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2008-08-31 00:14:42
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Legend of Zelda: Requiem

Welcome to my newest Rp,I'm [Goma].Join this new Legend of Zelda Rp that takes place in a splice of all of the LoZ worlds/maps giving you free rain over places from Outset Island to kokori forest.

6:[Lord Squid]
7:[~Crimson Angel~]
8:[xX Doomed Vampire Doll Xx]
(if all the numbers are full just make another)

LoZ:R characters
Loz:R Rp1

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2008-08-31 [TheKingdomLight]: guacs a he and goma is as well xD

2008-08-31 [Goma]: *sigh* Guac wasn't putting on a show.....he was being polite while as by now he feels that he can be as silly as he wants without being ridiculed but appearently thats not true..and no I'm not taking his side,but I'm not taking yours either overall recently elftown has just been bitching and complaining form absolutly everyone and its really pissing me off I joined this place so I could have fun not so I could lecture people for arguing over pointless douchebaggery or something.. I mean damn its pathetic and no I'm not reffering to this in specific I'm saying over all like the "Bash mortified Penguin" wiki. Come on I thought everyone was better than that. It's honestly for lack of a better word, Retarted.

2008-08-31 [TheKingdomLight]: geee thanks love, your really know how to make me feel better. I quit im not fighting anymore, what ever fuck it all,

2008-08-31 [Goma]: calm down.. I'm just saying I'm annoyed and eveyone is acting like their problems are the only ones that matter..and its not supposed to be that way...everyone is pulling apart at the worst possible time...

2008-08-31 [TheKingdomLight]: well do you want to know why? becuase of instagators, like mort yes im retarted for joining bash mort but think about it he obviously has done stuff so wrong that he got a wiki fro critizing him! HES FOLLOWING ME AROUND GOMA! i almost deleted my account he's pissing me off so badly and the guac wasnt helping at all. and dont say im acting like im like my problems matter more than others. becuase i dont think that!
Thats the furthest thing from it. I listen to others problems all the time...i listen to your problem alot! and i listen to people i dont even know who have problems so when i have a problem with guac i want to be able to speak freely about it... and you cant really speak for him right now becuase its between me and him

2008-08-31 [Goma]: first off I never said YOU thought that way so don't take it that way. and if Mort is bothering you LET ME KNOW. I can get rid of him,and I know you listen and try to help,but please next time you have a problem with someone let me know. and if your having problems with Guac just ask him to please stop and I promise you he will,also there is no such thing as a problem between JUST two people because it causes problems for the people around them such as the fight right now.

2008-08-31 [TheKingdomLight]: Babe im on this wiki and you put "I'm just saying I'm annoyed and eveyone is acting like their problems are the only ones that matter..and its not supposed to be that way...everyone is pulling apart at the worst possible time..."

everyone include me, im on this wiki you placed it on this wiki and you may not be refering to me but im in the genral group right now that you obviussly cant stand

2008-08-31 [Goma]: everyone including you is pissy right now and I really don't want to deal with it I'm about to move away from all of my friends and loose internet connection..and so for the last two weeks I have I have to deal with everyone bitching at me for trying to STOP THE FIGHTING.

2008-08-31 [TheKingdomLight]: thats what im saying! i dont want to fight right now.. not with you guac and i will work it out, i dont want to talk about it right now... i just want to stop fighting..

2008-09-02 [whitehot]: you guys are fightin though and thats not right.... but stopping talking about it isnt good you were mad at both of them so hes in it to.....either you talk about it or say your sorry!!!!

2008-09-02 [whitehot]: unless its priority to talk about theres no point at all in the first place

2008-09-03 [Goma]: we solved the problem but thanks White xD

2008-09-03 [TheKingdomLight]: white please stop

2008-09-06 [whitehot]: :/ whatever

2008-09-12 [Lord Squid]: Alright... but seriously, can we get something new on the rp. I realy want to know what happens next,somebody should write something new Regardless of problems and whatnot.

2008-09-12 [whitehot]: now can i get back to what i asked? what else can i do besides rp?

2008-10-07 [Lord Squid]: YEEHAA! Lets get back to them there Rp'n!!!

2009-08-27 [Mortified Penguin]: "if Mort is bothering you LET ME KNOW. I can get rid of him"

M-me? *points at self* :(

2009-08-27 [Goma]: lol hey Mort xD I was unaware of what was going on at the how are you?

2009-08-27 [Mortified Penguin]: I'm cancerous. And yourself?

2009-08-27 [Goma]: Alive I suppose.. School is a drag though

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