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Labyrinth Lovers

Sorry guys. it was getting too big. i had to erase some of our crap.



[Blasphemous Rumours] got bored...

1.[†Glitter Suicide] (owner)
2.[deleted, gone]
4.[Death belongs to the weak hearted]
7.[Hikaru Hitachiin]
8.[Elven archer person]
10.[Enchanted Child]
11.[Rope Shrine Maiden]
12.[Phoenix Draven]
14.[Zaran's Song
19.[Crazy Cassandra!!!]
20.[Insane Cultist]
24.[Fireblade K'Chona]
25.[Figmant of your Imaginary Nation]
26.[stupid act]
27.[Cowgirl in the Sand]
30.[Rainbow B.]
32.[Celtic Serenity]
38.[I'm not blood and rose petal's friend.]
40.[Blasphemous Rumours]
47.[Temptress of Valhalla]
50.[Black Gorbe]
51.[Effulgent Vampyress]
52.[Idono Texist]
53.[Night Wytch]
55.[fliwi flumpkin floozleberry]
57.[The Lovely Lolita]
58.[confused daisy]
59.[motivate me.]
63.[Alfirin Lindlea]
69.[colour me blood red]
70.[Piccolo Sorcio]
73.[Hallow's Eve]
74.[Radioactive Flea]
79.[Mother Goddess]
80.[Blased Vilvar]
82.[Misty Air]
84.[Love me. Hate Me. I'm still on UR mind.]
99.[scottish monster]
101.[Amos the Flame]
102.[dark starlight]
103.[blood soaked madin]
104.[Expensive Fidelity]
106.[Appetite for Destruction]
106.[Living to please Elizabeth]
112.[pagan virgin sacrifice]
114. [moonlitawakening]
115. [GleamofDreams]
116. [Jeeska]
117. [Sweet.]
118. [*Beautiful Angel*]
119. [LunaSoleil]
120. [Happy Camper]
121. [cyanide_kisses]
122. [Entropy]
123. [crimson_moon13] i love the movie
133. [Account No Longer Active]
134. [Sara Marieee.]
135. [It Is Time To Let You Go!]
136. [Moosey]
137. [Wrenface]
138. [Pharoh]
139. [Queen Ansem]
140. [Ssapzyne Del'Armgo]
141. [Pink_Pixie]
142. [elveneyes]
143. [♥ good charlotte riot girl ♥] this is the best movie that has ever been created!!!
144. [Refuse-my-Shadow]
145. [mega geek]
146. [Blaze the Nameless]
147. [Hexglitter] I love David Bowie! best movie ever!!!!
148. [cutiepie36]
149. [*Eleanor*]
150. [Carnivorous Obscuration]
152. [1a2] god i love this movie!
153[Dishonest_Angel]jareth IS THE HOTTEST!!!
154. [This website sucks!] i love it, i love the worm hehe
155. [Faery Kisses]
156. [psychekiller]its magic!!!! lost for words ive rented it 8 times
157. [ ♥*~*☆Fäή¥ Gï®l☆*~*♥] i totally love this movie! it ia fan-ta-bulous!
158. [daclives4ever]
159. [musicofthenight] LOVE the movie
160. [Phoenix_phyre] I thought i was the only one!
161. [=Katura=] I never knew anyone else knew what it was!!!
162.[Urban Decay] I love this movie, its one of my favorites, i love the worm thats in the biginning of the
163.[*Sairy*] yeah this movie is great!
164. [Sigh No More]
165. [Shadow From Beyond The Sun]
166. [quilathe_nailo] I love this movie...I grew up being tucked in and singing "you remind me of the babe" with my mum.
167. [Roxcie]Obsessed with the movie, Own it. LOVE IT!!!
168. [Crying in the rain]
168. [Wastedsacrifice] -drools-
169. [dracula's girl kitty] my god i use to run around singing all the labyrinth songs just because it's aswomeness majorly
170. [Amber_eyes] David Bowie rules!
171. [ZombiezJojo] mm-mm thats david bowie good!
172. [Pretend You're Alive]
173. [eemmiilleeee]i still go around singing those songs
174. [Skw3rlch4n] We all know that David Bowie looks so hot in spandex... LOL XD
175. [unawen] i saw the movie when i was little and am totally in love with it. besides, who doesn't love Jareth in spandex?!
176. [merihevonen]
177. [Kelaria] so wonderful... and I adore Jareth... especially in those tights ;) yum!
178. [LunnetteNyx]



Labyrinth Pictures
The Labyrinth Script
Labyrinth Lyrics


On with the talking:
Why do you people like the Labyrinth?(Skade: BIG fan of David Bowie. and not to mention the movie is bloody brilliant!!)

