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Year of the Dog
Letting the Dogs Out

Years: 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030...
Positive Qualities: honest, faithful, generous, studious, energetic
Negative Qualities: quiet, cynical, stubborn, eccentric, pessimistic
Suitable Jobs: writer, teacher, activist, politician, secret agent
Compatible With: Horse, Snake, Monkey, Boar
Must Avoid: Rooster, Ox, Sheep
Ruling Hours: 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Season: Fall
Ruling Month: October
Sign Direction: West-Northwest
Fixed Element: Metal
Corresponding Western Sign: Libra


Possessing the best traits humanity has to offer, Dogs are natural born leaders and inspire confidence in others. They seldom lose their temper when antagonized, but when they do, it is a surefire way to clear the air around them. These flare-ups can turn hardened rivals into allies as the harsh words being said are never used to air out the other person's dirty laundry or stab them in the back; it is simply a way toward a meeting of minds. Compromise also factors heavily into the Dogs' everyday life and personal dealings with people, as it often leads to much-needed respect and success in their chosen career. Thought money is of little value to Dogs, they are never at a loss for finding ways to rake it in when they truly need it.

Like Shigure, other Dogs are gifted with the ability to see people for who they really are. As, such, Dogs make for excellent advice-givers, as they can so easily see another's shortcomings and quickly point them out in a sensitive, objective and non-hurtful way.

Though Dogs are often cold emotionally and seem distant when in a crowd, they are actually very warm-hearted and love to make friends. Interestingly enough, friendships are often long-lasting, because Dogs always love to listen to others and the friends can never seem to get enough of a Dog's keen advice. Fittingly, a relationship with a Dog is much like a bond between a canine and its master--monogamous and loyal to the end.

Celebrity Dogs:
Alec Baldwin
Kirsten Dunst
Jennifer Lopez
Carrie Anne Moss
Uma Thurman

(c)1999 Natsuki Takaya

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2010-02-21 [Elwyne]: Some of it sounds like me to me, but on the other hand... I'm not good with people at all so advice giving and long lasting friendships doesn't match me. Neither does natural born leader or inspiring confidence. Although I do try. Mostly I just get taken advantage of by everyone around me and treated either like I don't exist or like dirt.

2010-02-21 [*Phoenix*]: I know what you mean. My zodiac is half and half too. It's cool to see what they think the animals and people go together though, ya know? I think it's kinda cool, but I don't actually believe it.

2010-02-21 [Elwyne]: me either, but it's fun to look at anyway. Plus I liked watching the Fruit's Basket series.

2010-02-21 [*Phoenix*]: Yepperdoodles! I want to see it. I do enjoy the magna. Although I'm only up to Vol. 16...

2010-02-21 [Elwyne]: I liked it, although the ending still seemed... to leave a lot hanging.

2010-02-21 [*Phoenix*]: Don't say anything! I want to get there soon!

2010-02-21 [Elwyne]: ok I won't say anymore... promise. (looks around shifty eyed)

2010-02-21 [*Phoenix*]: Pinky promise?

2010-02-21 [Elwyne]: um... (tries to decide which pinky to cut off)

2010-02-21 [*Phoenix*]: NO! Don't cut it off!!!! *jumps on Elwyne*

2010-02-21 [Elwyne]: eeeep! (goes down)

2010-02-23 [*Phoenix*]: *flies over Elwyne and crashes to the floor* Ow! That hurt!

2012-07-22 [Elwyne]: (rushes over to cuddle) are you okay?

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