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2004-10-15 04:47:11
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Welcome to the Jokers Hall of Shame!

This runs just like the Hall of Fame. Send me a message when you see someone who you think belongs in the Hall of Shame. I make a poll, the poll will run for a week, and whatever the poll says goes. That way everyone has a fair chance.

Please don't add anyone who was not voted to be here or else you will be the one added to the Hall of Shame. You have been warned...Other then that, have fun laughing and making fun of the shamers! But not too much! We don't wanna make them leave...Or do we? *evil laugh*

Current Hall of Shamers: None

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2005-03-25 [Strykerwolf]: so...a horse walks into a bar

2006-06-26 [The all powerful Midori]: ...and?

2007-06-16 [username.]: and the bar tender says why the long face. muhaha

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