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Username: [Dezmond]
Alignment: Evil
Character Name: Lacan
Physical Description: Since reaching his physical peak, Lacan's appearance hasn't changed the tiniest bit. He stands at an average height of 5'9". A lithe, sinewy build, overlapped by creamy, pale flesh. Though he's bathed in it his entire existence, the suns rays have never done him any good, his appearance as if he were raised in a cave. But it doesn't take away from his beauty. Flowing ebony locks trail behind in a Que reaching down just past the small of his back, while amber flecked jade pools dart around, taking in everything in his visual range. Facial features are subtle and soft, woman like in nature, but move down to a somewhat squared jaw, that's barely dusted with stubble, something more like a light fuzz. Besides that, he adorns black, down wings, stretching out to nearly double his height, and strong enough with a bat to possibly break bones if necessary.
Weapon of Choice: An enchanted bow. It draw's its' power from Lacan himself, forming the bolts, and even the string from energy derived from his bestowed element.
Chosen Enchant: Artisian's Finisher
Personality Description: Quiet and distant, Lacan is a cold, calculating being. He'd sooner slit your throat than actually hold a conversation with you, mainly because he just isn't the talking type. But sex, there's something he can get into. Man, woman, demon, even some animal half breeds (if he has all the right parts), he really doesn't care. If he finds them attractive in the least, he'll pursue, even go as far as to take what he wants from them.
Chosen Element: Dark
Additional Information: Lacan was taken in at a young age by the dark priest, and raised as his prodigal child essentially. He was taught to be the best, coming into his knight hood at a young age. Also, unlike the rest of his elven followers, Lacan is a fallen, A demon created from a once holy being. Which caused him to be essentially ostracized from the rest of his brethren.
Time Period: Iron Age

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