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Elson laughed, "Finally, I found a pinball machine in this damned town!" He smiled again, "You are in the presence of a pinball wizard, feel humbled." He laughed again.

Hannah laughed. "Well i'm sorry to tell you but I am the pinball champion of the one can beat me!"

Elson shook his head slowly, "Tch, we'll have to see, I've beaten many a challenger, even made a couple weep in despair I think... well... ok so maybe not, but I could tell they wanted to."

Hannah continued to laugh. "come on...there's a phone in the games room i'll order the pizza in there..." She began walking. She finally reached a door which when she opened showed a large room with every sort of game you could think of. Large flat screen Tv's covered the walls and a large music system sat in one corner.

Elson followed her up to the room and, once the door was open, stood silent in obvious shock.

"The pinball is over there..." Hannah said pointing at it. "What sort of pizza do you like?"

Snapping out of his shock, Elson nodded, "Anything, get whatever you like, it's fine with me."

"Go ahead and play some games if you like...i'll only be a minute." Hannah said then walked off to use the phone.

Elson nodded, and then deciding that some music would be nice, he threw on some rock music before turning to the nearest pinball machine. It was Pinbot, one of his all-time favorites, next to the Guns n' Roses machine.

Hannah reappeared minutes later, she looked at Elson and frowned slightly. If they had met under different circumstances she was sure they could have been the best of friends, but she had to remember they were in fact enemies. "I ordered the pizza...should be here in about 20 minutes..." she said as she walked over to watch him.

"So, what do your parents do anyways?" He talked over his shoulder as his fingers tapped the flipper buttons, "It seems like you guys have tons of money."

"They're both bosses of big companies...don't ask me what kind of companies cos I don't pay attention to that boring junk." Hannah said with a smile.

Elson laughed, "Don't blame you, so are they gone like all the time?"

"Yeah...ever since I can remember they were always away on business trips or away at meetings...this house may seem cool and all but it's a pretty lonely place..." Hannah replied.

Elson nodded, "I believe it, you ready to take over, I need to braid my hair, it's getting on my nerves."

Hannah nodded and smiled. "Prepare to be amazed."

Elson laughed, "Right, well slip on in here, I'll just subtract my score from the final." He motioned quickly with his left hand before putting it back to the flipper button to knock the ball back up into the bumper field.

Hannah smiled and moved in front of the game then started it up, her hands hitting the buttons quickly. "So how long have you known you could do the thing with the chains?" she asked.

Elson stepped back as she brushed by him and began playing, taking a couple steps back while beginning to braid his hair. "Well, I'm not really sure. I know that I used to amuse people by being able to bend a spoon with my mind, and then after awhile I noticed that sometimes i'd be playing a toy that was made of metal, and sometimes I could make it walk or salute, or other little things. Then, once I started getting older, I started getting into things that I shouldn't have, and it got me into some trouble, and so I taught myself how to use the chains as weapons and it just kinda went from there. How long have you known you could summon that trident?"

Hannah chuckled. "I've known since I was about 10 or 11...I had been walking in the gardens out back and wearing this beautful ring my parents had got me but it slipped from my finger and fell into what I thought was a puddle." she said with a smile. "I absent mindedly bent down to pick it up and instead of picking up a ring I pulled a trident out of the water. I can remember pinching myself so hard because I thought I was dreaming...after that my other...abilities started to show." she chuckled again.

"Dang it. I knew I should have brough a water from the base." Selena noticed the parents leaveing. "Hey look at that. Hannah is all alone with that kid. Wonder whats going on. Should we go see whats going on?" Selena asked Chance.

Scratching his chin as he thought, Chance stared at the house, then he noticed that he could hear rock music. "Hold on a minute, I'll be right back." Slipping out of the car and quietly closing the door, Chance made his way towards the house.

Elson was shocked for a moment, "You have other abilities?"

"Yeah, I have certain power over water, I can encase myself within water, you know like a cocoon, that was a scary one to get used to." Hannah said with a smile. She finished playing the pinball. "Damn, I think you won..." she said stepping away from the game. "Ok you were right you are the pinball wizard." she said bowing to him mockingly.

Elson looked at the point board, "Hmm, I did, but it was close, so I shall dub you my pinball knight. Pick a name noble night." Not able to keep his face straight any longer Elson burst out in laughter. After the laughing fit passed he looked at Hannah, "Stand up, you're embarrasing me. Do you think the foods about here?"

Hannah straightened up and nodded. "Yeah, let's go check." she said about to take his hand like you would a friend but stopped blushing slightly. "Umm...this way..." she said quickly then turned.

"Ok," Though she was blushing only slightly, Elson saw it and was confused.

"So once we eat the pizza we'll be back to trying to kill each other again right..." Hannah said as she walked through the house towards the front door.

"I guess, but not right away at least, you still have to release Eva, and our truce lasts until then at least..."

