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2004-09-21 16:14:18
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This page was created for all of us who love John a.k.a [SilverBlue82]


Now, you can have a choice to be either a roadie or a groupie. If you want to be a roadie, then send me, [Flight of the Butterfly], a msg and I'll put you right up. However if you want to be a groupie, you'll have to ask John, though I don't think there will be any problems there. ^^


John's Roadies

#1. [Flight of the Butterfly] 'cause I made the wiki!


John's Groupies

#1. [Jewl]
#2. [littlechichibean]

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2004-09-20 [Jewl]: Yayness!! Woot, I'm a groupie and proud of it...

2004-09-20 [littlechichibean]: woohoo...i'm part of the groupiesss

2004-09-20 [Flight of the Butterfly]: excellent! ^^

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