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2005-03-13 05:39:33
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Welcome to the wiki LATINO PRIDE!!!!

This wiki is made for all those who are latinos and r proud of it!
our slogan is yeah fool we dont die we multiply latino pride!


if u want to place ur thought go to this page

our presidents are :

[vee.]-urs truly

vice president:

[darkdan]-the white boy that cares


send applications to [darkdan]

#1-[the bandit thief]

#2-[the synth music geek]


1). [vee.]


3). [Just another heartache on my lips.]

4). [Mistress of Darkness]

5). [darkdan]

6). [the bandit thief]

7). [the synth music geek]

8). [Dall]

9). [cHot]

10). [Lizzies Diamond]

11). [~SeXy_BaBy_GiRl~]

12). [GuyNextDoor]

13). [elfbaby]

14). [Dark Geisha]

15). [i am jack's box]

16). [Miss Pinkki Doodles]

17). [HoTtArTist05]

18). [Goodnight Nurse]

19). [crazyass]

20). [Nothing 2 Hide]

21). [sexigurl]

22). [{{Jessicuh!}}]

23). [Sexybaby11]

24). [rayu]

25). [AlmaVieja]

26). [latinotagger]

27). [TInTAn]

28). [anonymousjoel]

29). [blancita*bonita]- I know what ur thinkin; wut are u doin here u aint latin. well one of the president is my best friend! so i'm excused to be here lol please dont hate me lol.

30). [manchester unitedrthebest]

31). [herzeleid]

32). [Elforia]

33). [joker69420]

34). [.:~Obsession~:.]

35). [EverlastingDusk]

36). [Sheket]

37). [tyu]



o forgot to tell ppl that in order to join u must mail both presidents to make sure thankies very muchos!-[vee.]



THANX TO [thestranger] WE have a BANNER! so muchas gracias the stranger!

if anyone can please make us banners we will be feliz!!!once u have a banner u will be one of our leaders of thiw wiki please put ur designs in ~*banners*~

Username (or number or email):


2004-04-19 [disappeared]: can i be latino by association

2004-04-19 [disappeared]: can i be latino by association?

2004-04-21 [vee.]: yeah i think u can but as long as u dont make fun of or fight with them ^_^

2004-04-21 [the synth music geek]: HELLO, MY BOOTYLICIOUS SISTERS!!!!! HOW IS EV-ER-RA-THANG???

2004-04-21 [Lizzies Diamond]: id'd like to join . .i guess i fall under the association rule to

2004-04-21 [gaither babe]: hello ppl!

2004-04-22 [Sturmi]: hola gentes

2004-04-22 [darkdan]: hi all!

2004-04-23 [vee.]: hello all mis latinos!

2004-04-23 [QUEEN~*~LATINA]: hola mi raza ^_^

2004-04-24 [Just another heartache on my lips.]: Oooh! Someone should make a banner with Flags as the border...Like the Mexican Flag, Puerto Rican Flag, etc. And then put in Latino Pride@wiki in the middle...If I could...I would make it...but alas...I can't....Just wanted to give whomever wanted to make the badge an idea! ^.^;;;

2004-04-25 [vee.]: why thats a great idea

2004-04-25 [Just another heartache on my lips.]: Gracias!...I

2004-04-27 [SKULLHEAD]: Hola, yo soy de Puerto Rico, puedo hablar Ingles pero como esto es una pajina de Latinos, es mejor hablar en español (para saber quien es quien!)

2004-04-27 [Sturmi]: siii! a hablar español gente :p

2004-04-27 [QUEEN~*~LATINA]: tengo hambre... a la cocina!!!!!!!!

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