"It's not up to me whether she gets released or not...i'm sorry." Hannah said as she opened the front door, slamming it again suddenly when she saw Chance. "you need to hide!" she said quickly.

Elson jumped into action, running through the house and into a closet he had seen on the way down, upon further inspection he found that it went into a small atic, where he sat fuming about the situation. "What the hell... this is crazy... I'm hiding from that twerp... Ahh, well... It's for the best I guess."

Chance saw her open the door and close it quickly. Thinking that maybe he had grabbed her, he charged the door, opening it quickly, already in the midst of summoning the sword. "Hannah!"

Hannah turned quickly and smiled at Chance. "Oh! You scared me...she said watching him. "Whats wrong? something wrong?" she asked nervously fiddling with a strand of her hair. "I was about to get some lunch...i'm home alone you see..."

"Wasn't you Elson here?" He allowed the sword to disappear. "How did you get rid of him?"

" my parents came home, he ran off...they startled him you see." Hannah said quickly.

"Oh, that's good, did he break anything or hurt you at all?"

Hannah shook her head. "Everythings i'm sure you'll be wanting to get back so I won't stop you...I..i'll be back later...have to umm..take care of a few things." she said nervously.

"Your parents flipped out didnt they?" Chance noticed how nervous she was, "It'll be allright, anyways, we're going to go back to the base, contact Vala if he comes around again." With that said, he turned around and got back in the car.

Hannah closed the door and breathed a huge sigh of relief. "Elson?" she called as she walked through the house. "He's will be here soon." she said loudly.

After stepping out of the closet and dusting himself off Elson called to Hannah, "In here!"

Hannah walked to where his voice was. "That was close..." she said.

"Very... So what do we do until the pizza gets here?" He asked as he looked around.

"You wanna watch some tv? or we could go back to the games room or..." Hannah stopped when she heard the doorbell. "Never mind, pizza's here." she said with a smile then turned and walked towards the front door.

Elson, being the cautious person he was, stepped back out of sight of the door.

Hannah opened the front door and smiled when she saw the pizza delivery boy. "Oh here you go." she said handing over the money as she took the pizza. He thanked her then walked off. Hannah closed the door then walked towards the kitchen. "come on Elson..." she called.

Elson walked into the kitchen rubbing his hands, "So what'd you get?"

"I asked them to put a bit of everything on it." Hannah said with a smile. "It's a mega pizza." she opened the box to show him then walked to the fridge to get drinks.

"Sweet. Should be great." He looked around for plates for a second, and saw none in the strainer. "Where's your plates?"

"In that cupboard over there..." Hannah said pointing.

After grabbing two plates and sitting back down, Elson helped himself to three pieces of pizza, "So how are we going to do this?"

Hannah set down 2 drinks then looked at him strangely. "What are you talking about?"

With a stupified look on his face Elson replied, "Ummm, the thing with Eva..."

"Oh..." Hannah replied. She shrugged. "I don't know exactly..."

After a short silence, "Maybe I should like hold you hostage and then you tell them to let her go? Either that or you could sneak in and let her go then when they ask you what the hell is going on tell them that I threatened your family."

"I'm sorry but i'm not letting her go...i'm still an enemy, right?" Hannah said then took a bite of pizza as if they were just talking about something normal.

Elson put his pizza down. "I thought we had a deal?"

"We did? I don't remember making a deal..." Hannah replied.

"Urg... Forget it, we are still enemies, and it'll be that way, forever. I don't know, I was just hoping you'd let her go. But what the hell was I thinking." Laughing bitterly he stood up, "It's time for me to leave I guess. Your friends already about found me here once, wouldn't want them to know we were here." As he walked out the door, he tossed a twenty down on a counter, "For the pizza." And he walked out the front door.

Hannah stood quickly and ran to the front door. "So what are you going to do now? Is this you giving up?" she asked.

Elson kept walking, talking over his shoulder, "No, this is me doing what I have to do." He gave a short wave over his shoulder as he walked away.

"What the hell is he planning?" Hannah muttered. "Do I dare follow him...maybe I can find their base..."

Elson walked aimlessly, wondering what he was going to do. He could rush their base, and most likely get killed by getting overwhelmed, or he could go back to the base and try for reinforcements. "Reinforcements for sure."

Hannah went back into her house and began pacing round the kitchen unsure of what to do.

Selena still in the car waited for chance to return. When he did she was told to go to the base. She drove slowly keeping Hannah's house in sight when she noticed the boy walking the other way. Selena slamed her breaks. "Chance look. He came from Hannah's."

Chance looked and saw the guy walking and saw him wave. It was kind of dark, so he couldn't tell if it was Elson or not so he decided to go back to Hannah's to see if she was ok. "Turn around and go back to Hannah's house."

Selena did as she was told. As the car pulled into the driveway and compleatly stoped she shut of the engine. "I'm comming with you. She unbuckled and got out walking up to Hannah's door

Chance got out of the car, walking in front of Selena, "She seemed nervous last time, maybe he threatened her into saying he wasn't here..." After knocking on the door, Chance took a step back and waited for Hannah to answer.

