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User Name: [twitchboy]

Character name: Justin Alphar

Mutant Name: Warp

Classification: X-Men

Abilities/powers: Warp can create small distortions in the spatial realm ergo he can create warp holes to other places. He can not technically teleport but can create a hole, which resemble a clear shimmering circle, where he wants and can pass himself or objects through it. These portals take a strain on his energy depending on 1. how big they are 2. how far away he is trying to open one 3. how long he has to sustain the portal 4. if the direction of the entering object is changed by passing through the portal. He can create many small one foot diameter portals close to his body, but large ones, say big enough to walk through, are limited to about two to three a day for a close portal, or one a day for extremely far apart portals. He generally uses his powers to create a small portal in front of him and the opposite end near his opponent, using this he punches through the portal to hit his opponent from any angle and from a moderate distance.

Sex: male

Age: 19

General appearance: Warp is five foot eight one hundred and forty pounds with a slight athletic build. He has sandy brown medium length hair which tends to be messy. His strongest feature is his ice blue eyes. He loves to wear form fitting short sleeve shirts under his favorite open gray vest with bootcut baggy jeans.

Additional Appearance: Warp has a circular scar on his left thumb from where he activated his power for the first time and reached through it in curiosity before it abruptly closed and severed his thumb off where it had warped ten feet away. His mother rushed him to the hospital as fast as they could so and the doctor was able to reattach it. He now has a scar patch in the center of his chest from taking the laser fireball electro shot combo to the chest.

Current Appearance: Lifeguarding Trunks

Personality: Warp is a very easy going spirit and loves nothing more than a good joke and a good time. He will go out of his way and use his power to set up a prank for a laugh but all in good taste. He is talkative type who usually gets along with most right off the bat. But in a pinch he is driven by pride and stubbornness and wont back down until he is unable to fight back or has won. He tends to hide his geeky and venerable personality behind a jock flirtatious persona, this is all because he lived up to the image he thought he needed in high school.
Special Skills: In his normal highs school he was active with wrestling and attended a boxing club in the off season. He loves to cook even though his dishes rarely turn out on par with chef emerald. However he is completely tone deaf and cant sing a lick, other than that he is mediocre at most things people at his age do.

Place of birth: North Carolina
Weapon(s) of choice: He wears metal enforced gauntlet/ sparring gloves when in uniform.
Medical information: Slight touch of A.D.D.
Brief History: He was born into a typical midclass family in rural north Carolina and his life was pretty uneventful until he was ten when his first incident with his power occurred. After which he worked on controlling his new found ability, which at times failed horribly, like the time he ended up warping into the school pot of tomato soup. Once he entered high school he picked up wrestling, which he instantly fell in love with he was enthralled by the combative sports which lead to a few lessons at the local YMCA in boxing. He generally had little trouble keeping his unique gift in check, However right after his senior year of high school when he decided to attend an illegal drinking party he accidentally sent a guy that had been giving him a hard time into a plane which had been passing overhead on its way to france when he was irrationally intoxicated. This is what prompted him to learn to control his gift thus leading him to Proffesor Xavier.

Relatives: His parents live normally in north Carolina along with his sister who are all aware of his power but do not have any themselves.

How long your character has been in the mansion: He has just been invited to stay at the academy.

Current Attire:


Olexis Solnes: 7 She seems harmless and innocent enough though he just met her. A complete opposite of her sister.

Eddie Ryder:

Devlin macintosh:

Hilary Atana:

Luloah Esther Akins: 6 Room mates with Zeke, she seems very polite to him and they have shared a few words

Kenna Duncan:

Mimic: 7 He thinks the little guy is a ball of energy and certainly livens up the mansion, also his powers intrigue Justin.

Kiora Collins: 5 He has only spoken to her a few times and hasn't 'seen' her mutations yet.

Ryan Ashe:

Luis Olivio Horta:

Lillium Tomina: 9 He was totally stoked to find out she was his long time Guild mate and right hand adventurer online. He might hold more trust in her than many in the mansion even though he just met her in person recently.

Catherine Rubell: 6 Shes been around longer than he has and is a cute gal, her diamonds always catch his attention since its so unique. But she seems closed off to most for some reason.

Kobayashi Hisoka: 7 He has conversed with him fro time to time and likes his Japanese knowledge. He seems to be good at video games though Justin has yet to challenge him to anything.

Zeke Savage: 10 She has been a huge help with the whole getting around thing. He has developed an affection for her even though she is neutral to his company at best.

Anthony Havelock: 3.5 He is starting to bother Justin. he keeps spending time with Addy, which is ok, kind of... it just irritates him.

Kyle Bedlington: 3 Not on the best of terms since Halloween.


