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Name: Kiah, one of the GuardiansUser: [Aeolynn]

Species: CaenthianAge: 27Sex: Female

Description: About 5'7" in height, Kiah is in the prime of her life and has been one of the Guardians of their forest for five years now. Her skin is mildly pale, with splotches of bright yellow with drops of a cinnamon color intermixed. Around her cheeks the color darkens to orange to speckle her face in place of freckles and dark almond color eyes glare out of a pretty if not cute face. Like her people, Kiah is very skinny up until her hips start where her legs are very muscular and long, ending in the frog toes where only the brown and yellow color is present. Her tail however is striped with a darker version of the cinnamon, and the yellow is very light. Her short hair is brown with natural streaks of blond and lighter bits of brown while her eyebrows are simply bronze. Unlike a lot of the females, she is not afraid to wear next to nothing, having a black wrap around her breasts, a long black breech-clout(a garment that passes through the legs, covering the sexual areas and butt, while the ends of the cloth hang over a belt.) and a lengthy charcoal scarf around her slender neck. Along her calves are two dirks strapped to them so that she can unsheathe them right before she leaps into battle.

Personality: Stubborn and very protective, she will give her life to protect the forest if need be and is not afraid of death. Kiah doesn't have that many friends as she is more of a solitary figure, but if she is in a group Kiah will put in her two cents before withdrawing to glower at everyone. Not many know that she loves to explore, the only thing keeping her from leaving the forest is her fear of the open sky.


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