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Lord of The Rings Fan Art Contest

The banner has been removed because it was against the art rules. If you have it in your house be sure to remove it. Sorry bout the mess up :P I'll try to make a new one if I have time.


This is my first contest I've ever hosted. So I hope as many of you LOTR fans and fellow elftowners will enter. I will judge and place winners (1st, 2nd, and 3rd) in 3 categories: Best portrait, most original, and best all around (which will be one placement). 

The Prizes

other than superior bragging rights...

Best All Around: A copy of any LOTR movie of their choice (extended edition DVD of course) plus either a t-shirt, action figure or piece of art done by myself :P

Other categories:
1st place- A copy of LOTR extended edition movie of their choice. 
2nd place- An official book of the artwork used in the LOTR movie
3rd place- An action figure of character of choice or a drawing of any character done by lame ass me XD

All winners will receive a badge to put into their house showing their placement and proof of bragging rights ^_^

Note on prizes: Just to get this cleared out now, you will get a prize. However depending on my financial status will depend when you get your prize. I am putting money aside and saving now so you won't have to wait forever and a day. I will keep you updated on any more info.

The Rules

1. Portraits from screen shots/promotional posters are allowed (because I've seen the movie thousands of times and I will know where you got it from lol).

2. Original ideas of the characters are allowed and encouraged...but for god sakes please cut down on the CHIBI!!! *twitch*

3. No offensive gestures, hentai, sexuality of any sort of the charactes. However, if you manage to find/create a perfect portrait of Liv Tyler as Arwen with nothing but a towel on...then by god PUT IT UP and you will be a guaranteed win!! (joke...maybe...)

4. The max number of entries is 2. :)

5. For all you lame asses who want to use someone else's art or stolen art from Allan Lee (I will know) just try to enter it and see what happens....*draws sword* 


The Poll for the best portrait are now closed. Here's the list of winners:

Winners of The Best Portrait

1st place- [Thistlewood] with Gimli
2nd place- [Lothuriel] with Eomer
3rd place- [Rennie] with Gandalf the white

Winners of Best Original

Ok--for the originals we have a tie O_O 

1st place- Arwen by [Rennie] and Goldberry the river-daughter by [LvSha]

2nd place- Gollum by [travs the bean]

3rd place- Gollum by [deeterhi]

Congrats to all the winners :) Message me on your choice of request for the prize. Lately I've been having a lot of trouble getting access to a computer because mine at home has been having trouble lately. So I'm sorry if I've been a little short with everyone about it I don't intend to. I'm going to start the polls for best original this week no later than the 15th. 

Also...I have just spent $750+ on my tuition and school supplies for the summer plus I have to scrounge up some money to go to England for my cousin's wedding in mid July. So what I'm going to do as far as prizes is take care of one contestant at a time. The winners will be announced on time, but it's going to be a slooowww wait for the prizes. Thanks for your patience everybody :)

No...not a self portrait lol just something I did to get the juice flowing...but Shittiest scan ever though..:P

Place Submissions Below

Be sure to include Name, Entry title, and size down to a decent size please. Thank you.

1. Frodo done by [the Indigo] THE FIRST ENTRY!!!!

Another one also by [the Indigo]

2. Aragorn by [Shreya] (Not very original, I know:P)

3. Lady Arwen done by one of our lovely elves in elftown, [elf_nadia] ;)

4. a little gollum action [travs the bean]

5. A Hard Decision [Rennie]

6. You Shall Not Pass!!! [Rennie]

7. It's the ever courageous Frodo! by [Ninja Squirrel]

8.A Tender Moment by [Mom]

9. [deeterhi] yeah, i don't know if i like this pic
and here's another sneaky little bugger who couldn't keep away. booyah! finally colored him.

10. [Ocean Soul]
Frodo once more.. with the reflections of the glowing ring on his face (I know, not the most original idea)
Click to enlarge! :)

11. [Savien]
Go back to the shadow!!

12. [Thistlewood]
Gimli,son of Gloin.

Let us shut out the night---Goldberry the River-daughter

14. [Lothuriel] Trust not to hope, it is forsaken in these lands.." Eomer, Horselord of Rohan

15. [Phenomenon] I really think Boromir was portrayed too much like a bad guy in the movie

16. [irulan] - The Coronation Kiss (and I most definitely used a photo reference!)

Username (or number or email):


2005-06-01 [LvSha]: er...*carefully*..I think the name of my entry is Goldberry,not "forgot her damn name"

2005-06-02 [LvSha]: *cough*okay...*pose to be serious*I think a correct name is respect to my art work(also won't be difficult to find out in this page,right?),and if the name is not able to be edited,please delete my entry,I'd rather it in my house with its accurate name

2005-06-02 [Perplexity]: What do you mean? What needs to be changed, Kylin?

2005-06-02 [LvSha]: It's in the poll<poll:53122>,the name of my entry is "Goldberry the river-daughter",but it was forgotten and change to"Frodo w/elf queen (forgot her damn name)"..*sighs*

2005-06-02 [Perplexity]: oh no =(

2005-06-02 [Steve*O]: I'm sorry bout that :(

2005-06-02 [Perplexity]: *spanks Strider* bad boy!

2005-06-02 [Steve*O]: *gives gun to perplex* make it easy on yourself

2005-06-02 [Perplexity]: Am I supposed to put you or myself down with this? *raised eyebrow* 

2005-06-02 [Steve*O]: Well I figured it be easier for you to cap me rather than beat the hell out of me lol

2005-06-02 [Steve*O]: that was a joke...

2005-06-02 [LvSha]: *ducks*--hey,watch your gun~!Dangerous to play with it*takes the gun to her own pocket*..never mind,I was a little fussy :P

2005-06-02 [Perplexity]: Hey good idea! *beats Strider with gun before Kyrin takes it away* aww =B

2005-06-02 [LvSha]: *insist on taking it away and gives you a baguette*use this one if you like...=)

2005-06-02 [Perplexity]: *eating baguette* got any cheese?

2005-06-07 [elf_nadia]: waw finally the best original has come, I'm looking forward to the results :)

2005-06-07 [Perplexity]: Congrats to Thistle, loth, and Erin! =D Great job gals!

2005-06-07 [Lothuriel]: *bows* thank you, thank you!

2005-06-21 [live=evil]: wow

2005-06-21 [Rennie]: fanks plexie ^_^

2005-06-23 [live=evil]: ?

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