Hannah opened the door and looked at them shocked. "Whats wrong?" she asked.

"We saw somebody leave your house, and we don't mean to pry, but we need to know if you're ok. Was it Elson?" Chance offered her a way to an explanation, hoping she would say it wasn't.

"Just tell the truth. You catch more flies with honey then with salt." Selena's mother had told her that once.

Hannah sighed then nodded. "Yes it was....but it isn't what your thinking, he didn't threaten me."

"Huh???" Chance didn't know what to think. What else would Elson do if he didn't threaten someone?

"Then what happened?" Selena was as shocked as Chance. "Is he going to get Eva?"

Hannah shook her head then bit her lip. "We...we um...just hung out." She glanced at Chance and Selena before returning her gaze to the ground. "We played a few games of pinball then had some pizza. I don't see anything wrong with getting to know these people on a friendly level, it could help the situation and he was actually a really cool guy." She saw no point in lying, she wasn't very good at it.

"Well hes still the ... you know. Be careful." Selena said to her

Chance couldn't help but be agitated. He thought about his shoulder, and about the way the guy had so easy threatened death, the way he had killed Estidny. "Whatever..." He turned and walked back to his car, where he sat and waited for Selena.

Hannah watched him leave then looked at Selena. "I think i'll stay here tonight, looks like Chance needs some time away from the traitor. I'm sure thats what he sees me as. I'll call you's tomorrow." She said then retreated back inside her house and closed the door.

Selena stood there on the door step. She wanted to talk to Hannah, but yet she knew Chance was mad. Selena slowly turned around and walked to the car. As she started it up and drove off she sighed.
Hannah moved into the kitchen and slowly began to clear up the mess from her and Elson. After she had finished she walked to the living room and curled up on the couch, feeling completely downhearted.

There was a soft knock on the front door, followed by a hesitent, and muffled, "Hannah?"

Hannah jumped slightly then stood and moved cautiously to the door where she opened it slightly and looked out.

Tanker looked back at her with pale eyes. "Hey.." she said quietly, as if afraid Hannah was upset. "Can I come in?"

"Of course. Whats wrong? What are you doing here?" Hannah asked as she opened thw door wide to let Tanker in.

Tank stepped in as she explained, not looking around as she had little interest in the house. "Nothing's wrong.. That I know of.. But I saw you leave with Elson and Rick wouldn't let me leave for the longest time until he was sure Elson had killed you and left so.. I came to make sure you were all right.. Or to at least call the coroner..." She looked at the elder girl. "You're ok though. What did Elson do?"

"I'm fine...he didn't do anything. We....we just hung out." Hannah said feeling slightly embarassed as she led the way back into the living room.

Tank raised an eyebrow as she followed. "How did that happen? From what I knew, he was going to kill you. Wait-" She cut off any response Hannah might have. "Let me guess. He.. isn't what he seems like. He's.. Like you? Isn't he? You're going to get us all killed Hannah..." She was frowning and wasn't quite chastising Hannah. More like trying to get her to understand.

Hannah turned to look at Tanker a little shocked. "I didn't mean for this to happen...and the last thing on my mind is wanting to put you guys in danger....It just...happened. I'm sorry...but he's gone, and i'll probably never hang out with him as friends again..."

"Oh yes you will!" Tank snapped, but it wasn't meant harshly, again, just to make Hannah understand. "You can't just stop being friends. Hannah, you aren't like that. You don't get the gravity of the situation and I can tell you probably only Chance, Ren, and myself are the only ones who get it! Don't worry though. You'll get it soon enough... Just pray it doesn't have to come crashing down on you before you do understand.." She paused. "... Hannah? Would you like to talk to the Others?"

"As in the others you the guys we're fighting?" Hannah asked watching Tanker.

Tank nodded, her eyes, that didn't seem to be focussed on Hannah, met the other girl's. "Now would be a good time, I think, to meet them.."

Hannah bit her lip then nodded. "Ok, let's do this."

"You'll need to wait.. Until this evening.. I'll come get you here. I need to go figure some things out, ok?" Tank told her, seeming to think on some things.

Hannah nodded. "What do you think will happen when we meet them?"

"If we go today, I can only assume we'll be safe, nothing more," Tank said. "Any other time.. well... I could not hope for so much. I need to go Hannah. I'll be back as soon as I can, ok?" She turned toward the door, looking back at Hannah for confirmation.

Hannah nodded. "I'll see you later." she said then smiled. For some reason she was excited.

Tank nodded and left with a muffled click of the door.

Hannah looked round the room not really sure what she should do so she ran up the stairs into her room to get herself ready.

Selena pulled up to the base. "Chance you wanna go have dinner tonight?" Selena asked him as she just looked at the door of the base.

Chance shrugged his shoulders, "I don't care."

