^_^ heehee

2009-12-04 [Talos Cyrion]: hmm, which one? an do you mind if i put him up for a character?

2009-12-04 [Gypsy Mystik]: Mystic Zodiac it's a fun RPG that I started writen out in a notebook for a live RPG...but I thought it would be cool for on here... I have three other players in it... and always love more ^_^

2009-12-04 [Talos Cyrion]: cool i shall take a looksy :)

2009-12-04 [Gypsy Mystik]: Yay! Cool

2010-05-20 [Eyden13]: looks good to me

2010-05-20 [Talos Cyrion]: ok. when do you want to start? lol it's 10pm back here and for the first time i might actually get to bed before 12 lol

2010-05-20 [Eyden13]: How about friday around 7pm in florida time

2010-05-20 [Eyden13]: or now if ur own. ^-^

2010-05-21 [Talos Cyrion]: now sounds good :)

2010-05-21 [Eyden13]: Show up I'm on!!!!!!! Scren name Eydenjmc

2010-05-22 [Talos Cyrion]: ?

2010-05-22 [Eyden13]: on aim?

2010-05-22 [Talos Cyrion]: oh i don't have aim. lol i had messanger but it got wiped and i have yet to re-install it

2010-05-22 [Eyden13]: awwwww. Okay then how do you want to do this?

2010-05-22 [Talos Cyrion]: uh...i guess create an rp room?

2010-05-22 [Eyden13]: coolio give me a sec. I invite to my humble dwelings when create them.

2010-05-22 [Talos Cyrion]: okie

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