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RP: A Chance Encounter

User: [Aeolynn]

Character Name: Koi

Age: 87

Gender: Female

Race: Water dragon

Appearance: In her human form Koi has long silky black hair with orange-red highlights and dark black eyes. She is tall and slim, beautiful in human standards, often seducing men to enter her realm. In dragon standards she is too beautiful, not much use for a fight considering all of her fragile fins and her small magics. However, Koi is easily one of the largest dragons. Her father Cliu'rar Sarra is only a few feet taller/longer then she.

Personality: When you know you're hot you act like it, don't you?

Background: Born in Japan in a Koi farm, she disguised herself as the other fish until she got bored with carp-love and turned to humans. Her mother was a beautiful carp and her father was a monsoon dragon, capable of calling up storms beyond reason and could drown the earth if he wanted to. Currently her mother is living in a huge pond in some lord's backyard and her father is in a deep coma beneath the Atlantic sea.

Strength(s): Tantalizing beauty, spells of enchantment and binding spells, powerful water user and can call up storms (an ability from her father).

Weakness(s): She is very delicate, not much of a fighting persona, she'd rather win by deceiving and seducing then by force.


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