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Username: [Ravendust]
Alignment: Good
Character Name: Enna Lockharte
Race: Human/fae
Age: 20
Personality: Sweet, kind, caring. Enna can have a fiery temper when forced into it but generally she's got a calm nature.
Physical description: Enna stands at about 5'5", she's got flowing red hair that she generally keeps tied in a braid. She has brilliant green eyes and a fair complexion.
Alternate Form:Enna's appearance doesn't change too dramatically. She's slighly shorter- about 5'2", she sprouts a pair of red elegent butterfly-esque wings and antennae. She also gains red markings on her hands and feet, as well as intricate designs down her spine.
Profession: owns a small bookstore called Pages Past. She is studying to further her passions on her own.
Element: Fire
Time Period: Present Day
I wanted to show what Enna looked like... :

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