A young woman was sitting on the curb several feet away. she was looking at a small note book in her hands and looking around. Her hair was straight and down. and she wore semi loose jeans and a t shirt. she kept pushing up her glasses after looking in the notebook. It was rather obvious she was lost.

As Chance and Selena pulled to a stop at a stoplight, Chance looked out the window and noticed the girl. "Hey, do you need directions?"

"Mmm? Oh.. um. I suppose. I'm looking for a circle K mini mart... I think... I'm lost." Spark says looking up adjusting her glasses. she frowns a moment looking through her notebook. She makes a notation before closing it.

Chance looks down the road a ways, thinking where the closest Circle K is then looks back over to the girl, "Get in, we can take you to one if you'd like."

"um... I don't know... you look a lot stronger then me." Spark says softly, she did how ever stand though.

Selena leaned over. "Hes not going to try anything with you I am his girlfriend."

Chance smiled, "Even if she wasn't you'd have nothing to worry about, I'm a good guy."

Selena laughed. Your not a good guy in bed. She though silently to herself. "We were on our way to dinner. You can come and we will take you since we are going to pass it on the way. Oh and don't mind the car. Some idiot ran into us."

Chance turned back to Selena, "What?? I am a good guy, well... almost all the time."

"Well... I suppose..." Spark says softly a bit nervous about this. She knew who Chance was. And She knew she had no training for fighting at all and her book probably wouldn't be much help. But for the sake of getting information she decides to go with them. "An Idiot ran into you? On what?" She asks softly walking up to the car.

Chance mumbled under his breath, "On chains."

"Chains? you man a motorcyclist?" Spark asks softly opening the door and getting in. Seatbelting herself. "Oh! I'm Spark. Sorry for not telling you who I was." Spark says slightly embaressed. she didn't figure they'd find out who she was.

Hannah had changed and was sitting in the living room. She tapped her foot impatiently as she waited for Tank.

"I'm Selena its nice to meet you." She pulled away from the curb and begain driving again. "Chance speaking of the car. I think we should go get mine. Plus I need to make sure Mom and Dad are well." Selena stopped at a red light. "Besides I am tired of wearing the same clothing."

Chance ignored Sparks question, not sure how to answer it without giving up what they were and not wanting to plainly lie. "Good idea, I can call a shop and have them pick up my car, and get it fixed while we're there."

"Good idea." Selena passed a Texico. "The Circle K is just up the road here unless you are suppose to be at different one." She slowed and got over into the right hand lane to prepare to turn at the next light.

"Anyone is fine. I just need to get groceries for the house." Spark says softly listening to them speaking. "Are the two of you intimate with each other? Living together perhaps?" spark asks curiously. The way they spoke, it almost seemed they might be engaged or married.

Selena looked at Chance a little irratated. "We.. are .. dating." She said with a sound of dissapointment. I wish he would ask me to be more... She sighed. "Right now yes we do live together."

Chance heard the tone, but chose to ignore it. They were way too young in his mind for that, and they had the rest of their lives, which he was determined to make last as long as possible.

Selena put on the turning signal. "Here we are." She said as she pulled into the parking spot. "Do you have a ride back where ever you may be going? We could always skip dinner to help you out." In school Selena wouldn't be caught dead asking someone this. In her school she was known as the snobby b**ch. However the events so far had changed her outlook on life.

"No. I have no 'ride' home." She shakes her head in a negative way. Making a few mental notes however of how they interacted. "I'm sure I will be fine" she says softly.

Chance turned around in his seat, "You're sure you don't need a ride afterwords? You won't have to carry the groceries all the way back to where you live, and it's really not a problem for us."

"Well... it is a long walk... and I did get lost the first time..." Spark says thinking it over. she wouldn't need them to drop her off at the actual door. perhaps a street over. It could work. It would certainly help and give her more time to question them. :I- I suppose if it wouldn't be a bother..." She says hesitantly.

Chance smiled warmly, "Not a problem at all, just give us a bit of time. I have to call to get my car fixed."

Selena took a peice of paper and wrote something on it then handed it to Spark. "Here this is my cell number. Call me when you are done and we will let you know whats going on with us."

"Oh alright um... I don't have a phone though... Is there a payphone near here?" Spark asks looking at the number.

Chance nodded, "Yeah, there should be one just down the block at a carwash. Sixty cents a call, I think."

"Alright, thank you." Spark says getting out of the car. she closes the door.

Chance watches her climb out then turns to Selena, "Extremely well mannered. I like her."

"Yeah. She looks young though. Maybe we shouldnt leave her." Selena said watching the girl walk to the store.

Spark pulls out a peice of paper from her pocket the one with the list she needed to buy. she pulls her hair back into a pony tail, it was getting in her way. and then she pushes up her glasses.

Chance shook his head, "She'll be fine, this is a good neighborhood."

"I will take your word for it." Selena pulled off towards her house.

