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2004-09-26 03:51:01
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Notice: Feel free to post some poetry and I'll take care of making you your own page :)
<3, [NitroFlory]

Kelly's Paper-Nitroflory

Kelly's Paper-Amber S

Kelly's Paper-Elisa

Kelly's Paper-marcheur de nuit

Kelly's Paper-Ringbearer

Kelly's Paper-crazyfearie21

Kelly's Paper-valeshadow

Kelly's Paper-black magic 45

What Can
....It's about To

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2004-01-28 [elvenmischief]: that is really so touching  *sniffle*

2004-02-01 [Amber S]: man.....I can feel your pain...its so intense..i sad...*goes in room and crys of laughter*

2004-02-04 [NitroFlory]: aww, so so cruel.

2004-02-05 [Amber S]: Woo I put a poem in here./....U should feel proud....i know i do......well it kinda sux....*take away kinda sry* :P

2004-02-05 [NitroFlory]: Go you! Get others to post, too!

2004-02-05 [dark starlight]: ok I will post tomorrow ok I don't have my poems with me right now but I will

2004-02-07 [marcheur de nuit]: ok mine is up! hehe iam soo

2004-02-07 [NitroFlory]: yay! ^_^

2004-02-09 [Amber S]: WOOHOO...First it started out as a few words now look at it..wicket

2004-02-24 [marcheur de nuit]: lalalalala boredum i don't know what my next one should be bout..?

2004-02-24 [NitroFlory]: anything :) Maybe I'll put another one up. Things to ponder *bites lip*

2004-03-03 [Schob]: If there is anyone who has done a bit of celtic poetry or would like to write some and share it with me and the resot of the heralders and allow us to use it in the herald it would be very much appreciated ^^

2004-03-03 [NitroFlory]: So, I'm going to divide the page into members when I get the chance...just need to learn how first, hehe

2004-03-07 [z0mg wow.]: Hii..^^; You can post whatever kind of poetry here, correct? No matter what kind it is? ..oO; Just curious..You might've already said that..But, I'm too lazy to read and find out..^^;

2004-03-07 [NitroFlory]: hehe, yes! go for it! New poetry is always welcome :D I just need to figure out how to make separate pages for each if anyone knows, I'd really love some help! Or if someone wants to do it for me ;P

2004-03-07 [Schob]: just create the new wikis then link each wiki to the page, use the l[ what ever is the wiki's name @ wiki ] without the spaces around the at sighn and brackets

2004-03-07 [NitroFlory]: that's what I figured...I'm just lazy

2004-09-26 [black magic 45]: will you make me a sight? I have a bunch of poetry to be put up.

2004-09-26 [NitroFlory]: sure I'll make you one :)

2006-05-30 [Linderel]: *pops in* Hey, if anyone ever notices this, I'd just like to inform you that this wiki has been included on the Poetry communities listing.

2006-07-03 [Linderel]: Hear, hear! Springing forth with a challenge, the admins at Solemn Lines have decided to bring all poetry communities of Elftown together in a tournament of skill. During July, members of each community that answers our call will choose a representative among themselves - the procedure for that will be up to you, but make sure that come August, you're all ready to roll and cheer your champion on. Get ready, ladies and gentlemen, for the World Cup of Poetry, hosted by Solemn Lines!

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