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(credit for the banner photo goes to t3h Squee, or [sequeena_rae])


Kitten Caboodle

Brought to you by [Linderel]

It's a photography contest, the subject matter being one of the most infernally adorable things on Earth... kittens! Whether the little furball is yours, your friend's, or your neighbour's, it never fails to charm its surroundings perfectly. Cute as only baby animals can be, they steal your heart before you even know it.

1. Photos must be taken by you.
2. No photomanipulations, apart from slight brightness/contrast tweaks and adding of borders.
3. Up to five (5) entries per participant allowed - each picture counts as one entry.
4. Have fun!

Three (3) winners will be selected by a public poll. All winners will receive a badge.

Deadline is November 30th. So get out your cameras and go chase the kitties!

Contest closed! Poll up at Kitten Caboodle Voting.

Poll has been closed, the winners are here!

1st place: [sequeena_rae] with entry nr 19, titled 'Je t'aime'
2nd place: [Archeress of Mirkwood] with entry nr 18, titled 'CatFish?'
3rd place: [Keii] with entry nr 3, titled 'Whiskers'

Congratulations, and thank you to everyone for participating!

Entries here, divided by the <hr> line.

1. 'Black Kittens' by [Kelaria]
My dad dragged me to a winery (something he loves, but is boring for me) only to find he would have to drag me away from these adorable black kittens!! <3 ^^

2. 'Trisana the Triscuit' by [Kelaria]
My close friend Brittany got a new kitten in August and named her Trisana! She is soo sweet and adorable! Mostly we call her Trisana or Tris, but when she gets extremely hyper and crazy, Brittany calls her the Triscuit! :P

3. 'Whiskers' by [Keii]

4. 'Focus me baby' by [sequeena_rae]
A little experiment on focusing on one part of Smokey's body. This fits right? It's still a cat xD

5. 'Everyones cat' by [sequeena_rae]
Joe, a cat at lacock Abbey in Wiltshire. A very loving cat who let everyone pick him up <3

6. 'The evil miss kitty!' by [Leftshoulder]
Linny is the best and I am happy to enter her contest! :P

7. 'Sleeping Diddle' by [Kelaria]
My baby Tiger! She has more nicknames than I can count! But one of my favorites is Diddle! I call her Diddle a lot and she always perks her ears up when I do! It's so sweet! I miss her like crazy while I'm away, but my sister lets me talk to her on the phone, so I'm surviving! <3

8. My boy...My pimp by [Angelic nightmares]
His name is Lysander, and he was my boy. Sadly in the end, we had to get rid of him, because our landlord decided to get a bug in her butt, and said "no cats"

9. 'Alert' by [sequeena_rae]
No contest I enter in can never be completed without a picture of my darling baby boy. So here he is; Lucius! <3333

10. 'Yin and Yang' by [Estantia]
These are the mittens Merlin and Archer, the box is around the size of Merlin's belly now though... Can you see why we were considering calling them Yin and Yang?

11. 'What?' by [Estantia]
This is Archer of the mittens again, doing a perfect example of the innocent and clueless expression we all love so much.

12. 'Sassy!' by [Celtore]
Awww look at my pretty kitty!!!! I love her so much...She has such an attitude!

13. Blueberry Eyes by [Willow Rose]
One of the kittens that died this summer... It's a cute picture, but sadly, the quality is horrid.

14. Beef Cake by [Forever Equine]
This is Biff.=) He's one of Ralph's barn cats and is like my baby. He follows me everywhere and I seem to be the only person he likes. I absolutely love his mint colored eyes!

15. 'Rawr!' by [Keii]

16. Sleeping Beauty by [Willow Rose]
My pretty little Sleeping Beauty sound asleep on my bed.

17. Skunk by [Willow Rose]
This kitten just looked weird... He was black, except his rear end had white all over it. We called him Skunk. But when he got older, the white went away.

18. 'CatFish?' by [Archeress of Mirkwood]
This is [Jericho Kitty] playing in a fish bowl. He's actually playing with his adopted sister [Snuggy Buggy].

19. 'Je t'aime' by [sequeena_rae]
Lucius again, his posture reminds me of how he was as a kitten, cute and innocent. He's still cute, but hardly innocent anymore :P Tweaked in brightness for his fur and the red of the bed, and added a border and words ^^

20 'Reflections" by [Archeress of Mirkwood]
[Snuggy Buggy] in front of a mirror smiling.