Spark had gotten two large bags worth and one small one. she walks out of the grocery store then looks around. "Should I really call them?" She asks softly out loud. She takes a deep breath and heads to where Chance had said there was a pay phone. Once there she sets down her groceries and makes the call, she was sort of nervous. This was a strange part of town and she had no reletive friends par say.

Selena had just pulled into her driveway when her cell rang. "Hello?"

"Um... it's Spark..." Spark says softly. She was sort of nervous now that someone actually answered the phone. She kept looking around the dark streets. She wished she knew how to defend herself.

"You okay?" She entered her house and started up the stairs.

"Yes... I'm done shopping and I... if the offer is... If you don't want to you don't." Spark says not really saying it after all. She was a little jittery. But everyone of her sentances weren't hard to figure out really. since she was done shopping and all.

"Its okay. Give us a few moments and we will be back to get you in a min." Selena told spark.

"Yes alright." Spark says softly. Before hanging up. the payphone was almost out of minutes anyways. She looks at ehr bags on the ground and sighs softly. Sitting down beside them. making sure to fold her skirt down below her knees.

Selena grabed a duffel bag and began tossing clothing in and other needed items. She then grabed her stash of cash and zipped all the items up in the bag. "Chance can you come carry this its too heavy for me." she said as she tugged at the straps.

Chance, entering the room from calling the repair shop, nodded, "I suppose you wuss." He walked over and gave her a playful shove before picking up the duffel bag. "Has Spark called yet?"

"Yeah she did." She shoved him back playfully. "Dont call me a wuss either. I dont work out like you do." She walked down the stairs swaying more then she normally does for him.

Chance shook off a fake cold chill then followed after her, "What? I like to take care of my body, sue me."

Spark sighs softly. So Chance and Selena, in love no doubt. Spark sighs again softly. she wasn't scared, she was just highly uncomfertable.

Selena picked up her keys to her tricked out Jetta. "Lets go, spark is waiting." She opened the trunk of the car and then got in the driver side and turned on the neon inside and out and hit the radio power button and music blaired instantly.

As he followed Selena out to the car, Chance called the repair shop and gave them Selena's address so they could come pick up his car. When she turned the car on and the music started, he instantly reached out to turn it down.

Spark looks up and down the street. She was just uncomfertable. she kept telling ehrself in her head. Before pondering the thought of having Elson or someone teach her a little about defence.

Selena called the pay phone. RING, RING

Spark had jumped and stopped breathing for a moment before getting up and walking over to it. Hesitantly picking up the phone. "y-yes?" She answers still trying to make her body calm down.

"Is this Spark?" Selena's voice said calmly.

"Yes, Selena it's me." Spark says softly her voice riddled with relief.

"Okay we are on our way." She pulled out of the driveway. "We will be there in five minutes."

"Thank you." Spark says softly. Not really wanting to rely on them so much. But it was better then fending for herself. The second or fourth thing she was going to do once back was ask for defence lessons from someone. She did not want captured or killed. Or anything else they would come up with.

Selena hung up her phone she was already two streets away from the gas station stopped at a red light. "Shes really polite."

Spark hangs up the phone and sits back down beside her ofur grocery bags.

Chance nodded, "Yup."

Selena leaned over and kissed Chance. "Can we still go get dinner after we take Spark home?" The light turned green and Selena took off.

Chance nodded again, "Of course, that was the original plan wasn't it?"

"Yeah. I though maybe you wouldnt want to." She made a right turn and pulled into the gas station up to Spark. Rolling down the window she said, "Hey Spark, get in."

"Yes! Alright." Spark says loading the car and getting in quickly.

"So were to?" Selena asked.

"Ridgemont street. It's about a half mile from here. Do you need specific instructions?" Spark asks softly. Very much aware how bad this could all go. and just how... well weak she really was. Not that she was lying to their faces. they hadn't asked anything specific. She was much like the book she could summon. as well as quiet and nervous.

Chance shook his head, "No, I know where it is, I used to live over that way when i was a kid."

"Thats were we first met. Remeber the bus ride? You were so cute." Selena giggled. She pulled off and headed towards the street.

As he scratched his head he shrugged, "Whatever... I was a dorky little shirimpy kid."

"Yeah and you never though you would get the future head cherleader." She said sarscastically. "Now look at you." She smiled.

He said nothing, simply shrugged.

Spark stays silent. Not sure what to say really. Wondering why these two were being so nice to a complate stranger. IT was rather confusing.

Selena looked in her rear view mirror and saw Spark's confusion. "We just wanted to help you out. Seemed like the thing to do."

"Must have been... an act of Destiny then." Spark says softly. waiting to see their reaction. she had never liked the thought of destiny.

Selena laughed. "I never though about it like that. Maybe your right." Selena looked sideways at Chance.

Chance made the corners of his mouth drop while raising his eyebrows, creating a rather comical, hell if I know look.

Spark smiles shyly. "I'm a little superstitous I'm afraid." She says softly blushign lightly by force. Catching the sideways look that could mean anything.