Relationship Chart
1-bad, 5-neutral, 10-good

Character Rating Comments
vincent gladstone 5
coral zhou 6 She seems like a very sweet girl
Atsila 5
Adrianne Wagner 8 She is an amazing and complex girl, and for a bit there Justin was sure he might have had some deep feelings for her, but recently all that kind of shattered around him. It hurt him a bit more than he would ever like to admit to himself. However he could never bring himself to be mad at her, just in himself, he had to have done something wrong
Caliban 5
Arya Tam 6 Only met her in the hot tub briefly
Sasaiya Moscoso 7 Admires her sparing and has had a few conversations with her while in the gym
Alex Matthias 5
maria bortolotto 8 Physically the girl is just... wow, short, tanned, and curves in all the luscious places. He Hasn't spoken to her much, though it doesn't mean he doesn't want to. He just has a physical weakness for the well endowed.
Victoria Adelaide Deveau 5
Elizabeth Charms 7 The head honcho. He is completely ashamed of what she must think of him after Jonas' death and his too quick for his mind mouth and actions. However he has been doing his best to prove he isnt useless, and she in turn has been a bit hard on him to mature
ivan smirnov 5
elizebeth fortune 5
rené chastain 7 He seems to be a veteran of the X-men and he likes his accent. He gave him alcohol and won immediate points with just, but the teleporter is very jealous of the mans ways with the ladies.
Light Blackburn 5 He has seen light around but doesn't have much of an opinion
Shana Grace Tilar 5 He respects her and realizes she had been around longer than him but he cant help but feel awkward around her because he always manages to piss her off or screw something up.
sarah criss 7 his teammate and current leader. He respects her, through she seems to be one who enjoys playing with people a bit
isabelle black 6 She is cute but seems to be pissy sometimes. She did say something about gaming or something once
X-Men Rp Shade 5 He seems like a loner and doesn't know him very well.
Daniela Morgan 6 He really wants to get to know her in order to simply get her to open up. He just feels like she is a good person. She recently seems to have really walled herself off though
Valerie K. Sprouse 6 Sweet girl that seems to be able to break herself. He almost threw up when he saw her ability.
Mark Banster 4 He seems to be an ass by most standards
Brunelda De Pace 5
Lirerial 6 His pool partner... why does she seem so damn familiar

X-men: The Void
X-Men: A day in the life of Warp

X-Men Characters

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2010-11-11 [La Luna]: Yay Twitch!!!!! :D

2011-11-25 [twitchboy]: I LOVE THE PIC!

2011-11-25 [Roma]: You can thank Dur

2012-03-14 [Duredhel]: You have a lot of dropped chars in your relation chart :O

2012-09-22 [Duredhel]: <img100*0:>

2012-09-23 [twitchboy]: GAAAAH!!!! i love it

2012-09-23 [twitchboy]: i was in the process of doing that lol

2012-10-18 [twitchboy]: Currently in X-men kitchen 2nd

2013-02-23 [Figgy]: Korvka is a leader? :> Thought she was missing.

2013-02-23 [twitchboy]: oh wait wrong person, thought it was flame for a sec

2013-08-07 [CuteCommander]: Haha he reeeaaaally like Faro :P

2014-07-25 [twitchboy]: Ok so i have like two weeks to decide where to go to grad school. I was just THIS WEEK accepted to both Clemson in SC, and George Mason in VA for engineering. I wanna do Bio engineering which is offered both as a concentration. Without an assistance grant GM is 25K a year, and Clemson is 19K. Both are decently reputable and well known. Clemson is ranked higher in engineering rankings on usanews school ranking (70, GM is 110) but GM is ranked sixth on best up and coming schools. Im more into research which GM is more research and development while, Clemson is more design, manufacturing and development. Clemson admitted me on the condition i take one undergrad engineering course since im a physics major. My physics GPA was a 3.0 (that shit was hard) and most colleges require you keep at least that for enrollment(granted you take less classes and less stupid general ed classes to weigh you down). i also generally do better in a smaller pond, which i am assuming george mason is than Clemson, but im sure i could do OK at Clemson. What do you guys think? Ever been to either one?

2014-07-25 [Lirerial]: Clemson!!! For multiple reasons... 1. I live like 45-60 mins from Clemson University and I can actually meet you lol!
2. Clemson has a pretty strong reputation for good teachers and classes, its large and has a good social life. My ex boyfriend's brother graduated with Mechanical Engineering from Clemson and said it was one of the best schools he'd been too. In fact I know a bunch of people who go there and they all love it.

2014-07-25 [Lirerial]: Oh and I've been to Clemson before, I took some classes there for a little while before coming back closer to home (overprotective parents) It wasn't that bad, the teachers were helpful and I don't remember the classes being overly large either. I didn't stay on campus so it made things a lot more difficult for me, hence the transfer

2014-07-25 [twitchboy]: -_- lire's gonna stalk me, lol jk luv ya

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