Baby Switters

Baby Soso

so silly. ^^

24. [sequeena_rae]
Finally, a picture of Lucius when he was still technically a kitten :3 Taken early this summer :P

25. [Teufelsweib]
A stray Kitten in Rome. strays there are fed and taken care by some people, people in Rome have to pay for their wellbeing! like a tax, for the stray kittens ^^

26. [Jitter]

Our new kitty ^^

27. [H3_six]
Photo of my cat Cinder, as a kitten, getting into the christmas spirit.

28. 'Wrestlemania' by [Archeress of Mirkwood]
[Super Cali the Brave Calico Cat] and her brother, Bobble, settle their differences in the squared ring. (Squared-ring is a term used in wrestling and boxing reffering to the confines of the ropes surrounding the mat and ringposts.)

29. 'CatSitter' by [Archeress of Mirkwood]
This photo requires a little explainatoin, and the best way to do that is to show the second photo. This is Poptart sitting in the sink... the second photo will tell the rest.

30. [*micky*] 'Killer cat'

31. [*micky*] 'peekaboo'

32. [Mirime] 'Spoiled!'
Bink will always be my baby :)

33. [blu.nation]

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2006-10-17 [sequeena_rae]: Bweee! *gets working*

2006-10-17 [Sherya]: Must. Find. Kittens. :3

2006-10-17 [sequeena_rae]: Oh.Good.God. The banner is amazing :3

2006-10-17 [Linderel]: ^__^

2006-10-17 [addicted to the drug of lust]: ok i am so entering my kitty is so adorable hehe

2006-10-17 [Kelaria]: *squeals* this is sooo the contest for me!! :D *leaps around excitedly* ^_^

2006-10-17 [sequeena_rae]: Me too :3

2006-10-17 [Kelaria]: Yay! :D

2006-10-17 [Linderel]: Wheee! :D

2006-10-17 [Kelaria]: hehe! :D I wuvvles kittens :3 *glee!* ^^

2006-10-17 [sequeena_rae]: Me too :3 too cute for their own good <3

2006-10-17 [Kelaria]: seriously! I have millions of pictures of cats and kittens!! XD I cant resist photographing them :P they're just so ADORABLE!!! *melts* ^___^

2006-10-17 [sequeena_rae]: And you always catch them at the most odd moments xD

2006-10-17 [Kelaria]: lol! yeah XD I love when they're sleeping with their paws over their face, that is the CUTEST!!! And when they forget to pull their tongue all the way back into their mouth XD XD it's hilarious! but soooo cute :D

2006-10-17 [sequeena_rae]: I can't see it ;-;
[Keii] I love that picture ^_^

2006-10-17 [Linderel]: Can't see it? o_O

2006-10-17 [Estantia]: It's official, my kittens are too cute, I can't choose ONE photo!

2006-10-17 [sequeena_rae]: No ;-;

2006-10-17 [Keii]: Thank you very much [sequeena_rae] :)

2006-10-17 [sequeena_rae]: You're welcome ^_^ Reminds me so much of my own cat Lucius <3

2006-10-17 [Kelaria]: I want to get up an image of my baby Tiger :D :D but it's so hard to chose XD XD which one?? out of the millions of pictures I've taken of her XD lol!

2006-10-17 [Tingis]: Maybe I'll enter ^^

2006-10-17 [Rock Thine World]: I'm definitely putting my kitty up here ^^

2006-10-17 [Linderel]: The hell... Where did the first few comments disappear? o_O

2006-10-18 [Leftshoulder]: hello Lin and kelaria!

2006-10-18 [Kelaria]: Hiya! :)

2006-10-18 [Leftshoulder]: how are you?

2006-10-18 [Linderel]: *twirls around the page*

2006-10-18 [Kelaria]: *dances too* WHeeeee!! I'm okay :P how's you?

2006-10-18 [Leftshoulder]: I am good! I am just at college right now :P

2006-10-18 [Kelaria]: So am I :P

2006-10-18 [Celtore]: AWWWWWWWWWWWW KITTIES! I should get a picture of my kittie!

2006-10-18 [Kelaria]: *skips around* I figured I might as well put up a piccy of my little angel ^^

2006-10-18 [Linderel]: So cute. :3

2006-10-18 [Kelaria]: She is, isnt she? :D :D *loves* oohhh I miss her so much!!! ;_;

2006-10-19 [Jadala*(Once upon a moment)]: *gasps* kitt-kittens! *emits a squeak* 
^.^ t-too m-much cuten-n-ness... *passes out*

2006-10-19 [~Lady Morgana~]: So this contest is not only about kittens (the babys)? :O :O :O

2006-10-19 [~Lady Morgana~]: (Sorry sometimes I am slow ...)