Selena laughed at them both. She made a turn and was on the road. "Which house is yours Spark?"

Chance shrugged, "No problem, I still believe in the one true god." He silently groaned, not catching his slip up until after he had said it while hoping Spark hadn't caught it herself.

Selena giggled.

Spark smiles softly. "You can drop me off on the corner, the man I'm living with doesn't like visitors." Spark says softly.

Selena looked back at the girl. "I would rather drop you off at the house but if thats what you want." Selena pulled over.

"Thank you very much Selena, Chance." Spark says softly getting out and boing after taking all her bags out. She waves and smiles taking the bags an d slowly walks down the sidewalk.

Selena waves back and watches the young girl for a moment to make sure she gets home okay. "Weird dont you think?"

Chance shrugged, "She probably thinks we're weird to."

Spark walks all the way down the block and turns getting out of sight. Carrying two bags of groceries with her.

Selena saw her dissapear and started driving off. "No Chance I didnt say she was weird. I said it was weird. The whole car ride and the book.... I have seen that book before." She took a turn faster then she should have and the car skidded around it towards a ditch.

Chance reacted quickly, squeezing her left leg, forcing her to extend her legs so she'd tap the brake and get some traction while he grabbed the wheel, straightening the car a bit before jerking to the left, putting them back in their lane. "What the hell was that?"

"HUH?" Selena looked as though she snapped out of some trance. "What are you talking about?"

"You just about put us in a ditch! What is your deal?"

"What are you talking about. I didnt do such a thing!" Selena stopped at a red light. "I.. I don't remember going this far. I don't remember anything but driving off from Spark." Selena sighed. "What happened?"

Chance shook his head, and looked out the window. "Dunno."

Selena shook it off, and kept driving to the dinner location. "I am sorry. I didn't realize I wasn't paying attention."

They soon arived at the restuarnt. Selena pulled into the parking space and shut off the car. "Chance, you comming?" She asked him as she opened her door.

He smiled, "No, I thought I'd sit and wait for you finish." He chuckled and opened his door and got out of the car.

Selena stood there and stared at him. After giving him this go to hell look she got back in the car and shut and locked the door.

Chance shrugged and walked into the restaurant, if she couldn't take a joke, he didn't want to be around her.

Tears flowed sliently down her face as she watch him walk inside. I can't believe that. After the week I have had he would say something like that and to walk off..... She took a deep breath and wiped her face off. I am being immature. She though. She unlocked the door grabbed her purse and walked inside to join him. *Beep Beep* the horn sounded as she locked the doors.

Chance watched her walk in and told the waiter that had asked him what he was ordering that he would need a few minutes.

Selena opened the door and told the hostess she was looking for her boyfriend. "Oh there he is." She walked over to him and sat down.

Chance smiled, "Feel better?"

Selena nodded her head. "Its just been a long week. I am sorry."

He shook his head, "Not a problem, we've all been under a lot of stress." He offered his menu to Selena, "Do you know what you want or would you like to look at this?"

"I want someting different this time." She took the menu. "Hmmmm.. What are you going to get?"

"Chicken... they have great chicken... bunch of different ways too." He pointed to the chicken section.

Selena looked where he pointed. After a pause she said, "I dont think I want chicken tonight." She fliped the menu page. "Oh I didnt know they had Shrimp Scampi!"

Chance nodded, "yeah, they have all kinds of stuff. Good restaraunt."

"Well I knew that. I just always got the same thing." She folded the menu up. "Did you order our drinks already?"

"No, the waiter had just walked up as I saw you get out of the car." He pointed to the man hovering nearby. "I figured you'd need some time."

"Oh.. Okay." She fixed her hair. "Thank you."

Selena looked in her mirror. "Perfect," she paused for a moment, "I am ready are you babe?" She put her mirror back into her purse and palced it on the chair next to her.

He motioned the waiter over and gave his order, then the waiter turned towards her, waiting for her order.

"I would like to have a House Salad with ranch dressing along with a diet coke, and for my meal I want Shrimp Scampi. Please sir." Selena held up her menu. The waiter politly took it. "Yes Ma'ma, I will be back with your drinks." He bowed and rushed off toward the kitchen.

"So, my cars gonna cost an arm and a leg..."

"Its okay. You know we have access to money." Selena drifted into her own thoughts.

She was on a beach the waves crashing onto the sand a few feet away. She was wearing a wedding dress. More importantly the one her mom wore at her wedding. She walked down the isle to Chance in suit. She stood right in front of him. He took her hands. "Are you nervous?" "A little." "Don't be, this is our day." She nodded. "I love you, Selena." "I love you too." A single tear fell from her eye.

Selena snapped back to reality when the waiter brought them there drinks. "Thank you." The waiter bowed and headed to another couple.

Chance snapped a his fingers. "... to reality Selena."

She stammered. "I.. I.. Just.." She sipped her diet coke. "Wow. Sorry." She looked down and away from him.

