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Alignment: Evil
Character Name: Kakra
Physical Description: Standing at 5 ft10, tall and willowy, but very deceptive as she is very strong. She wears her hair black, with long dreads and piercing blue eyes, and various symbolic tattoo's. She wears the symbol Infinity on her neck. These tattoo's represent what has gone, and what has yet to be. These tattoo's bring with them the message of prophacy. She also has black wings, which are now completely useless, but she can glide with them, if she needs to escape from a high place.
Weapon of Choice: Serpant dagger strapped to inside of her right thigh.
Chosen Enchant:Empathy-to be used at her own advantage.
Personality Description: Purity turned evil. There is nothing worse than a woman scorned, thrown out of heaven for having an illicit affair-her only crime-to fall in love with the wrong person.
Chosen Element:Light
Additional Information: Headstrong, powerful, her looks enchant, giving her a definate edge over her enemies. She feels she will never love again, and so will never become weak.
Time Period:Eygyptian.

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2010-06-08 [Ravendust]: I bolded the character layout^^;;... also, the available element is light, isn't it?

2010-06-08 [wicked fae mage]: Yes, she didn't know though. I'll give her time to fix it.

2010-06-08 [Ravendust]: mmkay, in any case I did the boldy thing just cause it bugs me when it's not there xDD

2010-06-08 [wicked fae mage]: I understand. I got the peeve from you x)

2010-06-08 [Ravendust]: well, it makes things easier to read, doesn't it?

2010-06-08 [wicked fae mage]: Indeed ^^

2010-06-08 [Ravendust]: ^.^

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