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Username: [Ravendust]
Alignment: Evil
Character Name:Kyoran Shadowblade
Physical Description: Standing at a daunting 6'7", he has shoulder length strawberry blond hair and dark, honey eyes set in a finely angled face. He's of a muscular build and eerily handsome, though he can’t hide the darkness of his soul… Kyoran bears many scars from his ventures of throwing the world into chaos, some thin and barely noticeable against his flesh and others- like the long, puckered scar that starts at his waist and tapers off just below his ribcage- are very noticeable; as such he tends to wear long sleeves beneath his leather armor.
Weapon of Choice: He uses a powerful double-bladed ax most of the time, Kyoran also carries a sword at his side
Chosen Enchant: Acidic Venom
Personality Description: Dark, Kyoran enjoys torture and bloodshed, he is chaos incarnate. Kyoran is loyal to the priest despite his own values and desire to rule.
Chosen Element: Earth- Kyoran has known about his affinity with the earth for years, he’s honed his powers nearly to perfection.
Additional Information Kyoran grew up alone in a world of chaos and hate; while most of the world had begun to settle into control and intelligence. After essentially cutting himself off from useless emotions such as love and happiness he began to build the shell of his current self. He taught himself many tricks and trained with his axe… Eventually through the power of his own persuasive tongue he built an army of murderers and thieves and began his quest- overthrowing the nobility of the land, taking control of their armies and resources, spreading the taint of his own darkness throughout the land… Kyoran was essentially a warlord- powerful beyond any reasonable doubt. He was feared and got what he wanted when he wanted it….
Time Period: Middle Ages, about the time feudalism came about (When higher nobility took control over the lower nobility and peasants, etc…)

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