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2007-08-22 22:15:28
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Welcome New Members!

This is the member page for the Jokers of Elftown. So if you wanna be a member just sign your name!

1. [PixieStickChick] Creator! Yay!
2. [guityu]
3. [ElizabethSwann] Dang the 3rd one!
4. [Leelo] WoooooooooooooooooooooooPieeee!!!!!!!!!!!
5. [swabloo]~number fiiiiive, close to seeeeeveeeen~~
6. [walk_tall] e'llo peeps
7. [#9437] Yeah..uh..jokes are funny.
8. [punk_sk8er]
9. [nobody is here]...Oh yeah number nine is the coolest!
10. [Demon-child] ::eeeeeeeevil cackle::
11. [R0s3tt3 Chr1st0ph3r] hehe, 11, is like, 2 1's... wow...
12. [iippo] I have to add my name here, being that I love this place!
13.[Fortune Orange] take a laugh at it!
14.[Mario57] I LUV JOKES!!!!!
15.[Mizz Morpheus] Many many peoples mean many many targets to my jokes... ^__^
16.[~username~]wOO+! #16! mah age!
17.[Cap'n] 73|-| \/\/007!!! 16... You youngin'. Respect your elders!!! And stop poking me!!!
18.[~southern*gurl~]*laughs histerically*
19.[EverlastingDusk] Its all about the funny,:D
20.[Crow T. Robot] read the joke about 100% in my house!!
21.[PyroFreak] try to make me laugh.....
22. [Rebexie] i dont laugh easily, dats y i tell jokes
23. [fungyew] hahaha im priceless
24. [Go On, Take the Money and Run] "Champ, i think i ate your chocolate squirrel..."
25. [T_Pop] I’m not insane... I’m just misunderstood.
26. [M_Sinner] "And then HE said... wait... well, I forgot, but it was really funny."
27. [Ukia] Jokes . . . Me likey. Laughing good. 

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