[†Glitter Suicide]- I think its because its so magical, it kinda makes you feel like you're somewhere else. and its unlike anything else! Like the red things that take off body parts. lol who would have THAT in a movie?

[Zaran's Song] - Coupla reasons. It's a fantastic movie. It's well directed. It's got great actors. And David Bowie is really, amazingly, incredibly sexy in it.

[Skade] - Couldn't have said it better, Zaran. ;)

[happyhappy x rice shower] - Hmmm... Two words... David Bowie :D

[Weeman] A classical fantasy tale, with a twist, some great Jim Henson models, some of the coolest songs ever, and Ludo!!.... oh, and David Bowie!!

[Cowgirl in the Sand] its got everything you could want:an endearing story line, wonderful characters, entrancing songs, and, of course, David Bowie in those gorgeous tights of his!!!!!!!! whats not to love?


[elf_iceprincess]this song rocks i love it
[ShadowFound] David is sooo sexy. hehe

- [Halkatla] Because of Sir Didamus (is that how it spells?)... He's so funny! And I love the songs... Especially the one when they're inside the glass orb...
[Scarlet Desiere] I grew up on that movie and thought It was forgotten by all, im so happy someone made a wiki dedicated to it!!!!
[TillowFrik] "through dangers untold, and hardships unnumbered, I have fought my way here to the castle beyond the goblin city to take back the child you have stolen" \\//^.^
[DevilishlySweet] I love his song "within you" I move the stars for no one!

[Sadira] The things that take off thier body parts are called "Fireies" (I think that's how you spell it like "Fire-ies" you know) It's just an amazing movie and I could watch it over and over again I have done so as well.

[Erestor] Its really addictive i think the goblins look funny.. and the songs are great too
[Crystained] Labyrinth should RULE the should...i think so...^^ (David Bowie...*drools*)
[The Lovely Lolita] tee hee I love this movie!!

[Blasphemous Rumours]


"Within you"-Labyrinth Soundtrack

How you turned my world, you precious thing
You starve and near exhaust me
Everything I've done, I've done for you
I move the stars for no one
You've run so long
You've run so far
Your eyes can be so cruel
Just as I can be so cruel
Though I do believe in you
Yes I do
Live without the sunlight
Love without your heartbeat
I, I can't live within you
I can't live within you
I, I can't live within you


Can't stop singing this song...sends chills down my spine! We should have a Labyrinth pictures page...I'll go make it now. But I must warn you I'm a massive David Bowie fan so most of the pics will be of him. *sighs*

[Po] I saw this movie when it opened in theaters. I was 11, and it made a HUGE impression on me. Turned me into a Jim Henson fan, a Bowie fan, a Jennifer Connely fan, but mostly a Hoggle fan! :D

[moon_beam] I love the movie but I think that Sarah is kinda a drama queen. but it helps with the story line.

[Alfirin Lindlea] Reinforced my Bowie fascination. *wuvvles Jareth*

[Gypsy Rose] I am so in love with Bowie

[Graffiti Hearts] first saw this when i was a little kid and fell in love with it. still am...excellent film hehe

[Beautyeverywhere] how can people not like this movie. frist off its directed by George Lucas who did Star Wars with help by Jim Hensons. Everyone loves Jim Hensons muppets. Its got David Bowie in it. and David Bowie in Tights none the less. and its got great characters.

[Mother Goddess] I need a reason? Ok, David Bowie in tights........ Good enough?
[Tesa] Love this movie!!^^
[Danger1] I have to agree David Bowie in tights that is a lovely sight I love watching that movie for that and the songs and that is the only reason that I watch it.

[CelebriänEluch] Hmm.....who needs a reason to love Labyrinth?! It's Labyrinth you people! Hehehe! It's awesome, and come have to admit........DAVID BOWIE IS HOT! Hehe....**blushes**

[scottish monster] okay htought i'd just raise the testostorone count in this room LOL (and dyslexic count while we're at it!) love thie movie, so surreal fantastic photography and i mustadmit when first watched this i had a crush on jenifer conelly! :-x.. it's okay i was yuonger then!... she's hot now though!

[Blaze the Nameless]: The story is great, the background is utterly breath taking, the charecters are so real and the music is pure harmony and melody! Who could not love it?

[Blasphemous Rumours]

Haha I just found this and I think it's great!

Could you imagine it?

Inside the House of Commons

Blair: "I put it to the right honourable gentleman that the Goblin Party has no real interest in Britain's future, never will have any real interest in Britain's future, and doesn't even have one comprehensive policy!"

