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Player - [Silverbullet]
Name - Katelyn Boursair
Race - Human
Sub-race - Rysallean/Lochmorian Halfbreed
Class - Warrior/ Fencer
Allegiance - Nerva
Appearance - 5 feet, 6 inches, wiry build with good muscular definition. Katelyn has green eyes and blonde hair (a perfect mix from her parents). She keeps her hair in a sort of short semi-mohawk, half-an-inch long in the back and transforms into two-inches in the front. She's handsome rather than beautiful, with a straight nose and jaw and a fairly serious expression. She wears simple clothes, a short-sleeved light-tan shirt with the sleeves rolled up to her shoulders, to make a tank top and dark pants rolled up to become long shorts. A sash holds her pants up. She prefers to be barefoot while on deck but since her recent captivity, she has taken to wearing black, calf-high, boots. A sword-belt is permanently at her hip, sporting a butterfly sword on her right and a damascus at her left. She's relatively un-tattooed for a pirate (she was smart enough not to brand herself too obviously), only having the one one her back, which transforms her right shoulder-blade into the main continent of Lemire, with particular attention to its shoreline. Elaborate crosses of differing colors mark the places she's been, several appearing on islands that cannot be found on many maps. Sea monsters decorate the seas of the map and, written on a flowing banner of crimson just above her hips, are the words "Ne'er say Ne'er". Underneath, another banner was recently added, with the words "Nor Parlay". Two bullet scars adorn her body; one on her left shoulder and the other between her lowermost right-ribs. Her wrists and ankles sport the signs of her recent captivity; the ropes and chains used to hang her have left permanent scars, which she covers up with gloves and boots as much as possible.

Age - 20

Personality - Confident (in all things except battle and the moments leading up to it) would be the best word to describe her, if you had to choose only one. Voiceful comes in as second best, followed closely by hard-headed or stubborn. She'll rarely let herself get talked down and has often won an argument by sheer determination, even when she was wrong. She has slightly control freak tendencies, preferring to attain knowledge before jumping into a situation, especially battle. She isn't totally against improvisation, if the situation can't help it, but she does resent it when people around her go against a plan. She won't be apt to show random bouts of kindness, and won't stop to help people unless she can find a way to get something out of the act. She won't even stop at all if she's already busy doing something else she deems more important, which, chances are, she will. Though she rarely stays silent for too long, people who spend time with Katelyn never seem to leave with any real knowledge about her. Few are the people who really know what's going on inside her head.
Katelyn has a fear of fighting. Or, rather, she has a great fear of getting hurt, and thus, will seldom actually try and get into a fight. Whenever she is caught in a battle, however, her logic dictates that the best way to keep from getting hurt is to kill whatever might hurt her!
She's partial to alcohol, finding drinking a useless act unless after a great victory. Even in those occasions, she won't drink unless she's absolutely certain she won't need her wits about her in the near future, knowing all too well how many men had gotten drunk out of their minds only to get mugged or killed later in the night.

