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Character Name: Vincent Rime
Physical Description:Vincent has long ebony hair that reaches the middle of his back at its longest, brushing just past his eyes at its shortest. During public appearances he ties his hair back at the nape of his neck. His eyes are a warming blue hue and his features are rugged and handsome with light traces of facial hair. Short for a man, he stands at 5’6 (168 cm). He is rather slender, relying on brute strength rarely. Starting from his fingertips and ending at his shoulders are scars from cuts and gashes, inflicted for magical purposes. As a noble, a portion of his beauty is in keeping a creamy skin tone having done little to no physical labor during his life. His clothing consists of a deep blue shirt tunic and tight black slacks, black pointed shoes and a maroon overcoat that drags on the ground as he walks.
Alternate Form: Vincent can transform into a Nymph which is 2 (60.96 cm) feet tall and lithe. The nymph is entirely blue with almond shaped black eyes. Its tail is forked and its wings are jagged. Its ears are elf like, it has claws, webbing between its fingers and toes and messy blue hair.
Personality Description:He is a very quick-witted and resourceful thinker. He remains terse and concise with explanations and replies. Vincent's general temperament is calm and collected and few things can really upset him. He knows little fear and respond to curiosity and impulse, saving judgments for conclusions and needing little reasoning for actions.
Chosen Element: Water (into ice)
Occupation: Noble/Wizard
Additional Information:He can mix his blood with different herbs for different magical effects. Most commonly he forms a poison by mixing his own blood and nightshade berries, applying it to his athane; alternatively, he also combines his blood with cowsilk to form a healing salve. With Vincent's blood and bloodstone, he can conjure and control ice. All of his abilities come with a large cost, both of his energy and a large quantity of blood. He has come to find that his abilities only last so long as he is conscious.

Vincent also carries his Jade soulstone, chrysoprase pendant for healing and an uncut bloodstone as well as an athane.
Time Period: (Fantasy) Dark Ages

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