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User: [Aeolynn]

Name: Kaelorra or simply 'Kali'

Sex: Female

Age: 24, though looks like a child

Species: Human, lightborne

Description: Kali has short boyishly cut hair that is black at the roots then fades to a dark brown at the tips and compassionate caramel eyes. She is small and slender, wearing a sleeveless gray shirt that is covered by a corset style leather jerkin, used for armor. Black and brown splotched leggings cover her legs to end in black metal tipped boots. Kali is often underestimated because of her size (4'5") but she is a highly skilled warrior even if she looks like a child.

Personality: She is full of laughter, often laughing when nothing is funny. However she can become extremely hostile and serious very quickly. Kali can sometimes be temperamental, especially around sundown.

Weapon: A long thin saber is Kali's choice of weapon though it has no powers. Other then that, when she transforms she can fly quite easily enough and she has small skill with of healing.

Weakness(s): Dark, fire, water, and earth.


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