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2006-07-20 19:40:42
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Kissing Contest

This contest is CLOSED And the winners announced!

Winners for art: [Lothuriel] [Wolfeyes] [Blade Chick] [Melocrie] For photography: [iippo] [I stabbith ye]

Welcome to the Kissing Contest hosted by [Jitter] and [Rochala]!

Prize: WInners will get coloured badges and participants green ones (kinda like the official ET contests). The greatest prize though is the joy of creating, don't forget that.

-One entry per person. Yes, you can have two if ONE entry is art and the other is photography But no two drawings or two photographs.
-The entry must be your own. NO STEALING!
-Do not break any Elftown rules. See Uploading Art rules
- No Photomanipulations please. You can either enter a drawing, painting etc OR a photograph.
-Obviously the main focus of the photograph should be people kissing. (If you're submitting a drawing all fantasy races are welcome, if it's a photgraph then it will obviously be of humans only :p)
-No voting for your own entry!
-The deadline stands at 10 entries. Not 10 Contestants. If I [Jitter] submit an photograph and a drawing that counts for two entries.
-Winners will be decided by poll and we will also announce our three favourites. If the same person gets both Photography and Art then he or she will have to choose the one they prefer and the second place entry of the other category will win the other. (Now I don't know if that made sense at all :p)
-Have fun!


Kissing Contest Entries

Kissing Contest Art Entries


This is the badge the winner(s) will get. If I suspect any badge stealing, you will get reported *glares* Play nicely people ^_^

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