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What happens when [kittygirl1017] goes to Cedar Point, Ohio

Funny Photos:
Amanda an I bored on the bus there
And yet... again.
The MAP!!
Rock on Cedar Point, Ohio.... Rock on...
I have a keychain of me on The Rapter.
My two Best-rollercoaster-buddies: Maga and Amanda. (Maga on left, Amanda and right)
My Pose or whatever... They're the people I hang with all the time. ^^
It's this Fortune telling "Grandma" that gives you your future on a card if you give it 25cents... Yes I did it.
I thought it was funny :p

Roller Coasters!!
The Blue Streak, my first ever roller coaster.
The Dagster ,right before a thunderstorm, The fastest rollercoaster in the WORLD!!!
I love The Dragster... Got a problem with that???
In line for The Rapter, we waited about.... 2 hours. -_-
The Power Tower, Is when you fall about 200ft. in the air straight down to the ground. It's only scary when they have you up at the top for 30 seconds waiting to drop! It's sooo scary at the top! :s

On the bus:

yes, I my school there is a lot of blacks... it's fine with me! :D
My friend Kim is sad because we are leaving so soon. :(
It's a shot I took when I was bored on the bus...
On the HighWay!! Whee!! :D
Cedar Point is on a island, so we have to cross a bridge to get there. This is a photo of the lake we crossed over.
This is a werid resturant we pasted getting there, I thought it was funny. ^^
NOTICE: The American flag, WOOT!
It's a puppy toy I won at the Carnvel games at Cedar Point. :P
I won them too! :P

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2006-09-09 [kittygirl1017]: Whee! Cedar point! I miss it alrighty. :(

2006-09-09 [Vyse]: CEDAR POINT ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!

2006-09-10 [kittygirl1017]: WOOOOTT!!! :D


2006-09-10 [kittygirl1017]: lets go to Cedar Point together VY!

2006-09-11 [Vyse]: YEA!!!!!!!!!!! we'll have soooooooooooooooooooooo much fun

2006-09-11 [kittygirl1017]: Whee VY!!

2006-09-11 [Vyse]: *hugs u*

2006-09-11 [kittygirl1017]: *hugs you back and gives a kiss*

2006-09-11 [Vyse]: *blushes and kisses you back*

2006-09-11 [kittygirl1017]: ghehehehe I made you blush

2006-09-11 [Vyse]: thats not the first time u've done that

2006-09-11 [kittygirl1017]: :O VY! there is children around!

2006-09-11 [Vyse]: no there's not. we're the only ones watching this wiki so we can say basicly whatever we want

2006-09-11 [kittygirl1017]: lol ^^
TRUE. :p

2006-09-11 [kittygirl1017]: huh? Roshambo?? *kicks you in balls*

2006-09-11 [Vyse]: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *grabs you and pulls you down with me as i fall*

2006-09-27 [kittygirl1017]: muahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2006-09-28 [Vyse]: *smiles and holds on to you*

2006-10-14 [kittygirl1017]: noo! must....get...away!

2006-10-14 [Vyse]: *pulls you down with me holding on tight*

2006-11-12 [kittygirl1017]: *tickles you*

2006-12-13 [Vyse]: *laughs and tickles you back*

2006-12-19 [kittygirl1017]: Whee1 *tickles you too*

2006-12-19 [Vyse]: *laughes and pins you down*

2006-12-19 [kittygirl1017]: Noo! :O

2006-12-19 [Vyse]: yes *smiles*

2006-12-19 [kittygirl1017]: Noo-wa!!

2006-12-19 [Vyse]: *keeps you down*

2006-12-19 [kittygirl1017]: Meeehhhh...
*gives you a kiss to make you stop*

2006-12-19 [Vyse]: *smiles and blushes*

2006-12-19 [kittygirl1017]: muahahaha
my plan worked.
*trys to get up*

2006-12-19 [Vyse]: hahaha

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