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User: [Aeolynn]

Character Name: Lienna

Age: 24

Race: Nelianel

Gender: Female

Description: Lienna is incredibly curious and a fun loving creature and no matter the person she always sees the good in them. Blond, nearly white hair comes down to her shoulders in the front but only reaches the nape of her neck in the back helps her to hide her pitch black eyes that mark her species. As a Nelianel, Lienna is small and frail looking, being a physically weak species and often underestimated considering how their powers aren’t that noticeable. They can appear and disappear at will and can destroy anything that comes in their way using the sound waves, not to mention their power of insight. A random thigh and hip guard hint violence not but two strips of blue fabric that are connected to her wrist and a thigh seem to give off a peaceful aura. Wearing a black wrap around her small breasts and black tight pants complete her figure, showing of her slim yet fit body.

History: As a youth in the city of Ya'por, she grew up without violence, accepted into society as a human along with her parents. However the local children shunned her, shedding her as an outcast, leaving her to a lonesome and heartbreaking childhood. When she was 18, Lienna managed to find the portal into the Void where she has trained her abilities ever since.

Weapons: Her ability to use sound waves as a weapon and her ability to rip the very fabrication of time. She has some skill with a slightly curved feather saber and can see every possible reaction, predicting the outcome of an action do to her skill of insight, however, picking the right one is not so easy.


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