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User Name: [Flisky]

Character name: Kobayashi Hisoka

Mutant Name: Rook

Classification: Student

Abilities/powers: Power neutralization. Hisoka can completely neutralize a mutant's power when his cells are in direct contact with another mutants. The mutant in question must be in contact with his flesh, blood, or bone. Any bit of his flesh or bodily fluid retains this ability for only up to six hours after leaving his body, depending on the way it is stored.

When in contact with humans, depending on the age of the human and their general health, he can be in danger of stopping their mental functions, bodily functions, or even their hearts if he is not careful.

The effect of his powers lasts in relation with the duration of the contact. As long as he is in contact with the person, their powers are neutralized. But it has to be skin on skin contact, otherwise nothing happens. His blood, however, still holds the ability to neutralize someone if it is injected into them, but it will fade over the course of (or up to) an hour, depending again on the age and relative health of the subject.

Sex: Male

Age/Date of Birth: 15, January 15th

General appearance: Hisoka stands four foot seven inches, more on the very short side. His features reflect his Japanese heritage, right down to his shaggy black hair and dark brown eyes. He is thin and very young looking, appearing even younger than he really is. He only weighs 75 pounds, so his body is extremely thin, giving him those awkward proportions of a growing child.

Additional Appearance: Tending towards loose sweaters and pants that hide his awkward frame, Hisoka also covers every bit of his skin and hair except for his face. He wears tight, dark colored gloves and always wears long pants.

Personality: Hisoka believes deeply in the go no sen, or the 'late attack'. He is a person of reaction and counter action, letting others wear themselves out attacking while he avoids it. That plays into his everyday personality. Hisoka does not face things head on. He prefers to take a side approach, to let his day run by him. This has led him to be called lazy because he prefers not to deal with most people and instead can be found wandering around with a video game of some sort.

He also has the (sometimes annoying) habit of adding honorifics to people's names, usually -san, -chan, or -senpai. This can either be found endearing or aggravating depending on the person.
Special Skills: One hell of a great video game player. Hisoka prefers first person shooters, and his most recent love is the Fallout and Call of Duty franchises. He is also has his first degree black belt in karate.

Speaks fluent Japanese and English, much of his words more advanced than American children his age use.

Place of birth: Okinawa, Japan
Weapon(s) of choice: Bare hands or a pair of sai.
Medical information: Severe lactose intolerance.
Brief History: Growing up without his mother, who died in child birth, Hisoka found himself at the mercy of his father. His family were deep in business, owning several technology plants and medical facilities. So he was sent to a private school, where he was taught, tutored, and trained up until his powers manifested at the age of 11. Another mutant, one who was registered with the government and went to his school, touched him and found his powers nullified. This led to some testing and his father pulled him out of school, but let him continue his martial arts training simply because Hisoka needed something more to do other than play video games.

Now, after three years of testing his body and powers, his father has decided that it would be better for Hisoka to learn to truly control his abilities so he will not accidentally injure someone or himself.
Relatives: Father, Kobayashi Hiro, alive. Mother, Kobayashi Akira, deceased.

How long your character has been in the mansion: Six months.

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Because Figgs is awesome.

Relationship Chart
1-bad, 5-neutral, 10-good

Character Rating Comments
Mimic 9 Hisoka's roommate. Basically his best friend in the mansion.
Daniela Morgan 8 She's really nice, and she actually treats him like a normal kid. Plus she teases him, which no one else in the mansion seems willing to do.
Eddie Ryder 8 A fellow former prisoner. Hisoka has taken a liking to him if only because he didn't get mad that Hisoka had latched onto him.
Gavin Zhou 8 Although they seemed not to get along at first, the more time they spend together, the more Rook looks forward to seeing him.
Valerie K. Sprouse 7 A random girl he met who proved to be quite nice. He's growing to really like Valerie.
Devlin Macintosh 6 He liked the guy, but didn't spend a whole lot of time around him.
Kenna Duncan 6 He really doesn't know what to make of her. She isn't mean, just very blunt.
Kiora Collins 6 Another one he doesn't know what to make of. Kiroa is a little strange, but not in a necessarily bad way.
Atsila 6 One of his rescuers.
Shana Grace Tilar 6 One of his rescuers.
Timothy Maxwell 6 After the scare of thinking he killed the floating skull, Hisoka found that Tim was actually really nice about it.
Light Blackburn 5 She'll stick in his mind as someone he probably wants to avoid for the time being.

Current Clothing: Rook is wearing his practice gi, which is white with his black belt tied around it.

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2014-07-18 [Flisky]: *pets* Tis fine. You Relax? Iunno.

Coral would be adorable about it. She's going to force everyone to look at the pictures, isn't she?

2014-07-18 [ancienteye]: Every chance she gets. XD She'll be all: "Lookie! This is my baby brother, and here is his boyfriend. Aren't they cute~? *way-too-loud-to-be-a-whisper-kind-of-whisper* It's their first relationship, you know~"

2014-07-18 [Flisky]: That'll be hilarious.

2014-07-18 [ancienteye]: Gavin's gonna have very little patience for her. XD

2014-07-18 [Flisky]: If Rook gets annoyed he'll just poke her.

2014-07-18 [ancienteye]: It'll hurt. But unlike Gavin, Coral has little-to-no memory for pain, so she'll be back to doing whatever annoyed him in the blink of an eye. XD

2014-07-18 [Flisky]: And he'll just look at Gavin with pity.

2014-07-18 [ancienteye]: XD Gavin shall agree with Rook's pity and come up with some sort of reason for Coral to go elsewhere. Which is fairly easy.

2014-07-18 [Flisky]: She's easily distracted. ^_^

2014-07-18 [ancienteye]: XD Thankfully for everyone else.

2014-07-18 [Flisky]: Thankfully for Addy... :D

2014-07-18 [ancienteye]: XD I guess it makes sharing a room with Coral easier.

2014-07-18 [Flisky]: "Hey Coral, I bought you some new rubber ducks." *Coral then spends another three hours rearranging her duck collection*

2014-07-18 [ancienteye]: XD Exactly. It actually only takes one new rubber duck for her to rearrange all of them...

2014-07-18 [Flisky]: More than one might give her some sort of heart palpitation.

2014-07-18 [ancienteye]: Only if it's more than three. XD Two or three will take all night if not longer, though.

2014-07-18 [Flisky]: Addy will rain rubber duckies on her the first time (like, have a box of five, one modeled after her) and give them to her and then NEVER DO THAT AGAIN.

2014-07-18 [ancienteye]: XD Yeah, that many duckies will only cause more problems than it will fix, since they have to share a room...

2014-12-05 [ancienteye]: ...Since it's past January in-game, is Hisoka 16, now?

2014-12-05 [Flisky]: No. He's fifteen. I already updated that. ^_^

2014-12-05 [ancienteye]: Ah. So he's a year younger than Gavin. :P

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