2006-10-19 [Estantia]: I'm only using that, though I have other VERY cute photos of bigger archer... ooh! I can have up to five!

2006-10-19 [Linderel]: Um. I'd prefer kittens, but adults go, too... <_<

2006-10-19 [sequeena_rae]: Grah, mine are one, is that still kitten like?

2006-10-19 [Linderel]: I guess it's kitten enough. :P

2006-10-19 [sequeena_rae]: Eeeee ._.
Would this be a good time to mention that the actual cat in the banner is 3? xD

2006-10-19 [Linderel]: Well... we can't see it. xD *ssh* The banner is good. :P

2006-10-19 [sequeena_rae]: *shushes* We'll just pretend >:D

2006-10-19 [Forever Equine]: So is it just kittens or cats in general? 

2006-10-19 [Estantia]: well they were on their first day in the house on my first one, then about 6 months later for the other, so both are kittens

2006-10-19 [Linderel]: Kittens, I tell you! Kittens! >:P

2006-10-19 [Estantia]: mine were kittens :P

2006-10-19 [Leftshoulder]: linderel looks angry!

2006-10-19 [Estantia]: yeah, she does doesn't she...?

2006-10-19 [Leftshoulder]: my kitties name is miss kitty and she is young, I am not sure at what point it goes from a kitten to a cat but oh well

2006-10-19 [Estantia]: and if you're going by mental kittenhood mine never grew up... they follow mum around like a dog of sorts.

2006-10-20 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: [Jericho Kitty] was only about 2 months old when these pics were taken, but he's about 2 years old now. and just as sweet as the day he was born. (Oh, I should have asked before I osted them... how many pics per entry can we have?)

2006-10-21 [Linderel]: Each participant may post up to five entries. One picture counts as one entry.

2006-10-22 [Fire Panther]: aww man, my cat lady friend doesnt have any kittens right now...darn it.

2006-10-22 [Tingis]: how can I enter ? ah I can't, mine is a cat, not a kitten :(

2006-10-22 [Tingis]: the fishbowl photos are so funny btw :D

2006-10-22 [Angelic nightmares]: awwwwwww

2006-10-22 [Estantia]: yeah, very aw!

2006-10-22 [sequeena_rae]: It's like "w000t! I'm in! ...Now, how do I get out? o.O;"

2006-10-22 [Estantia]: yeah it really is isn't it?

2006-10-23 [Angelic nightmares]: Last picture, looks like the other kitten is tryin to push the smaller one back in. Or, he could be tryin to help him out. I guess it depends on how you look at it

2006-10-23 [sequeena_rae]: "I'm a ninja!" *shoves, realising there's a big human with a camera* err, hehe *moves away* If I stay still enough, you can't see me!

2006-10-28 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: <img55*0:stuff/JK_Fishbowl.jpg>*<img55*0:stuff/JK_fishbowl2.jpg>
If you guys want more of [Jericho Kitty] and [Snuggy Buggy]'s Fishy Pics I'll send them to you, because they really are funny. I wish I could put them all up here, but I have other entries I want to put up, and it would take up alot of wiki space. (I have alot of cats so funny and strange things are always happening.)

2006-10-28 [Linderel]: More non-kittens, Squee? :P

2006-10-28 [sequeena_rae]: Erm ._. No? xD
But he does look like a kitten *hopes to get away with it* >_> <_<

2006-10-28 [Linderel]: Oh fine. -_-
But you'll have to find a real kitten for your last entry. :P

2006-10-28 [sequeena_rae]: *squee!* *huggles* :3
Hmm, will do missus!

2006-10-28 [Linderel]: ^_^

2006-10-30 [Kileaiya]: So, they must be a kitten? Yes/No?

2006-10-30 [Linderel]: Yes. Preferably all, but at least one of your entries must be a kitten.

2006-10-30 [Kelaria]: My first two entries are definitely kittens, but my third is my 9-year-old kitty... though she's still a baby kitten to me *is a protective mommy* ^_^

2006-11-02 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: I don't remeber how old [Snuggy Buggy] is in that pic, I think she still was a kitten, but she always acts like a kitten.

