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Welcome to The Jokers of Elftown!!

Pictures:(for those with short attention spans! hehe)
Funny Pictures
Games For Blondes
Caption Contest **Poll**

This wiki is dedicated to all those funny people out there on Elftown. Yes, that includes the funny looking ones. OMG that was so lame...*rolls eyes* Anyway, moving on!! This wiki is open to any and all contirbutions of jokes, but please make sure they're funny ones. People that submit lame jokes will be shunned for the rest of eternity!! And then some!!! *evil laugh*....*clears throat* Sorry, got carried away there... Anyway lame comedians will earn themselves an all-expense paid, fabulous trip to our Jokers Hall of Shame!! YAY!!
And btw, if you want credit for something you submit add this:
Submitted by:[whatever your username is].
The first ones on the pages are put up by me. When more people start joining I'll sign my sn after jokes I've submitted, I suggest you do the same! ^_^

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The Jokers (member list)
Rules: JoE Rules
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2006-07-08 [nokaredes]: Me! ...otherwise, people'd see me...

2006-07-08 [Thε ßαd Turkεy]: ...I see! ...or... I would, if someone hadn't put a bunch of shadows everywhere!

2006-07-08 [nokaredes]: ...there's only a few shadows! ...unless, someone has some sort of "objection" to that?

2006-07-08 [Thε ßαd Turkεy]: ...well... that Lawyer...

2006-07-09 [T_Pop]: *turns on flash light and points it at shadows*... cool! it can stop light completely. i want some of those shadows instead of the ones i have *gives disapointed look at his own shadows* lmao

2006-07-09 [Thε ßαd Turkεy]: My shadow keeps harassing me... *shadow looks up, "Hey, fatty! Lose some weight!"* ...*sobsob*...

2006-07-09 [T_Pop]: *points flashlight at harassing shadows* HA! lol

2006-07-09 [Thε ßαd Turkεy]: *it hisses*

2006-07-09 [T_Pop]: oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

2006-07-10 [nokaredes]: P?

2006-07-11 [T_Pop]: um... B?

2006-07-11 [nokaredes]: ...somebody doesn't know their alphabet... >_>

2006-07-11 [T_Pop]: wait... it starts with "Q" right??? um... or was it "O"?... hhmm... I GOT IT!!! ITS "D"!!! yay!!! i'm smart *has proud look on face* roflmao

2006-08-19 [PixieStickChick]: Oh my.

2007-08-22 [Ukia]: *wanders in* *looks around* How very truly sad. *sighs* More cobwebs from lack of use . . .

2007-09-03 [bluefarie]: yeah, tends to happens from time to time...

2008-12-06 [Hedda]: New layout. It didn't become as good as I thought, but it makes sense to have the joke-page links in the beginning.

2009-01-26 [Ukia]: *blinks* Some cobwebs have wandered off in people's hair . . . Bad cobwebs!

2009-01-27 [Hedda]: [cobwebb] is in people's hair?

2009-01-27 [kay-chan]: Oh [cobwebb] get out of people's hair! Youuuu... :P

2009-01-28 [Ukia]: No, no, the cobwebs on the ceiling get caught on people's hair as they wander by, thus wandering out of the wiki. Who's cobwebb?

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