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Username: [wicked fae mage]
Alignment: Evil
Character Name: Aubrey Ash
Physical Description: Aubrey has shorter blonde hair. His bangs fall just at the bottom of his jawline, the rest of his hair is shaggy and muddled. His eyes are an amber hue, setting off his lightly tanned flesh. He has sharper features and is rather short and thin. He wears several piercings and has a tattoo of a Chinese style dragon wrapping around his arm. Aubrey dresses in jeans, work boots and t-shirts.
Weapon of Choice: A cat o' nine-tails made from adamanteon, a nearly indestructible metal found within volcanic rock (adamanteon is my variation of adamantite and adamantium, two other imaginary minerals used in X-men and WoW respectively)
Chosen Enchant: Stunning Blow
Personality Description: Aubrey is fickle and quite warm and loving. When he devotes himself to a cause there is nothing that could stand in his way. He is supportive and inspiring as well as shrewd and one to think of his feet. Though he can be a bigot and have shallow thoughts and reasonings his loyalty runs deep.
Chosen Element: Fire (fire breath
Additional Information Aubrey works for a circus as the lion tamer as well as a fire breather which allows him to slip into his magic easier than most. He is a part-time student at a local college, studying to be an actor.
Time Period: Modern day

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