2006-11-02 [Linderel]: Jitter - one picture per one entry! :P

2006-11-02 [Jitter]: oh ok sorry! /blames the flu

2006-11-02 [Linderel]: Ebil flu. >:o

2006-11-02 [Jitter]: Aye!

2006-11-03 [Tingis]: what's the maximum age for a cat to enter ? :p

2006-11-03 [sequeena_rae]: One I'm assuming :P

2006-11-03 [Tingis]: okay that's frustrating my cat is so small and adorable boohoohoo but she's 8.

2006-11-03 [Linderel]: Whatever is the age when a cat is no longer a kitten. I'll trust Squee on this, one year. I'm only a cat admirer, and not an owner, so I don't know this stuff. :P

2006-11-03 [sequeena_rae]: Teehee :3

2006-11-07 [H3_six]: I swear [Kelaria] those two cats are the doppleganger of mine, when they where small. So cute. Everythings cute, too much cuteness for one page infact. If you're not careful it will implode on you. *phwooop* (Implosions are funny when you attach that sound effect : D)

2006-11-07 [Kelaria]: :D hehe! I know what you mean! I just cant handle the cuteness sometimes!!!!! ^___^ :D

2006-11-08 [sequeena_rae]: I found a photo of Lucius whilst he was a kitten :D Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

2006-11-08 [Linderel]: =^____^=

2006-11-08 [sequeena_rae]: Bit crap, but it was the best one :3

2006-11-12 [Kelaria]: I like Rome now :3 ^_^ yay! Take care of the kittens :D :D

2006-11-12 [Teufelsweib]: they had this huge gathering point filled with stray cats and baskets for them to sleep in ^^

2006-11-12 [Estantia]: aw....

2006-11-12 [Kelaria]: Awwww!! That's sooo cute!!! :D

2006-11-13 [sequeena_rae]: Aww [Jitter]!!!

2006-11-14 [Jitter]: He's the cuddliest kitty I've ever had! He's pawing the floor while walking or eating ^^ See him more here:

2006-11-14 [H3_six]: He's gorgeous Jitterbug and very photogenic too.

2006-11-15 [Jitter]: Yeah isn't he? He's the first kitty I had who doesn't abhore the flash!

Oh and he can bark too -.-

2006-11-15 [Estantia]: really? mine follow mum around like dogs and wail adorably when they can't find their people... even if they're the ones who wandered off in the first place *looks at archer*

2006-11-15 [Archeress of Mirkwood]: My cats play fetch, prefer dog food over cat food, run to the door when someone comes in, and sound off, "Mew, meow, raow merow." and when one of their people come in the door, they jump on you. (Strangly so, my dogs prefer cat food over dog food, sleep all day, barely look at you if you call them, but when they want attention it's not a request... it's a demand.)... (BTW: Poptart is a very big kitty, he looks older, but he's just about a month under a year old in that pic.)

2006-11-26 [Linderel]: Those eyes are slightly creepy. o_o

2006-11-26 [Leftshoulder]: Lin I just noticed no one really divided with the


ok wait maybe they did my style sheet doesn't show it hehe

2006-11-26 [Linderel]: Eh, whaddayamean? // Oh, mkay.

2006-11-26 [Leftshoulder]: nevermind lol, I don't see the hr line divider thing

2006-11-26 [Linderel]: I have just completed the badges. Now, there's still a few days to go, so keep 'em entries coming! :D

2006-11-27 [Sherya]: Still no kitten T^T Looks like I won't participate :P

2006-11-27 [Linderel]: Aww.

2006-12-01 [Linderel]: Humm, I'll put the poll up sometime tonight. :3

2006-12-01 [Mirime]: [Celtore], I love the expression on your cat's face... that just says it all!

2006-12-01 [Linderel]: Poll is up! :O Go vote. ^_^

2007-01-09 [5thwitch]: Wow! so beutiful!! I love this contest!

2007-01-09 [Linderel]: So do I. ^_^ I'm planning on hosting a similar one for puppy photos. :3

2007-01-10 [Linderel]: I'll be closing the poll on Sunday evening, at the latest. Please keep advertising it so that we get as many votes as possible!

2007-01-14 [Linderel]: Thank you so much to everyone, I really enjoyed the contest. I hope you did as well. ^_^ The winners will be receiving their badges in a message.

2007-01-14 [sequeena_rae]: Omg! :D

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