*The House erupts with the Labour cabinet's cheers of agreement, 'Hear hear'. The opposition respond. A firey pulls off its foot and bounces it off John Prescot's head, helping hands make rude gestures at Jack Straw, and a goblin is busy craftily swapping David Blunket's guide dog for a pig*

The Speaker: "ORDER. ORDER!

*Blair sits down as Jareth cooly takes to the stand*

Jareth: "Policies Mr Blair, policies tra la la! Well, I put to you 'sir' that if you don't step down as Prime Minister right now, I will banish you and you little band of cohorts to the Bog of Eternal Stench for an eternity. Ha ha ha ha..."

*Silence ensues. Jareth turns to his cabinet of goblins*

Jareth: "Well?"

Goblins: "Ha ha ha ha ha..."

[Amos the Flame]
Don't get me started on quotes...

I ask for so little. Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave.

And besides the quotes... David Bowie. And Besides David Bowie... David Bowie's tight ass. ;D

[Miss.Kayree] uhm.. well.. everything stated up there pretty much sums up why i love the Labyrinth!!

[I don't exist anymore!]

[DaniDarkHeart] It's such a magical movie with so many loveable characters. Plus, I'm a BIG fan of David Bowie. :)

[Akika_Inari] Where to start, where to start? Let's see...Jim Henson's Genius, hoggle, david bowie, awesome songs, david bowie, the word, David Bowie, Jareth, Sir Didymus, David Bowie in spandex, the fireys....and...david bowie.

[Gwendylyyn] David Bowie is sexy...and mine! Lol. He's one of the few men that looks good in super <a style='text-decoration: none; border-bottom: 3px double;' href="" onmouseover="window.status='tight pants'; return true;" onmouseout="window.status=''; return true;">tight pants</a>. ::drools:: Hehe. I saw this movie for the first time when I was somewhere around seven or eight years old and it has been my favorite movie ever since then. I love Hoggle and his ever-changing loyalties, Sir Didomis is such a funny little, And, although I can not remember his name, the big dude who can call the remember him.He's like a huge <a style='text-decoration: none; border-bottom: 3px double;' href="" onmouseover="window.status='teddy bear'; return true;" onmouseout="window.status=''; return true;">teddy bear</a> and I'm sure he'd be a great friend to have when you're cold. Hehe. Also, the story-line is fun and you can really get into it. Also, I fell in love with the music (because David Bowie's music is sexy. Hehe). I even went and downloaded all the music from the movie. Lol
[Wrenface] David Bowie is hot and i love this movie

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2006-04-24 [Moosey]: sure you will

2006-04-24 [It Is Time To Let You Go!]: you want to bet?

2006-04-24 [Moosey]: sure

2006-04-24 [It Is Time To Let You Go!]: im eating right now, so ha!

2006-04-24 [Moosey]: :P

2006-04-26 [Beautyeverywhere]: completely off topic here but if anyone could help me that would be great i'm suppose to write a paper on the postivie and negative aspects of gaming, i'm doing my paper on that no matter who you ask someones going to have their own opionons on the matters so i would really appreciate peoples opion on the poistive and negative ascpects of gaming

2006-04-26 [Moosey]: what kind of gaming?

2006-05-01 [Foxspike]: well the postaive is it give u summit to do, enter a different world as a hero or fight a battle enter a war have neat guns and shit on line play where u can join people from all over the world and kick there asses

2006-05-01 [Foxspike]: negatives are like wastes shit loads of time and i have played some right bastards on line.....facists, sexist, bigouts, racists. and people can take it too seroisly......i am shit on line except one game Call to Duty 2 and i was amazed how good i was not being big headed its the only one i can play.....but there are people that take it to far that every time u kill them its like spit in there face. 

2006-07-21 [Moosey]: i think it died

2006-08-02 [MadBiscuit]: Oh no. Oh no! OH NO! Ohhhhh yeeeaaaaah. Check out this video, this could so be one of us.

2006-08-28 [Moosey]: your insane

2007-08-02 [psychekiller]: LOL i like that members of parlimeny thingy, tis tres drole

2007-08-02 [Moosey]: huh?

2007-08-04 [psychekiller]: tres drole=very funny

2007-08-05 [Moosey]: oh...



2007-08-05 [psychekiller]: HA!

2007-10-25 [shadow_walker]: we should start a labyrinth rp?

2009-03-23 [CheshirePuss]: Maybe not because everyone will just be trying to get with Jareth

2009-03-23 [CelticMoon]: so true... but we cant be blamed for that lol

2009-08-16 [Radioactive Flea]: I can make the masks ;)

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