Chance laughed, "It's cool, just try to be with us when the food gets here so it's not cold when you snap back?"

Selena gave him a go to hell look. "What gotten into you?"

Chance shook his head at the look, "I was wondering the same thing with you." Again, she had taken another of his jokes as a personal affront. If it happened again, he would get up and leave.

"Its just.. Everything has changed so much. Like what am I to do with..." She droped her voice to a wisper. ".. these powers?" She sighed. "Its that everything is now so serious and we.. we havent hung out like normal. We are getting farther apart. I dont like it."

Chance nodded, "Things are hectic, there's not much we can do about it. We just have to get on as best we can."

"Yeah your right. I wonder what everyone is doing." She sipped her drink. "Chance what did you order?"

"Chicken. Like I said, their chicken is great."

Hannah sighed as she sat in the living room of her house. A few hours had passed since Tank had left her house and boredom had now starting to set in. She stood up and grabbed her jacket. I'll take a little walk...Tank can ring my cellphone when she needs me. she thought as she walked to the front door and exited the house. She shoved her hands in her pockets and walked quietly through the streets. Just like old one to talk to. she thought sadly as she turned a corner and headed towards the park.

Selena laughed. "Just like you to get something I can make."

Hannah walked through the park, her mind set on going back to the base. She would see if anyone was there and if not just collect a few of her things and leave. When she reached the base she entered it quietly. "Is anyone here?" she called as she stepped out of the elevator. There was no reply but a distant muffled sound came from the infirmary. It was then that Hannah remembered Eva, the girl they had brought here. She walked slowly to the infirmary and opened the door. Eva glared at her angrily her mouth still bound. "It seems we have forgotten about you...." Hannah said truthfully walking to Eva and removing the gag. "I suppose I could let you go seen as no one else is here....i'll just say you escaped..." Eva looked at her a little shocked. "What?"

The waitor came back to the table with refills and Selenas salad. "Thank you." "Here are also some rolls while you wait." He bowed and walked away.

Selena poured the dressing over her salad, and began to eat it.

Hannah looked at Eva. "I said you can go..." she said as she began to undo her restraints. "Aren't you scared that I might kill you?" Eva said but Hannah shook her head. "No, because i'm hoping you'll return the good favour." She stepped back as she finished taking the rstraints off. Eva slid off the bed and looked at Hannah. "Your not that bad, ya know that." Hannah smiled as she pulled her cell phone from her pocket. "I'll just send Chance a message saying that you managed to escape....Hopefully he won't ask to many quest..." but before she could finish a loud crack filled the air and Hannah crumpled to the floor unconcious, Eva standing over holding a lamp taken from a table at the side. She grinned nastily as she tossed the lamp to one side. "You really are stupid...." she sneered.

After they had ate and paid the bill, they went back to the car and started the ride home. "Did you like your food?"

"Yeah. I am really tired now. Can we go home?" Selena tossed him the keys.

"Yah," He got in the driver seat and began driving towards the base.

Eva finished tying up Hannah then pulled her phone from her pocket and dialled in Elson's number and waited for him to answer as it rang.

Selena sighed and closed her eyes. "I love you!" She said to Chance. Her eyes became more and more heavy.

A boy on the corner of High Street and 56th literally slid to a stop, having gone from a full out sprint to a dead stop. He didn't seem bothered by the fact that it took a full foot to stop him. He didn't even look out of breath. His azure blue eyes looked about the surrounding area before he spotted what he was looking for, the cafe. He checked both ways then darted across the street and into the small coffee shop, ordering a small coffee with a dark chocolate stirring spoon. He thanked the cashier and took a seat by the window, slowly stirring his hot beverage with the spoon as the sweet dissolved into the liquid. He looked outside, frowning. Why was everyone moving so slow? Did no one have anything to do today? He had nothing to do and he was still moving faster than them. It irked him slightly.

Chance had been sitting at a stoplight when the boy darted across the street, leaving Chance's mouth hanging open. His speed was unbelievable, making him seem almost like a blur as he flitted into the cafe. "We gotta stop." He quickly pulled the car over and turned it off, already pawing at his seatbelt release button.

Eva pocketed the phone then looked down at Hannah. Now just have to figure out how to kill you..." she then grinned slightly. "Elson doesn't want to kill her...but he can watch, if he wants to or not." she said as she dragged Hannah towards the elevator.

"Whaaat?" Selena eyes shot open as Chance slamed his breaks. "What the hell are you doing!!?"

"Stay here for minute." Chance got out of the car and walked into the cafe, sitting down right acrossed from the boy. "Hi my names Chance. You're pretty quick."

The boy raised an eyebrow at him. "My name is Lysander. You're quite impolite. May I ask why you have come to talk to me?" The question was not offensive, and although his words were quick, they had a sort of low 'I'm not going to hurt you you know' quality with a bare accent.

Selena watched as he sat down by the boy. What the hell is he doing?