History - Katelyn had mixed Rysallean and Lochmorian influences during her upbringing and grew up with her parents and her brother Byron, in a small village some distance from Taiat's coast. She took an early taste to adventure and exploring, a hobby her parents fully encouraged. Before she had reached her teens, she was already playing cat and mouse with her brother and his Tiger friends over distances that were measured in several day's walk. To this day, she has always managed to evade her brother.
A day came when her brother and his friends found a shipwreck and started fixing it up. All of a sudden, she was left with no one to play with anymore. Oh, sure, she'd drop in on their construction site every once in a while, but she soon realized she got in the way more than she helped, so her visits dwindled until she eventually stopped coming altogether. With an awful amount of free time on her hands, she turned to her father to see what he could teach her. He was a steel-smith back in his land of Lochmore and was glad to teach his daughter what he knew. Within the span of a few weeks, she had already mastered the basics and her mind was avid for more. When Byron finally set off with his friends, she and most of her village had made their way to the shore to see them off. It was a jolly, if modest, event but Katelyn couldn't help but feel like her brother was abandoning her. She brooded over the next several weeks but soon had other things to keep her mind off her brother, as work had picked up and her father needed her to put in every minute she could. She lost herself in the work and before she knew it, two years had passed! Though she wasn't unhappy working with her dad, she found she had lost some of the flame that had fueled her in earlier years. Upon that realization, she decided to take some time off to track down her brother and urged her father to use his old friends and contacts to find her a means of travel. A ship. Though he was forlorn to see his only daughter leave, her father had found a ship by the name of Theresa which was captained by one of his old fishing buddies. Medium in size, Theresa was mostly fishermaid herself, dabbling in a bit of trade from time to time. The captain took Theresa out deep sea fishing to bring in some quite tasty Marlin. Katelyn's father knew the fish migrated through the seasons, which meant she could see the world without being a target for pirates. Pirates never attacked fishing boats.
At the very beginning, the captain had been dubious about letting her on board, saying a woman was bad luck out on the seas, but her father quelled his fears with the single argument that his ship was a woman and that it was faring quite fine. As she had with her father's trade, she absorbed any knowledge her crew-mates would share like a sponge. She took to sailing with a vengeance and though she never actually got promoted to any important function, her help manning the equipment and raising the sails was always greatly appreciated. The captain, Katelyn discovered, was never one for conflict, and ran whenever he could. When they were in port, some three years ago, they learned of the eruption of the War. The captain was in such a frenzy about the possibility of Theresa getting conscripted (he didn't listen to his crews' when they raised the issue of it being a land-based war) that he crammed as many provisions as he could into Theresa's hull and sailed out, intending to stay at sea for the duration of the War. He was in such a panic that Katelyn, who had been busy buying new fishing nets at the market, was left behind. She spend a good while name-calling the empty space Theresa had held until a man called at her from atop the deck of a nearby ship. Turned out Frenzy, as the ship was named, needed an extra pair of hands, preferably who knew how to fish. Given the right tools, Katelyn could fish nearly anything, and she was already holding a large fishing net! She got recruited after a quick once-over from the captain, a rugged Lion with a fiery mane which was braided in many places. They set off later that week, their destination unknown to Katelyn; all she knew was that they'd be out for some time. Things started off on a good wave, but two weeks into the voyage, she found out how Frenzy had earned her name. A ship had come out of the fog, cannons blazing, and rammed Frenzy. Within seconds, they were being boarded by what Katelyn took as pirates and chaos erupted! All she could do was fight for her life!
She killed four men that day and Frenzy's crew dealt with the rest. They stole whatever was useful on the other ship, finding no use in going out of the battle empty-handed, before loading it with the dead and left it to drift. They got attacked seven more times within the week, always defeating the enemy (Katelyn found Frenzy's crew to be rather good at fighting, for a merchant ship) and always salvaged the spoils from the losing ship. It was easy for Katelyn to morally justify fighting for her life but after several more attacks, and two nasty bullet wounds, it was a small jump for her to see the captain's supposed logic that, if a ship had guns, it could attack them, so it'd be safer to attack first! A year and a half passed, finding Katelyn as a woman who had no more moral qualms about attacking for profit. Frenzy had been good to her, bringing her to nearly every port of Lemire, big or small, and also to several places that couldn't be found on any map, and riches followed.
The day arose, however, when Frenzy's crew pushed their luck too far in sailing too close to Vetlo, and ran into its naval army! Frenzy burned that day and several of its crew were put to death on the spot. The rest were to hang. The admiral on board had foolishly thought he could make Katelyn his girl-pet and dress her up in pretty outfits. Even after she had thoroughly refused him (with a very well-placed punch), he couldn't bring himself to condemn a woman to hang by the neck, so he decided to confine her to Vaele's prison and have her hang from the feet. She finally managed to strike a deal with her captors, or, rather, they struck one with her, and was set free.
After spending so much time at sea, and now finding herself without ship, nor captain, nor crew, Katelyn now feels she doesn't have a purpose in life without them, and is now looking for a way to regain them.

Weapon of Choice - Damascus

Others - After having a taste of being a prisoner, Katelyn swore she'd never get caught again, resorting to any means possible if she had to.


Trade - Smith

Pirate Traits -
Powerhouse – This character hits hard, but not very quickly. (+1 Atk, -1 Spd)
Secretive – This character is seldom open about her intentions, thoughts or feelings. (-1 Cha, +3 to spies)
Wuss – This character hides under her bed when combat draws near. (Susceptible to fear)

Pirate Reputation - 5

Level - 6
Lv 3 Fencer, Lv 3 Warrior

Experience/To next level - 2610/3010

Equipment -
(E) - Damascus Sword + Diamond (6 Atk, 5 Def, 6 Wgt)
(E) - Butterfly Sword (3 Atk, 3 Def, 3 Wgt. Grants Followup Strike)
(E) - Blessed Brigandine +2 (5 Def, 9 Wgt. +1 Base Con)
(E) - Rockbreaker Gloves (3 Atk, 3 Wgt. Grants Knockback once a day)
(E) - Tribal Necklace +2 (3 Atk, 3 Dex, 1 Cha, 3 Wgt)
(E) - Comb Morion +1 (4 Def, -1 Mag, 1 Cha, 6 Wgt)
(E) - Golden Cloak (3 Cha, 3 Wgt. Grants High Morale)
(E) - Magical Diplomat's Sash (+3 Int. 1 Wgt. Creates 1D4/Level gallons of water once per day.)
(E) - Spiked Boots (3 Wgt. Immune to Knockback, Windblow, etc.)
22 Gold

HP - 32/32
MP - 10/10
Str - 9/8 (Smith)
Con - 12/11 (Smith)
Mag – 4/5
Int - 8/5
Dex - 6/3
Cha - 8/3

CC - 43/54

Skills – Handle Swords, Handles Axes, Discipline, Lightning speed, Marksmanship, Rage, High Morale (Lochmorian, +2 Gold cloak), Smithing, Expert Smithing, Flank, Followup Hit (Butterfly Sword), Knockback (Rockbreaker Gloves), Vengeance.
SP - 0

Special Skills
Frenzy - Once a day for every 5 levels the warrior can drop their defense to 1 on purpose, and raise whatever points they drop to both Strength and Dexterity for one turn.
Flashstep - Once a day for every 5 levels, the fencer can consume all of her movement by running in a straight line at very high speed, when she flashsteps, she can move through enemies and do an attack against each enemy she moves through.

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