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Thespian Masks made by [Lothuriel], Thank you!

Welcome to Lend Me Thine Ear!
The wiki for those who have a love and knowledge for all things Shakespeare!! Come in, Welcome. I Pray thee, stay a while and share some hearty tales of valour and treachery.



I am looking to start an RP environment in here.. You can choose what kind of RP you want to participate in A Comedy or A Tragedy. The roleplaying rooms will belong to all of you that participate in do with the storylines what you wish. I want to keep this wiki alive, and that is the idea I came up with. Let me know if you are interested by signing up in your chosen RP room (or rooms if you like) and your character's name and station in the RP.


"Conversation should be pleasant without scurrility, witty without affectation, free without indecency, learned without conceitedness, novel without falsehood. "

William Shakespeare
Greatest English dramatist & poet (1564 - 1616)

Would you prefer a Comedy today or a Tragedy?

A Comedy


A Tragedy

Draw your favorite Shakespearean scene or Character(s)
And post them in here:

Shakespeare's Characters

Username (or number or email):


2007-09-21 [smakeupfx]: just do those comissions tomarrow...and tomarrow and tomarrow creeps in this petty pace from day to day to the last syllable of recorded time  hehehe  *full of sound and fury*

2007-09-21 [Ego Diligo Tu]: Hehe, They have been on hold for a while. They're just little ones for close friends here. But Still, I should do them -.-

2008-01-31 [SilverFire]: Why do you only have Comedy and Tragedy as categories, what about the Histories? O.o

2008-01-31 [smakeupfx]: tragedy, comedy, history, pastoral, pastoral-comical, historical-pastoral, tragical-historical, tragical-comical-historical-pastoral?  ;-P

2008-01-31 [Ego Diligo Tu]: O.O;;

2008-01-31 [SilverFire]: Hamlet.

2008-01-31 [smakeupfx]: histories first emo boy ;-)

2008-01-31 [SilverFire]: but not generally included in the Historical Cannon, being one of the 4 great tragedies. :P

2008-01-31 [smakeupfx]: yep...Hamlet, Macbeth, Othello and Scooby Doo (compare / contrast the characters of Hamlet and Shaggy.... ;-P

2008-02-01 [Ego Diligo Tu]: Oh wow, that would be the most interesting Literature class ever. Contemporary writings and Classics being compared with seemingly impossible accurateness. XD

2008-02-01 [smakeupfx]: It would be an odd class.. most courses in classical literature compare shaggy and scooby to Falstaff. The same likable bumbling and cowardly personalities but with a depth of complexity. Purity of spirit, scooby snacks, the usual ;-P

2008-02-01 [Ego Diligo Tu]: Hmm, True, but I say it could work with Hamlet :P

2008-03-07 [smakeupfx]: I came across a great post by Teller, (of Penn and Teller)  it's about his doing a theatrical version of Macbeth and shakespeare in general.

2008-09-19 [Daisy le Fleur]: *cough* So, hopefully what I've posted will breathe some new life in here. I for one, enjoy RP'ing, when its a good one.. I think basing an RP off of your favorite Shakespeare plays and characters is a novel idea. I really hope this gets going..The stage is yours so enjoy!

2008-09-19 [Paul Doyle]: Argg, I have to make the time to blow the dust off the Shakespeare collection, re-read, and refresh my deprived memory.

2008-09-19 [Daisy le Fleur]: I'm completely open to whatever ideas you may have. I dont want to preset the "stage" or locations for the RPs because I want that to come from the players. Take your time Paul, Im just happy that someone is still watching the pages. =)

2008-09-20 [Ego Diligo Tu]: I'm gonna join too :D If I can ever manage to get a regular online schedule on here

2008-09-21 [Daisy le Fleur]: *claps happily* =)

2008-09-21 [Ego Diligo Tu]: *grins*

2008-10-23 [Daisy le Fleur]: Throwing in the towel folks.. If you want this wiki, you are welcome to adopt it. I dont know what else to do with it.

2008-10-23 [Lothuriel]: Perhaps your could leave it up and just put links to Shakespear sites on the web and stuff. 

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