Chance stuck his right hand out to shake, "Hello Lysander. Nice to meet you. I'm here becuase I saw you running. You're fast. Inhumanly fast." He thought carefully about his next words. "I... am part of a group of people that have... abilities such as yours." After quickly looking around to see that no one was paying attention, he held his hands on the table in front of him, as far away as possible, and summoned the Sword of Destiny. "I am here to offer you a hand in friendship and partnership, and the chance to join a good cuase." It sounded corny, but it was all he could think of off the top of his head.

Selena sat there looking around when Chance's sword flashed a glimps out of the corner of her eye. She opened the door and ran inside next to him. "Chance what the hell are you doing?!!!" she said in a very loud wisper.

Chance gave Selena a stern look. "I told you to stay in the car... You're cuasing a scene." He pointed around the room as people began to take notice of them. Quickly he willed the sword to disappear.

"Your the one that is flasing your you know what in front of this .. boy. I dont care what I am causing."

Lysander raised an eyebrow at them, but it was a short movement before it was back in place. "Ok, I think I've seen enough," he said and took out a dollar, leaving it on the table as he moved swiftly out of the both. He looked at Chance. "You're a very good magician," he said evenly and turned and walked outside, the bell above the door making a light tinkling as he did.

Chance glared at Selena, "Dammit Selena. He's one of us." Then he walked out the door behind Lysander. "Hey! Hold on a second. I can show you more! It's not magic."

Selena sat in the shop as tears filled her eyes. Chance never yells at me... How was I to know he was one of ... of .. us.. Hot tears now streamed down her face as she sat at the table.

Lysander didn't stop, only continued his swift steps, seeming almost a jogging pace but he didn't seem to put any effort into it, or any hurry. "It's not magic? Well what else could it possibly? Certainly you do not have a metal genetic abnormality or, perhaps less plausibly, have under gone some kind of radical experimental procedure?"

Chance jogged to keep up. "No... nothing so drastic... well... maybe not so... sci fi?" He had to get him to stop. "Look, I'll show you something, then tell you what it is, if you'll promise to at least meet the others before you make up your mind. No hooks, no hidden fees. Just your attention and some small portion of your time."

A woman walked over to Selena. "Can I get you anything hun?" Selena just shook her head and walked out to her car.

Lysander paused and looked at him. "I see no reason to. What incentive could I possibly have to go with, who seems as first if you look back on your actions, a psychotic magician? Given, you seem little threat, but I don't think I want to. Besides," he jerked his chin and glanced back momentarily to Selena getting in her car. "I believe your girlfriend is distraught. Go comfort her. She should, after all, mean much more to you than a stranger." He turned and started to walk again.

"Bullheaded sonuvabitch.." He muttered under his breath. "Look. I will do this by force." He laughed, "Who the hell am I kiddin. No I won't. Seriously though. She messed up and knows it. Her problem. She's been behaving oddly lately anyways. And why do you say I'm psychotic? Wait, don't answer that." He thought for a moment. "Look. You're not normal are you? You can do... things other people can't? Right?"

"Everyone has something they are good at. That does not mean there is anything odd about them," Lysander replied calmly, forcing himself to let this other boy's actions to roll off his back. "Now please, if it will make you go away, I will humor you, but know this: I still think you need different methods to gaining followers, or what ever you are searching for."

Chance breathed a sigh of releif. "OK, good. Now, I will show you what I can do. Then, I will call Selena and we will show you what she can do. And then I will explain." He held out his arms to his sides. "Now, this is going to sound strange, but I know no other way to convince you that this is no illusion of simple street magic. Pat me down."

Lysander looked him up and down, then from side to side and around him. "There is nothing around you, I will not need to. If you try anything, I will see. Go on, show what you can do."

Chance nodded, and began concentrating. He had to summon the full set this time, or this man would simply walk away. After a moment, the shoulder of the armor appeared, followed by it's opposite a couple seconds later. Then the stomach guard, straps, the chainmail underneath it all, and after a few minutes the bits of it left. He spared a quick glance at Lysander, but couldn't read his face, so he closed his eyes again and summoned the sword. When he was finished he motioned to Lysander. "Come here and touch it. It's all real."

Lysander was staring at him with a calculating look, repeating what had just happened in his head over and over again. Finally he relaxed into a formal expression again. "Fine. I believe it's real. I don't feel the need to test it. I don't get what I have to do with whatever you are trying to convince me of though."

Chance gestured towards Lysander, "It's your speed. I believe you may have a different type of the same... gift me and my allies have." He put his hand back down to his side, "So will you come meet the others?"

The younger boy looked toward the sky momentarily, then met Chances eyes. It was a dominating look, not that he meant it that way. He prefered to make eye contact, it just happened to be seen as a hostile gesture. "Very well."

Chance smiled warmly, "Good. Then come on, it's only about a ten minute drive from here. My car's parked out front of the restuarant." He turned and began walking to the car.

The story continues in A Warm Welcome

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