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2009-08-18 14:12:29
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Click it, it gets bigger.


The first in a series, which I have yet to complete. It is designed as an illustration for a story that I am currently writing. This was my first manip of 2009 and I can safely say that I'm proud. No model stock! Woo!




Keyhole: (two different ones)


/[Chimes], Chimes' Manipulations

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2009-02-23 [organicparadox]: beautiful. the focus is a lil confusing though. if the eye is focusing through the keyhole to your green world, the area of the keyhole would seem a lil out of focus, right?

not being negative, its a beautiful piece regardless. just curious if you purpose was to pull the viewer's eye into the world or look at the whole piece as the art.


2009-02-23 [Chimes]: I hadn't actually thought about blurring the foreground. Hmm... I may try it. :)
The idea was to view the whole image buuut, I may one day do a version of this with a out of focus keyhole. ^^

Thank you! :D

2009-02-25 [organicparadox]: :)

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