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User Name: [Ms. Steel]

Character name: Kyle Bedlington.

Mutant Name: Vitriol.

Classification: Student.

Abilities/powers: Kyle's body produces hydrochloric acid outside of the digestive system, in concentrations that may encompass dilute, irritant-type strengths, all the way to highly corrosive levels. Of course, it is easier to produce an irritant compound, rather than the highly corrosive, metal-dissolving concentrate. While other bodily fluids (perspiration, saliva, tears, etc.) have a marginally lower pH than the average person's, his power is at-will, so he is not constantly leaking damaging acid all over the place.

The typical way for him to utilize his power is to draw the acid through his dermis by means of his sweat glands, particularly those on the palms of his hand, since he can best control the strength and use of the compound by this method. He can also form an exhalable acidic mist-- hydrogen chloride-- which is generally enough to cause respiratory distress and acute eye irritation. Prolonged exposure to the gas and lack of proper, timely and adequate treatment would cause graver damage, but one would have to maintain a very close proximity to Kyle to run this risk.

He is largely, but not totally, immune to many acidic compounds. Even his own HCl, if he tried to force an exceptionally concentrated solution, could feasibly cause him harm. He has never tried this, though, and he does not know what the consequences would be.

Naturally, anything base in nature (lye, household ammonia, and lime to name a few) or even just plain, old baking soda is typically enough to neutralize his levels of acidity.

Sex: Male.

Age/Date of Birth: 18; born on March 27th.

General appearance: Kyle stands at 5'10" and has the somewhat awkward appearance that so many boys his age do of not yet having grown into their proper proportions. He has broad shoulders, slim hips and a narrow face with high cheekbones, that tapers down into a pointed chin.

Except for the sparsest fringe of velvety-brown eyelashes, his ochre-yellow body is, outwardly, completely hairless. His body is blanketed in freckles ranging from reddish brown at the darkest to a yellow only slightly darker than the base color of his skin. The sclera of his eyes is a continuation of his skin color, and they contain no apparent iris, having only black dots in the middle, indicating his pupils.

Additional appearance: Since his perspiration is a bit more acidic than average, Kyle's clothes tend to get ratty and show signs of wear faster than a normal person's. He's also indigent, so most of his clothing has been stolen off of laundry lines or dumpster dived for. He likes to parade around barefoot, except in the most inclement of weather. Kyle also bites his fingernails down to painful little nubs.

Personality: Kyle is a belligerent, paranoid, high-strung teenager who has not yet developed the finer skill of knowing when it is appropriate to say certain things, and keeping one's mouth shut when it is not. Unsurprisingly, Kyle has not had much in the way of friends and lasting relationships, aside from the other runaway kids and troublemakers that have been in and out of his life for the past few years.

It might seem odd, but his appearance doesn't actually bother him; it just gives him another reason to go on the offensive if it appears someone is mocking or judging him because of it.

In regards to school, it is common knowledge that Kyle regularly skips class. He can read, he can write and he can put two and two together. What else does he need?

Special Skills: He wouldn't be able to recite you a Shakespearean scene, but if you needed makeshift shelter, a fire or food caught, he could definitely be of service.

Place of birth: Melville, West Virginia.
Weapon(s) of choice: His mutation comes in handy for defense, though he’s been known to use whatever is available: Broken bottles, a tire iron, a jagged piece of board with a rusty nail sticking through it…
Medical information: Aside from his prominent hairlessness, his mutation does not appear to have any day-to-day adverse effects on his body.

After using his power for an extended period of time, it is necessary for Kyle to rehydrate, seeing as his body's water content is involved in its acid production. He can drink water, soak in the bathtub (preferably not a chlorinated swimming pool), etc., otherwise he will fall prey to dehydration.
Brief History: Kyle was born a perfectly 'normal'-looking baby, just slightly jaundiced; his mother passed in childbirth, due to complications from pre-eclampsia and her history of diabetes. Care of the baby defaulted to his paternal grandmother, who was a retired school teacher. Despite having peculiar eyes and the appearance of becoming progressively more yellow, he grew into a healthy, pleasant and inquisitive young child under Grandma Bedlington's care. His brothers, Duke and Vardee were at first happy to have a little thing to follow after them; they taught him how to live in the woods, how to fish and hunt. They were too soon out of his life, and upon graduating from high school, each moved-on to the Armed Forces to get away from home and to try and see the world.

The more corrosive aspect of his mutation transpired when he hit the age that most children are to be enrolled in school, so it was thought best that Grandma took care of his education until they figured out what else to do with him. By this time he'd also lost any remaining hair, save for the aforementioned. Kyle's father was usually too busy working long, tedious hours at the coal mine to pay much heed to his youngest son, who had frankly been an 'oops', and whom he bitterly maintained was the reason why his wife was dead.

The culmination of an absent and resentful father, a grandmother who was falling prey to the ravages of dementia, and little to no normal interaction with anyone from outside their house on a wooded plot of land became too burdensome for the increasingly agitated Kyle, so on the advent of his fourteenth year, he ran away from home. It is a common belief in Logan County that he is dead.

Kyle had a rough start finding his way around at first, but soon he learned to steal, fight and developed other useful survival skills, using the basis his brothers had taught him. He soon migrated from small towns to cities, finding that his way of vagrant life was was easier lived in the outskirts of urban areas; there was always a warehouse or some other abandoned building he and other runaways, human and/or mutant, could squat, at least until it was raided by the police.

He always had a penchant for roughing it in the woods, however, and was making his way up to Mount Katahdin, Maine in somewhat lofty hopes of hiking the Appalachian Trail down to Georgia, which is how he ended-up in the vicinity of the X-Men Estate.

Relatives: Father; two older brothers: Duke and Vardee (Fourteen and fifteen years older than Kyle, respectively)

How long your character has been in the mansion: About seven months.

Current attire: Cut-off jean shorts. Possibly underwear.

Dormitory 207

The Raid


Relation chart (1: bad; 10: good)

Lirerial-- 4; She's kinda weird and unsettling.

Light Blackburn -- 3; Well, she's nice to look at, but beyond that, she's really kind of a bitch.

Shawn Adian Deveau -- 3; Kyle may or may not have dreamt this guy with the stuff all over his face up during his fever.

Victoria Adelaide Deveau -- 3; The only reason she doesn't rate lower is that Kyle's not certain if she's real or a figment of his feverish mind.

Daniela Morgan -- 3; Out of all the people who snagged Kyle that night in the alleyway, he is the most guarded about Dani. Her power can be used at a distance and entrap, and he doesn't much care for that.

Valerie K. Sprouse -- 3; Val was one of his captors, and Kyle doesn't see that as a positive attribute. She also seems a bit too nice, plus she speaks kinda funny.

Shana Grace Tilar -- 3; With Shana in a position of power at the school, Kyle has very little reason to trust or interact with her much, if at all.

Justin Alphar-- 2; What a spineless dweeb! In their relatively brief meeting, Kyle has deemed him out-of-touch and a little crazy.

Coral Zhou-- 2; Coral is super annoying and seemingly simple-minded. Plus, she got him stabbed.

Adrianne Wagner -- 1; Kyle has never had much reason to want to be anywhere near the blue tailed mutant, but after she attacked him, he feels even more animosity toward her.

X-Men Characters

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