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Username: [Yuriona]

Alignment: Good

Character Name: Lorelei Alary

Physical Description: Lorelei is a small woman standing only 5'4" tall with long dark chocolate hair and slate grey eyes. Though she appears diminutive, she is actually quite strong, quick and nimble thanks to a life spent in the deep forests of Gaul. She wears a simple gown of homespun fabric, a vest of tough hide and the heavy wool cloak of a Roman Centurion.

Alternate Form: Lorelei can transform into a tall, thin being wearing a long hooded cloak that seems to bleeds shadows from under it. Deep red, almond shaped orbs glint out from under the hood that is always bowed as though under a great weight.

Personality Description: Lorelei is quiet and soft spoken, preferring to listen carefully to others before offering her own thoughts. She is also very attuned to nature, sometimes seeming to care more about trees and animals than other people though in truth she values all life. Despite being deadly with bow and staff, she avoids violence if she can but she understands the need to hunt for food and clothing. She is also very spiritual and can be of great comfort to any in need.

Chosen Element: Darkness

Occupation: Druid priestess

Additional Information: Though she has only rudimentary healing skills, Lorelei is quite adept at divining meanings from dreams and nightmares. She also will occasionally have dreams of prophesy but they are rarely clear or easy to decipher. As well, she has very good night vision and is as comfortable in the darkness as the light.

Time Period: Dark Ages
(These guys are human unless they get transformed into their alternate form)

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2010-05-09 [Ravendust]: fantastic job :)

2010-05-09 [Yuriona]: Thank you. ^^

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