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K's Fantastical Fantaseries!

...a collection of illustrations from [kamisch]

"Rainbow Falls"

"Dream Prince"

"Heather Landing"

"Sit Boo-Boo"

"Trouble tags Fiona"


"Little Blessings"

"Garden Dragon II"

"A Shot of Lightning"

"Indigo Dream"

"Mean Love"

"Queen Maulier"

"Wind Drifter II"

"Arabian Knight"

"Step Monster"

"B-Day Unis"

"Feel Better"



"Pisa Elders"

All drawings here copywrite to mwah, [kamisch]. Please don't steal! I have plenty of other things that are up for grabs, don't steal the copywritten ones!! 

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2011-05-18 [SilverFire]: Featured Wiki! <img:44166_1164145221.gif>

2011-05-18 [kamisch]: That awesome. Thanks again! This really made my Monday :)

2011-05-19 [Nioniel]: Congrats!! :D

2011-05-19 [Alexi Ice]: I knew these looked familiar since I'm already stalking you! <3

2011-05-19 [Mortified Penguin]: Say, is that a hobbit hole in the first picture?

2011-05-19 [kamisch]: Good eyes MP!!! The first version of it was from can probably guess my influences :)

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