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[Kaimee]'s Art

This is a page for my art! yay! lol, art will be arranged as thumbnail views in no particular order, please click on them for the larger view.

<img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:>
<img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:> <img0*80:stuff/kai_art_dghost.jpg> <img0*80:stuff/kai_art_cyb.jpg> <img0*80:stuff/kai_art_lacy4.jpg> <img0*80:stuff/kai_art_lacy.jpg> <img0*80:stuff/kai_art_pasteself.jpg> <img0*80:stuff/kai_art_palesky_withlove.jpg> <img0*80:stuff/kai_art_bg_branches.jpg> <img0*80:stuff/kai_art_bg_clouds1.jpg> <img0*80:stuff/kai_art_bg_cloudspink.jpg> <img0*80:stuff/kai_art_bg_cloudsyellow.jpg> <img0*80:stuff/kai_art_bg_clonedesktop.jpg> <img0*80:stuff/kai_art_clonedetail.jpg> <img0*80:stuff/kai_art_aimeecity.jpg> <img0*80:stuff/kai_art_oekaki_smokertt.jpg> <img0*80:stuff/kai_art_oekaki_buttertt.jpg> <img0*80:stuff/kai_art_oekaki_tivutt.jpg> <img0*80:stuff/kai_art_sydney.jpg> <img0*80:stuff/kai_art_punkykatie.jpg> <img0*80:stuff/kai_art_cruellangel.jpg> <img0*80:stuff/kai_art_music.jpg> <img0*80:stuff/kai_art_armortagra.jpg> <img0*80:stuff/kai_art_armortagraII.jpg> <img0*80:stuff/kai_art_theseconcreteboots.jpg> <img0*80:stuff/kai_art_thinkdarkbright.jpg> <img0*80:stuff/kai_art_pieces.jpg> <img0*80:stuff/kai_art_ribbon.jpg> <img0*80:stuff/kai_art_ribbonstitch.jpg> <img0*80:stuff/kai_art_SW1.jpg> <img0*80:stuff/kai_art_dryad1.jpg> <img0*80:stuff/kai_art_grass.jpg> <img0*80:stuff/kai_art_hawkmoth.jpg> <img0*80:stuff/kai_art_street.jpg> <img0*80:stuff/kai_art_valde2.jpg> <img0*80:stuff/kai_art_valdeII.jpg> <img0*80:stuff/kai_art_artgerm.jpg> <img0*80:stuff/kai_art_birch.jpg> <img0*80:img/photo/15586_1143277686.jpg> <img0*80:/img/photo/15586_1144463041.jpg> <img0*80:/img/drawing/15586_1144509855.jpg> <img0*80:/img/drawing/15586_1146627317.jpg> <img0*80:/img/photo/15586_1151231222.jpg> <img0*80:/stuff/kai_gemini5.gif> <img0*80:/stuff/Kai_ben.jpg> <img0*80:/img/drawing/15586_1168525762.jpg> <img0*80:/img/drawing/15586_1159722912.jpg> <img0*80:/stuff/Kai_eye5billion.jpg> <img0*80:stuff/kai_diffcol.jpg> <img0*80:stuff/kai_padte.jpg> <img0*80:stuff/kai_majorfuckup.jpg> <img0*80:stuff/kai_lecturenotes.jpg> <img0*80:stuff/kai_birds.jpg> <img0*80:stuff/kai_di.jpg> <img0*80:stuff/kai_bdaylibby.jpg> <img0*80:stuff/kai_soph.jpg> <img0*80:stuff/kai_bm.jpg> <img0*80:stuff/kai_tattoocover.jpg> <img0*80:stuff/kai_deerpark.jpg> <img0*80:stuff/kai_invitecover.jpg>

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2004-12-04 [Mizz Morpheus]: Oh, wow. These are really good. I wish I could draw like that... *stares in awe* OOOOoooooh.....

2004-12-04 [Kaimee]: o.o i think i turn ppl into zombies o.o;;

2004-12-04 [the Indigo]: XD so true...

2004-12-04 [Dil*]: ...nah :P

2004-12-04 [apple babble]: EEE! I JUST LOVE IT!!

2004-12-05 [Kaimee]: excellent ^_^

2005-01-13 [the Indigo]: what does paka mean?

2005-01-13 [Kaimee]: paka? o.o um... why?

2005-01-13 [the Indigo]: its on one of your pictures >.<

2005-01-14 [Kaimee]: O.O it.. is??? where? which??

2005-01-14 [Kaimee]: do you mean on <img0*20:>? that says baka, it means idiot XD that pic was of my friends chara, meant to be looking at someone and thinking idiot, but i cut out the thinking lines on that version...

2005-01-14 [the Indigo]: hmm...baka is with a tenten, not a circle. otherwise, it says paka >_<

2005-01-14 [the Indigo]: no wonder i was so confused!! @_@

2005-01-15 [Kaimee]: i personally dont know much japanese, i got that from my friend, whos on enchange in australia from japan, and is a native speaker. So, since the pic was for her, and the translation is from her... imma go with what she says :)

2005-01-15 [the Indigo]: ooooohkay, you do that...

2005-01-15 [the Indigo]: she mustve made a mistake or should ask her next time you talk or write to her

2005-01-15 [Kaimee]: well, the image was used a long time ago, in her webcomic, so i really dont see much reason to worry about it ;) especially considering that the only people who read it were her friends, and its just a joke thing... no problem really :)

2005-01-15 [the Indigo]: okie then @.@

2005-02-01 [Aki kun]: i love your gallery xD great stuff *clicks on more art*

2005-02-27 [Shiorysm]: i love this!! you´ll be a great artist, have you think to be one?

2005-02-27 [Kaimee]: i think thats what i am actually ;)

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